Primary Run-Off Day in Texas

May 27, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

You’ll be happy to know that on the GOP side for Lt. Guv., Crazy Dan Patrick is beating incumbent David Dewhurst in early voting with 63% of the vote.  Thats a whooping’.  That mean that our Leticia Van De Putte will get to run against a guy who is radical far right.  Look, I don’t mind that Dan Patrick got mental health help 30 years ago.  What I mind is that he ain’t getting it now.

And on the Democratic side, David Alameel is whippin’ Kesha Rogers.  That’s a good thing.

More updates to come…

Texas Tribune calls the Democratic Senate race for Davis Alameel.

AP has declared Dan Patrick the winner.   Thank you Radical Republicans for handing this to us.

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20 Comments to “Primary Run-Off Day in Texas”

  1. Good news on both fronts.

  2. OK, I’ve donated to Leticia and Wendy multiple times. What does a woman have to do to get a yard sign or two?

  3. Jill Ann says:

    I wish I shared your confidence that Leticia can beat Dan Patrick. I fear that Patrick will be our next Lite Gov. As though we needed even nuttier politicians in Texas.

  4. sugarpie says:

    Just sent LVdP some love (well, some $ at any rate). I really think she can make this happen.

  5. Mary in Austin says:

    @#3 Jill Ann: Dan Patrick only gets to win if the sane Texans *let* him win. Everybody who does not want him as the next Lite Gov has to get out and work to make sure that does not happen. It’s important! Don’t moan– get active!

  6. Paco Fuerte says:


  7. While we in California cannot aspire to Dan Patrick level, we do have a situation where Tea Partier and border Minuteman Tim Donnelly seems to be handily beating mainstream fellow Repub Neel Kashkari.

    Currently Repubs hold no state offices in California and the Dems have off-and-on had 2/3 majorities in the legislature. The Dems are salivating over having Donnelly on the ticket as the face (or possibly some other part of anatomy) of the Repub party.

  8. innerlooper says:

    Hopefully Leticia will get supporters & $ to mount a counter to a simple silly sports reporter / restauranteur / local politician. Who like others have opportunized on a negativism of common life with Tevangelism/Conservagendium which exploits the never fulfilled side of their parties promises till next election cycle.

  9. Charlie says:

    Paxton, in his victory drool, said he would return us to the constitution and the 10commandments. So I guess the inquisition is back. He’s going to have his hands full.

  10. Let’s just hope that it all plays out in Leticia’s favor! Texas has suffered enough!

  11. daChipster says:

    I just want to get lots of footage of George Pee throwing his arm around guys like this, during the upcoming campaign. Also, can you guys hurry up and turn Texas blue already? I relish the thought of living out my days without another Republican President, and y’all can make it happen for me!

  12. Bananas says:

    I am happy Dewhurst got his soup handed to him without a bowl. Do you think he will roll off into the sunset?

  13. TexasEllen says:

    The best part of the Republican run-off is that one of them would lose. Adieu to the Dew.

    Just sent another little donation to Leticia.

  14. Marion (formerly known as MM) says:

    DewDrop has evaporated.

    Now, to hard work for Leticia.

  15. Rekster says:

    Well, I for one, held my nose voting for David Alameel. There was no way to vote for Kesha Rogers but unfortunately the real Democrat, Maxey Scheer didn’t make the runoff.

    It is quite a stretch to call David Alameel a Democrat.

  16. Zyxomma says:

    Remember, all, it’s not just Republican voters (and gerrymandering) electing right wing nut jobs. It’s Democrats and Independents who sit out elections and stay home. Make sure all your family members, colleagues, neighbors, and friends are registered, and go to the polls. I NEVER sit out elections, primary or general. Make sure you and yours can say the same.

  17. Dennis Dillow says:

    What I want to know is will Kinky Friedman give up now that he can’t even win offering us legal marijuana?

  18. Jill Ann says:

    @#5 Mary in Austin: I agree with you, but I’m less confident that there are enough “sane Texans” to defeat Patrick in November. I will happily donate to Leticia & might even manage to knock on some doors. But seriously, the crazy is strong in this state.

    Btw both my liberal feminist daughters go to school in Austin. And I got both to vote in the runoff yesterday. I also made them watch the Ann Richards documentary in HBO the other night. They are really pumped about Wendy, & now I need to educate them about Leticia as well……

  19. Angelo_Frank says:

    I guess no one cares…

    A little more than 5 percent of eligible voters in Tom Green County cast their ballots in the primary runoff elections. Unofficial final results counted up by the Elections Office Tuesday night showed only about 3,109 of 61,007 eligible voters turned out to vote.

    Results in the Democratic primary runoff races indicate a far lower voter turnout of democratic voters than those who turned out in the Republican primary runoffs. Unofficial results show that 287 voted in the two Democratic primary runoffs for U.S. senator and commissioner of agriculture.

  20. Auntie BFly says:

    IDK, IDK. Fewer than 500,000 voters decided who the Thuglican candidate will be. Now party loyalists are faced with a choice – vote with their party or vote with their brains. I wish I could have faith in a brain-based outcome. The only hope for 2014 is overcoming the hopefully-soon-to-be-struck down VoterID law and getting a fab turnout of non-thuglicans and non-brainless voters in November (well that plus hoping Patrick keeps talking his dumb ish). If that doesn’t work, 2 years of Patrick in the office should be enough to swing the 2016 elections and turn the lege a nice shade of azure, dontcha think?