The Day Rick Perry’s Brains Fell Out

April 24, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Mark today as the day when Rick Perry’s brain fell out.  Thank goodness it was just a small splat.

Let’s start with Rick’s refusal to disavow Cliven Bundy’s racist statement and then move quickly to this:

Perry_ClarkKent_1“What we have in the state of Texas … the federal government is coming in and attempting from our perspective to take over private property,” he continued.

Perry had previously made remarks critical of the armed federal presence during the Bundy Ranch standoff over cattle grazing. “I have a problem with the federal government putting citizens in the position of having to feel like they have to use force to deal with their own government,” he said Wednesday on Fox News.

So, Rick is all hissy fitting over the government wanting to take land.  Uh huh.

Does he think we’ve forgotten about the Trans Texas Corridor, that 580,000 acre land grab by Perry to sell to Spain for them to pour concrete on.

About 250 farmers and ranchers held a rally Tuesday at the state Capitol to protest Gov. Rick Perry’s Trans Texas Corridor plan, which critics say will gobble up the property of rural landowners.

Republican Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn joined the demonstrators and called Perry’s associates “land-grabbing highway henchmen.”

That was in May of 2005.  How quickly we he forgets.

The government taking property, my patootie.

Thanks to Gene for the heads up.

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22 Comments to “The Day Rick Perry’s Brains Fell Out”

  1. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Governor Tool Top is so far off reality planet, it’s difficult to address him; difficult, not impossible.

    Starting with questions pRick should ask of himself. Post BP Horizon, what have you done to prevent a recurrence? Boom, boom West, Texas was not outside or domestic terrorists, Rick. So, what would you and your man Abbott suggest to protect Texas, since you and he eschew federal regulations.

    And since you are so pro states rights what do you propose to offer your citizens, after you rejected federal funds to give health care to your constituents?

    Come to the podium with a plan dudes, or quit like that quitter from Wasilla.

  2. You don’t understand– it’s okay if HE’S doing it. He’s a Texan. But not the feds. Especially if the President’s a Democrat. Maybe only if the President’s a Democrat.

  3. Teh Gerg says:

    It’s so, so sad that Perry and people like him are so transparent in their motives, so greedy, so venal, so blatantly dishonest. It’s sadder that so many of the voting public have lost any capacity for critical thought, and these are the fools who vote Perry and his ilk into office. Rational thought has been replaced by rationalization.

  4. John Peter Henson says:

    I guess the glasses did not work….still stoopid.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    What private property does he think the federal government is taking over, BTW? Didn’t Perry express approval of the Border fence? Which took away property both public and private, but as I recall Perry liked that project.

    And yes, look at what he wanted to take away from private owners with that stupid Trans Texas Corridor thing and other state and local governments have taken away from private landowners in the past.

    And can nothing get it through the heads of these bozos that Bundy did not own, and never owned, the land on which he had once had a grazing lease (but didn’t, because he hadn’t paid the fee.) The feds did not “take it” from him. He was and is trying to claim as “his” land he never bought or paid for.

  6. Rick Perry has brains? Who knew!?!

  7. Aggieland liz says:

    @Elizabeth: According to Perry and Abbott and Faux Noise, Cliven Bundy stealing from the public is capitalism at it’s best; the Federal Govt protecting public land from encroaching thieves is terrorist socialism at it’s worst.

    @Rhea: the President of the United States is not merely a Democrat (liberal Muslim Kenyan socialist, etc, etc) he is a KNEE-GRO!!!11!!1!! Foam, foam slobber pant pant….

  8. Ralph Wiggam says:

    “I have a problem with the federal government putting citizens in the position of having to feel like they have to use force to deal with their own government,”

    The Founding Fathers had a problem with that too. That is why they wrote Article III of the Constitution. But poor Rick could only remember the first two.

  9. Grinning like a Cheshire cat here! Now that Bundy has been exposed as a racist, his major supporters are falling away like leaves off a dead tree! But pRick hasn’t got the memo yet? How very rethugican! So like all those other rethugs on the Hill! As for Faux Noose, Sean Hannity you are now the proud (?) owner of Cliven Bundy. Take him, honey. He’s all gift wrapped and all yours.

  10. Let’s not forget those folks around Beaumont and Liberty who will have their land taken under Perry’s Texas sponsored imminent domain for the Canadian owned XL pipeline.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Ranchers and farmers all along the XL pipeline who do not want it will lose their land…and where’s the Republican/right wing support for them? Where’s the support for private property? (silence…)

    That’s right, zilch. Perry’s not the only right-wing pol who’s in favor of it. Because unlike good land management, pipeline building (and fracking) serves the oil bidness and makes a few people a huge profit. So anyone involved in good land management, whether it’s the BLM or private landowners, can expect nothing from the right but a kick in the tenders and arrest for impeding “progress” (profit) if they continue to resist.

  12. But the TTC wasn’t a FEDERAL government takeover, it was a RICKY government takeover so it was OK.

  13. I think we should refer to whatever is in Perry’s head as ‘brain’ instead of ‘brains’. The plural implies more than one brain cell, which is obviously not the case.

  14. maryelle says:

    Hypocrisy, thy name is Perry.

  15. That boy has been in Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson’s pockets for years.

    Ever notice how many new roads we need are tollroads?

    Ever notice that the Sam Houston Tollroad which was promised to be free after so many years still isn’t even though it was paid for years ago?

    Ever notice how many Texas Tollroad Authorities contract Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson to suck money out of “violators”?

    Ole Ricky Boy is a land grabbin low down Texas Tollroad Mafia building mofo.

  16. W. C. Peterson says:

    Breaking News! The BB is no longer in the boxcar. Perry’s brains fell out! Will he even notice it’s gone?

  17. Marge Wood says:

    Does he think that Bundy OWNS that land? Somehow this reminds me of the folks who said awhile back that Canada isn’t REALLY a foreign country. Or maybe he thinks that if you squat somewhere long enough, it belongs to you.

  18. Marge Wood says:

    Okay, now that we’re all frothed up, maybe we need to take two minutes and write a letter to our local papers. AAS is blatantly pro-Republican. Can we write letters that are not only pro-Democrat but pro-something that the GOP can relate to? Plenty of GOPers don’t like Perry. They just somehow think that his sort is part of doing bidness in Texas. It wasn’t always that way, was it? Last night I was reading Pizzigati’s book titled THE RICH DON’T ALWAYS WIN (haven’t read a lot of it, but) and wandered over to where it said something like our current gubmint mess was from the super duper rich oil folks taking over. Is that what you read?

  19. Marge Wood says:

    And when AG Abbott got full press for his comments about BLM along the Red River, he kind of overlooked Texas cutting through ranches and communities with fencing to keep out folks who owned land along the Rio Grande. I think that JUANITA JEAN’S ought to get some kind of special recognition for considering important issues and solutions. I mean, our solutions are as good as anyone else’s, dontcha think?

  20. pRicky, give it up! There is not another thing you can do or say that would prevent the guys in the white coats from taking you away in an armless sweater. Ciao!

  21. Corinne Sabo says:

    Perry, who has been feeding at the public trough his whole life, can’t tell private from public. It figures.

  22. eyesoars says:

    Rick Perry’s brains fell out?

    Who noticed? How could they tell?


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