Texas, I Love Yew

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The members of the Wee Winkie Club, also known as Open Carry Texas, are a group of unfortunate looking men who parade around – legally in Texas – with long guns.  Oddly, you do not have to have a permit to carry a long gun.  You can be crazy as a brickbat and still be allowed to walk around with a shotgun or a semi-automatic weapon.

That just doesn’t seem right.

So when Open Carry Texas did one of their many open-carry events, where they parade around admiring each other’s “weapons” and attempt to scare crap out of passing cars, they were met with middle aged almost-bare-naked ladies.


It is legal to go topless in Austin, Texas, which doesn’t seem right either but does lead to far more fun than guns.


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 8.57.48 AM

The ladies were trying to make the point that just because something is legal doesn’t mean you ought to do it.   That reasoning, of course, went right over the head of the ammosexuals.  They referred to the ladies as “skanky topless libtards.”

I can see how they make that judgement, being as how they are all such hunka hunka burnin’ loves.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.03.46 AM

And no skanky here at the Phi Beta Kappa event.

Open Carry March on March 12, 2014


You know what I love almost best about Texas?  We have so damn many ladies with a damn sense of humor to make up for those who have none.

Thanks to everybody for the heads up.

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24 Comments to “Texas, I Love Yew”

  1. Edward Starsmith says:

    That’s probably the closest those guys will come to losing their virginity.

  2. Marge Wood says:

    Some folks you just have to hold up a sign: YOU LOOK STUPIDER THAN WE DO. Are those ladies gonna make a calendar? I bet we could write the month’s sayings for them.

  3. Al in AZ says:

    Texas isn’t the only place where these gun twerds make the news. Here’s the latest from my state:


    Having an edikation is apparently trumped when you carry an AR-15. I can just imagine what the world thinks about us.

  4. shortpeople says:

    I can understand why the guy on the left in the first picture is cranky. He has GOT to have major chafe problems. The little guy next to him looks like he’s just waiting for his friend to keel over from the heat, ’cause he really needs a meal.

  5. SteveTheReturned says:

    Shortpeople, that photo of those two pathetic guys has done more damage to the open carry movement than anything else, to date. I hope it keeps circulating, for a long time to come—because open carry is a genuinely dangerous movement.

  6. Wa Skeptic says:

    Brava to the Open Carrying Ladies! I think the world would be a lot better off if there were more brave women like them and fewer of the frightened little boys with their Extenders.

  7. Richard mcdonald says:

    I think they the next time they have will probley be their 1st
    Time. Assuming they pay for it.

  8. My deepest admiration for the courage of the ladies who made a mockery of a bunch of idiots with assault rifles.

    Applause! Applause! Applause!

  9. People who parade around with their guns at these open carry events are loudly and proudly showing everyone that they are America’s biggest losers at life.

  10. Marion (formerly known as MM) says:

    Oh my, AL in AZ. And that doctor told the authorities he was just at the airport to have a cup of coffee. With his AR-whatever.

    There’s a lot of us like that – go to the airport with our AR-whatevers just to hang and have a cup of coffee.

  11. 1smartcanerican says:

    re: the doctor in PHX who pointed his rifle at two women in the airport. I thought it was a federal rule that one can not be in the airport unless they (1) work there or (2) are leavin’ on a jet plane!

    In other parts of America, one can’t carry full size bottles of shampoo, soap, etc., must take one’s shoes off to go through security, and if one has a small pen knife, it is likely to be confiscated. But at the Phoenix airport, one can drop in for a cup of coffee with a rifle slung over the shoulder!?!?!?!?!

    This certainly proves that there are different rules for different areas of the country. I think I’ll stay here where I can’t even go the airport for a dinner at a good restaurant because I prefer to miss out on that as well as missing out on seeing or being in the vicinity of these Open Carry idiots!

  12. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Those OC folks better be careful. Some of us hooter toters can do some major damage with our big guns.

  13. UmptyDump says:

    Yeah, but those blue star pasties might not be quite what Turn Texas Blue had in mind …

  14. UmptyDump says:

    He went to the airport for coffee because Starbucks won’t serve him anymore.

  15. So, we have women ‘open carrying’ that which god gave them and a bunch of boys open carrying stuff they had to go out and buy because they ain’t come equipped with nothing anyone would want to see.

    Not much of a competition.

  16. My first thought when I saw pictures of those ladies, was, “Good for them” making a point, Second thought? “I hope they are wearing sunscreen”

  17. e platypus onion says:

    At least when you get rednecks guessing bust sizes(in ammosexual parlance-.38s or .44s,etc) the last thing occupying their minds? is killing. Rape maybe,killing-not so much.

  18. e platypus onion says:

    OTOH,they may have premature emissions from other guns and become so embarassed they want to kill everyone in sight.

  19. God Texas has gone oh so cray-cary. I hate this.

    Reading about Gov pRick, these open carry nut cases, Louie, etc ad infinitum, causes me to want to leave for Maine up near the Canuck border to get as far away from this lunacy as possible. I’d say Hawai’i but then that would remind me of the nuts that didn’t recognize Hawai’i as a State, in 1960ish. Yuuuuuuuuck.

  20. Those OC woman are kindred spirits of that old Greek lady Lysistrata! You go, girls!

  21. Those ladies are brilliant!

  22. leeper fred says:

    open carry is advertising for idiots

  23. Thanks! That was a good “way to go” chuckle image. What a nice thing to read — positive reaction-ism– especially after scrolling through the posts around it about what the Replugs were doing. Oh, typo. But I like it. They are plugged up~Not taking any action. ;-)

  24. maryelle says:

    Hah! Way to steal the attention from those attention seeking gun nuts. Which group would you rather look at? Ladies, my hat’s off, er bra’s off to you.


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