Reason #8,251 Why I Hate Republicans

February 07, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

The Texas Democratic Party sent out Ballot By Mail applications to 15,000 Democrats in my county over the age of 65 or self-identified as disabled.

They arrived yesterday at my house and here’s what they look like.  Click the little ones to get the big ones.

photo 2

and here’s the other side

photo 1

As you can see, the word “Democrat” appears everywhere, large and proud.  By using this, you will get an application for the Democratic primary and the general election.

Now, in the same mail, came this sucker from a guy named Rick Forlano who is running for judge as a Republican in a crowded primary.  Poor guy has run for some damn thing every election since about 1986.  And he’s lost every election.  We think he’s just addicted to campaigning.

Check this out –


and the other side

photo 3

Yeah, not much mention of the fact that you’re requesting a Republican ballot in the primary.  So, why would this come to me and Bubba?  That’s what I was wondering until my phone started ringing.

People wanted to know which one was “real”.  It seems that at least 5 Triple D’s (that means they’ve voted in the last three Democratic primaries) got these and this morning I’ve heard from 3 more.

After I told them over the phone where to find the little bitty teeny weeny Republican on Forlano’s, they were mad as wet hens.  It appeared to be deceptive to them.  Older Democrats might get confused since this guy doesn’t seem very prideful about being a Republican.  Maybe he’s trying to be deceptive.

Maybe that’s the deal.  I dunno.  Why would a candidate waste money like that?  These suckers ain’t cheap.  They cost about $1. each.  At the very least I wouldn’t vote for a person who wastes money like that.

If you live around here, let me know if you get one.

I just hate these guys.  I don’t trust them.

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16 Comments to “Reason #8,251 Why I Hate Republicans”

  1. The only vote early by mail thing we have received so far is for the republican primary endorsed by Steven Hotze md.

  2. Funny thing that most of the signs for repub candidates are mostly blue (and very few of them have their party affiliation listed except in .05 point print)

  3. Yeah, I got one too and I always vote in Democratic primaries.

  4. In the DFW northern ‘burbs only 2 or 3 pieces of campaign propaganda has arrived in my mailbox. All GOP, not offering to help me vote by mail.

  5. I suspect the candidate is not wasting money. Tricks like this are usually paid for by secret outsider money.

  6. leeper fred says:

    this being the super bowl/world series of the war on women, it’s going to continue to be vicious. if wendy davis wins, the far right (that’s exactly 2 steps to the right of Genghis Khan’s mother-in-law) will have finally engineered their demise. she can still melt down along the way if she continues to give the republicans ammunition like she has been doing. in the meantime they’ve got your address and are trying to suppress the vote any way possible.

  7. Chloe Bear says:

    Republicans working under the cloak of Citizens United will make the dirty work of Lee Atwater look tame.

  8. Forlano, the Alf Landon of Texas politics!

    This “stunt” is no surprise, considering the source. Carry on, soldier, and keep yer powder dry!

  9. I’m surprised it’s not 10,001 reasons.

  10. I got one, and I’ve voted in every Democratic primary since I was old enough to vote.

  11. What used to be the Republican party is gone; replaced by insanity, inanity, dirty money (big polluters like the Kochs) and dirtier tricks. When a friend commented that she misses the Eisenhower-era Republicans, I answered that Congress is full of them — but they call themselves Democrats.

  12. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Citizens United, maybe the worst decision in the history of the United States Supreme Court. As if the Koch brothers were not truly among the most vile individuals on our planet beyond the Cheneys and Bushes, they have been allowed to pollute our political system in the same manner their industries have polluted our air, water and land.

    Bobo and Booboo should spend their twilight years in prison. Gohmert butts may not think they’ll live to reap all the “rewards” of their greed. Fair enough, but their stolen assets should not create a life of Walton unearned splendor for their progeny and special PACS. Hot damn, when they die, their damage should die with them. Bring back the death tax.

    Ironic, eh? The Greed Breed is all for the death penalty, yet taxes bring out the ‘warmth’ of their hearts. /sarcasm

  13. This has hit the national news. Saw it on TV tonight. The guy trying to defend the Rethug sleaze du jour claimed that all anyone had to do was to read the entire page on screen. However they damn well do depend on people being wayyy too busy to get into it like that. Yup. Complete and total vintage sleaze du jour.

  14. Death tax? You mean, like in England? There is already a type of inheritance tax here in this country involving estates worth over $600K. Better yet, what about a kind of “term limit” on how much millionaires can earn. Fifty million should be the cap. Anyone can live decently on that amount. Another fifty million couldn’t buy them what they already have anyway. And no exemptions to hide further looting. As for donations to schools etcetera, there lately seems to be a long time in between announcements that so and so has donated excess $$, say like 50 million, to a school or research foundation. That sort of generosity, even when announced as anonymous, seems to have really dried up.

  15. Corinne Sabo says:

    I got a vote by mail from a candidate, nothing from the TDP. I guess Bexar County doesn’t matter. Only about 1.5 million people, not enough to get vote by mail cards…..

  16. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Quite correct, maggie, we do have a squishy sort of death tax. But there are so many loopholes, that it is virtually meaningless. Perhaps Mitt and Ann Romney would like to join us to discuss how to hide and transfer money.

    Or, maybe David and Charles would like to discourse on the ethics of buying elections.

    It’s frustrating that “dirty tricks” politics didn’t die with Nixon. Between the gerrymandering, Diebold, current SCOTUS, and internet scams, it is difficult to believe in democracy.


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