Fun With Guns: Whoa There Grandpa Edition

July 22, 2014

In Miami, Florida, an 83 year old man was driving his Volkswagen Beetle down the road, going God only knows where.

Another driver in a white Acura was going the same direction as the 83 year old and tried to get in front of his car.

All hell ensued.

According to Miami Police, Mario Perez-Tano, 83, was stopped at a traffic light in his red Volkswagen Beetle at the intersection of NW 12th Avenue and 7th Street in Miami. Another driver in a white Acura was going the same direction as Perez-Tano and tried to get in front of Perez-Tano’s car.

Police said Perez-Tano blocked the other car and then got out of his vehicle with a .38 caliber handgun and shot at the Acura. The bullet went through the driver’s side window and grazed the driver on the arm.  Then he took several more shots at the car while the driver was trying to get away.

The police caught up with him and he’s been booked in jail for attempted murder.

There’s 83 year olds with guns out there.  Have a nice day.



Because … Freedom

July 22, 2014

Billy Bob is gonna get himself an AR15 from Ron Paul.

Get a load of this stuff.  Click the little one to get the big one.


Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.58.39 AM


Now, the way I figure it, most anybody on Ron Paul’s email list ain’t sane enough to own this weapon.  And, that is why Ron Paul is giving it away.  Guns + Crazy People = Freedom.

Thanks to Ms. J for the heads up.

No Words. Seriously, I Have No Words.

July 22, 2014

This guy —




Got old and became this guy –



Why does our Governor always have to play dress-up?

Thanks to Eli for the heads up.

Fun With Guns: Hell, It’s Hot Here Edition

July 22, 2014

In East Texas, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

Jason Paul Bryant, 37, a concealed handgun licensee, dropped by the Gateway Travel Plaza in Orange, Texas, on a hot Texas afternoon.

The police chief explains what happened next.

“He walked maybe six feet in the door when he pulled his shorts up, something caught the trigger and the gun discharged into his leg,” Vanover said. “People immediately rushed over to help.”

I will lay you money that at least five of them had their guns drawn.

By the way, in case anyone asks, pulling up your shorts is called “hiking up your britches” in Texas.

So, here’s what happened next.

No charges were filed against Bryant for the negligent discharge.

You know, accidents happen.  What you gonna do?

Thanks to Deb for the heads up.


July 22, 2014

Here’s the deal.

Rick Perry used an “Executive Order” – yeah, that horrible, evil, unAmerican thing President Obama uses – to deploy the Texas National Guard, who are military troops, to the border of Texas to fight hungry, pathetic children.

Here’s the deal.

The Texas National Guard can’t make arrests.  They cannot shoot anybody unless they are shot at first.  They can’t even detain anybody.  In short, they cannot do diddle squat unless war breaks out on the border or the folks in Louisiana start lobbing crawfish at Brownsville.

Perry says they will “be trained.”  For what?  Standing there looking tough?  Babysit?


The Texas National Guard:  Hoping that a truckload of Darth Vaders will scare the little children.

The Texas National Guard: Hoping that a truckload of Darth Vaders will scare the little children.

Now here’s the other deal.

Rick Perry “hoped the federal government would eventually reimburse” Texas for the $12 million a month this is going to cost.  Oh yeah, you heard me right.  Perry will not take federal funds to cover the health of Texas children or working class families but, by gawd, he’ll beg for it if it’s for his Presidential aspirations.

Now here’s the cherry on the ice cream sundae deal.

Greg Abbott, the Texas Attorney General who is running against Wendy Davis, got his face on the teevee, too.

Abbott said he expects the federal government to reimburse the cost of the deployment — about $12 million per month, in addition to the $5 million monthly cost of the DPS officers. His office is prepared to sue the federal government if necessary to get the reimbursement, he said.

“Texans are prepared to put the boots on the ground,” Abbott said. “But we expect Washington to foot the bill.”

This is almost funny.  Abbott starts every speech by saying that he gets up every morning and sues the federal government, but sometimes he waits until he gets to the office.


Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.03.21 AM

So it doesn’t appear that anybody is shaking in their boots over Abbott threatening to sue the federal government.  Hell, if we had the money back from all the frivolous lawsuits he’s filed against President Obama, we could lower taxes by about 70%.

So, here’s the final deal.

Texas is send a bunch of impotent Darth Vaders to the border who can’t do anything and we’re going to pray that you people in foreign states will pay to help Rick Perry’s and Greg Abbott’s political posturing.

Sounds like a helluva deal to me.

My friend Charles reminds us that every time President Obama steps in front of a camera, the GOP calls it politics.  Hell, the border has now become a staged political convention.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.36.08 AM



Shame, Shame, Shame, Jimmy.

July 21, 2014

I’ve had some blue dog Democrats run for congress in my area and I tell them one thing:  when given a choice between a real Republican and a Democrat pretending to be a Republican, people will vote for the real thing every damn time.

If you’re a Democrat, be a damn Democrat.

I guess my voice doesn’t carry as well as I’d hoped.  Lookie here.

Jimmy Schmidt is running for the state senate in Michigan.  I hope he gets his butt handed to him on a silver platter covered in fireworks.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 2.36.31 PM


Jimmy, go join the GOP.  Hey, you’ve already got the misspelling down pat.

There’s something else to make you grin.  Click the Endorsements tab.  Oh dear Lord, he has a screen shot of environmental group he endorses.  Jimmy, Honey, that’s not how it works.

Thanks to Carl for the heads up.