Why the Hell Not?

July 23, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

From Jefferson County, Washington.




Thanks to Georganna for the heads up!

And there’s this from Montana. Click the little one to get the big one.

photo 2


What you are seeing here is a tea party protest in Conroe, Texas.   You gotta wonder if the people in Montana know that Conroe is 6 hours of 400 miles of bad road from the border?  Conroe is as redneck as you can get.

Thanks to Kary for the heads up.

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12 Comments to “Why the Hell Not?”

  1. Conroe is 6 hours from the border? So that guy in the photo is worried that some Central American children might walk (an additional) 400 miles of bad roads from Mexico to get to his town, but he’s too lazy to get into his pickup and drive down to the actual border to protest. With the AC & C&W turned up to 11. (Both of them.)

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me if these nitwits were aiming their signs at the LA state border…about 100 miles away. Or maybe he is worried about the invasion of foreigners from the Woodlands…about 12 miles due south.

  3. Cornrow, Texas…there, fixed it for you, JJ.

  4. And it’s true in Jefferson County, Washington. Wendy L. Davis is running for sheriff (Democrat).

    I live in Jefferson County in the late summer/fall months, but I’m an Alaskan and have to deal with the crazies up here running for office so I can’t vote for her.

  5. Marge Wood says:

    You think we oughta give Tea Baggers amnesty?

  6. My brother’s in-laws live on Lake Conroe. They’re more Nouveau Riche than redneck, but they’re friends with George H.W. & Barbara Bush… which is bad enough.

  7. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Had jury duty in Conroe once.

    I haven’t wandered north of 242 ever since.

  8. Marge Wood, no. No amnesty for teabaggers.

  9. I agree with the protesters in Conroe that we should close the border. We should close it on the northern, eastern, western and southern borders of Conroe.

  10. kat hale says:

    Does it say Petco under the “Close the Border” sign? I am confused. I thought Texas was using the National Guard. Are they going to use squeaky toys to repel invading hordes? On second thought…

  11. Immigrants (by Jim Morin / Miami Herald, July 24, 2014) pic.twitter.com/c1romsY2T1

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  12. I was born at Jefferson County General Hospital in Port Townsend.