When Enough is Damn Well Enough

July 24, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Okay, so it’s kinda crazy to be celebrating guns on the actual memorial site where President John F. Kennedy was killed by a gun.  But to be celebrating guns on the actual memorial site where President John F. Kennedy was killed by a gun while you’re bad-mouthing the current President rolls you right into the realm of damn creepy.


If you don’t have time to watch this whole thing, at about the 5 minute mark he refers to our President as “a foreigner born in Kenya.”  At the 7 minute mark, he talks about “foreigners” from England and Australia who say we shouldn’t have guns but America has … you guessed it, liberty, adding “we don’t care what you foreigners do from England.”

Yeah, screw the Magna Carta!  This is Texas, dammit.

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28 Comments to “When Enough is Damn Well Enough”

  1. Life is too short to watch this, but from what you say, he’s another boy whose parents should have set some boundaries. He needs to grow up.

  2. Excuse me, Mama

    …I’m fixing to be 80 years old next month. It is my most earnest hope to stick around long enough to see such moronic, malevolent (fill in your choice of bad words here) as this one dead and gone. There are times when one can’t help but wish to be able to take that rifle and put it in the place where the sun don’t shine.

    I’m a native Texan and as such I deplore this fool’s mouthings letting the rest of the country think we are all gun totin’ race baitin’ throw backs!

  3. Absolutely no one ever told this guy as he grew up that there is a huge difference between intelligent observations and just jibbering one’s jabber. As for the site he choose, he gets my nomination for Mr. Insensitive of the Year.

  4. It’s just the “Birchers” (tea party) tilling the fertile nut job soil in Dallas. Remember the black bordered ad the JBS took out in the Dallas Morning Snooze the morning of JFK’s visit? Nothing’s changed, they believe every president since Hoover was a communist….they even turned on Saint Ronnie!

  5. It is somewhat sad that this guy’s entire life seems to be centered around guns and only guns. If he has to have a fetish, feet or plush toys would be much healthier for him. (And probably for other people.)

  6. I”m with Biggomomma

    These idiots were hoping for a confrontation. A Democratic President …. murdered by a gun…. in Dallas…

    They (The Open Carry Texas) idiots will not be satisfied until they start either a “race war” (“we are going to “open carry” march through 5th Ward in Houston) or a political war….. Reminds me of the idiot Westboro Baptist Homophobic Church.

    What really (sorry Momma) pisses me off about these people is simply this: Unlike a lot of places…. Houston especially, does a good job with stuff like race relations. We integrated our schools, …. without the National Guard.

    Houstonians are realistic people. You do what you have to do, and what the law says you have to do…

    Dallas … I don’t know…. If they gave these idiots a permit to intimidate people…….

    That’s their problem, and I’m glad for them to have it.

  7. PS: Neglected to mention I lived in Dallas most of my life and Miemaw is right Dallas’s reaction to November 22 was and still is, “why mercy…you can’t blame us.”

    Circumstances kept me there for 51 years. i won’t go back even to get buried.

  8. screecherguy says:

    “….. Reminds me of the idiot Westboro Baptist Homophobic Church.”

    Exactly right. I think it will become necessary for sane people to begin counter protests against these gun jerks, much the way that communities treated the Westboro church protests. What can they do, shoot us? …never mind.

  9. I won’t watch the video. I just had breakfast (yes, I know, it’s late, but I do intermittent fasting, and the later I break my fast, the better). I know what that #@^*%$%$ would do to my digestion, and there’s no need for that.

  10. Auntie BFly says:

    At about 4:18, “I talk to a lot of people from Britain that [sic] don’t celebrate July the 4th.” Y’all, there it is.

  11. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Open Carry of long guns where our President was assassinated by a long gun.

    Those cretins knew exactly what they were doing.

    I’d say more but I respect JJ’s Momma too much.

  12. I think I was most flabbergasted by:
    1) Thinking that other countries, including England, should celebrate America’s Independence Day. If the English were to celebrate it, it would be “Lost the uppity yanks” day.

    2) Using “foreigner” with the vehemence of a slang insult…then again maybe he is just substituting that for N-word at least in reference to President Obama.

  13. Oh dear, maybe we should also tell him that them thar foreigners don’t bother to celebrate Thanksgiving day either.

  14. Kate Dungan says:

    Sometimes I wish codpieces would come
    back in style.

  15. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Kate Dungan, this site provides a number of selections suitable for the ammosexuals, although some might require stuffing to keep theirs from falling off.


  16. Auntie BFly, the Brits call the 4th of July Thanksgiving Day.


  17. TexasLawyer says:

    This idiot’s name is Rudy Davis. He’s a nut job’s nut job. He has maybe hundreds of youtube videos in which he rails like this all the time. He’s been visited by the Secret Service at least once. I think he’s a ticking time bomb.

  18. Rosemary says:

    You should watch the video; you’d get a real laugh out of the guy at the beginning. He appears to be chewing his cud and with his authentic Texas gibberish (thanks, Mel Brooks) says we should support the Second Amendment as it supports the other ten (Amendments).

  19. You know, you could be opposed to President Obama’s policies (any or all) and not lie about him. Not that I am, you understand, but nobody who opposed Adlai Stevenson (for those of you who remember that far back) tried to say he was born in Leningrad or someplace.

    Rudy Davis. I’ll be watching for that name.

  20. Aggieland liz says:

    I grew up SE of Houston in Seabrook; I love Galveston, I love Houston, I consider myself to be “from” there, even if not BOI or from the Heights or someplace neat like that. I have ALWAYS loathed Dallas, and that was before I found out that it has the worst freeway signage EVAH! I go up 35W and drive through Fort Worth (I love the way Texans say Ft Worth!) just to avoid the whole Dallas thing. I just hate it there :P bleah!

  21. These folk owe me the time I used listening to their word soup. Wow!

    Apologies to all, short rant begins here.
    Now I hope tonight when this ammosexual is fondling his AR-15 that his toe gets caught in the trigger and he blows his ignorant brains out.
    End of rant.

  22. That moron should be arrested for indecent exposure.

  23. Elise Von Holten says:

    PKM–thanks for the laugh!
    Nothing funny about this gun totin’ fool…I’m sorry that my ideas about Texas were formed by JFK’s murder, I was a child when it happened, and it’s intermixed with “duck and cover” and horrific physical abuse, so I have no use for gun toters or racists…I’ve seen what comers of their BS up close and personal. I get that’s it’s either love or fear, but my problem is how much bystander violence occurs as the really scared ones like this guy work it out…and most of the time they are so stuck in the loop ( where you cannot solve the problem from) that no healing occurs…if you have to be carefully taught to hate, how then, do we teach love?

  24. Now that I watched as much of the video as I can take, I pronounce them raving lunatics.

    When I lived in Houston, I visited Ft. Worth and Dallas with a friend; we attended a couple of Led Zeppelin concerts after I gifted Jimmy Page and Robert Plant with shirts I had decorated, and Jimmy Page gave me a pair of Concerts West passes.

    When we were driving in Dallas, I suddenly found myself at that fateful intersection, and hot as it was, I got a chill.

  25. As a native Dallasite (multi-generational) this gets on my very last nerve! I was a 10 yro schoolkid in Dallas on 11/22/63; it has affected my relationship (or lack thereof) with guns for over 50 years.

    I have been in Nashville for 15 years and we have more than our share of gun idiots; HOWEVER, these imbeciles are parading around Dealey Plaza fer crissakes! Not a day goes by that there are not hundreds or thousands of tourists from all over the world at this sad but historic site. These morons are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS! They want to shoot someone, anyone will do!

    These are the most disrespectful, unpatriotic disgusting PIGS who have zero respect for history much less the Presidency of the United States of America.

    GITMO will be empty soon and it can be filled with seditionists and domestic terrorists. They just make me ill.

  26. Charlie Ammen says:

    I could not watch the whole thing because my blood pressure wouldn’t take it. It is people like this that will cause the downfall of this country and the loss of freedom they think they are defending.

  27. Gun nuts are now actively seeking to make themselves part of the government. And even this Republican gun nut didn’t vote for that sh*t.

  28. It’s really difficult to blow one of these Bat sh*t crazys brains out, even if they try hard to shoot themselves ’cause the target is so small. Accuracy counts but there are limitations. I sincerely wish them luck, however.