Heads Up! The Dirty Tricks Have Begun

February 06, 2014 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

This arrived from the Wendy Davis campaign this morning.  I was on a conference call last night with the campaign and heard about it there.  It is legitimate.

Dear Friends,

We have received a number of reports that an entity has been making robo-calls to our supporters in attempt to solicit donations.   The call begins with an audio of a woman [whom callers are led to believe is Senator Davis] and continues with giving callers an option to press “1” to continue hearing the message.  Some of these calls have reportedly made solicitations for campaign contributions or simply rang endlessly.

These calls are not from the Wendy Davis campaign nor from anyone affiliated with our campaign.  If you receive any of these fraudulent calls, please transcribe as much information as you can from the call, note the caller and number from the caller ID and send us an e-mail to info@wendydavistexas.com.  We are tracking these calls and are continuing to alert our supporters of this deviance.

Thank you again for your support.

Best regards,

Sydney L. Jones
Political Director
Wendy Davis for Texas

However, if you are over 65 or disabled, you will get a legitimate robo call from Leticia Van De Putte letting you know that your form to request a ballot by mail will arrive soon.  Robo calls are worthless unless they convey an immediate message.  This message is immediate and important.  That’s why we’re doing it.

Be careful out there.  Republicans are the dog dump of ethics.

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25 Comments to “Heads Up! The Dirty Tricks Have Begun”

  1. I heard some news this morning about thw Wendy Davis campaign that I am really, really hoping is another rethuglican dirty trick.

    it has been reported that Wendy davis has come out in support of “Open carry” so the neanderthals can carry an armory around in an attempt to scare and to intimidate the sane. Most of these fools have a lower iq then the caliber weapons they flash about while they hope for a terrorist attack to justify their rambo delusions. meanwhile innocent movie goers and bystanders are the victims of this particular form of idiocy.

    Please, Please tell me it ain’t true.

  2. Ralph Wiggam says:

    I hang up on all robo calls even from my dentist reminding me of an appointment.

    If you don’t want to talk to me, don’t call me.

  3. Juanita Jean says:

    Ken, it’s true.

    God bless the Texas Democratic Party for calling bullcorn.”There is little or no public safety justification for open carry,” said Emmanuel Garcia, spokesman for the Texas Democratic Party.

    And, State Senator and Lt. Governor candidate Leticia Van De Putte also disagrees. Democrats will not win Texas by being Republican Lite. I think we’ve proven that in the past 20 years.

  4. Do not assume this is a Republican Dirty Trick. It could easily be a scam artist trying to con people of money that is not politically motivated.

  5. Why does this not surprise me?

    GOP candidates remind me of Pig Pen from Charles Schultz cartoons. There’s this plume of filth circulating around them such that they can soil a clean Interstate with their mere presence.

  6. Star: Since Republicans are already using fraudulent online ads in other states to get donations funneled to them that people think are going to Democratic candidates, I think it’s a Republican scam artist, not just any old scam artist.

    Glad to know the robo calls supposedly from Wendy Davis are not from her. We were becoming a bit annoyed, since we don’t like robo calls. Now we will be annoyed with the actual source of said calls.

  7. Ralph Wiggam says:

    The open carry thing scares me too, but look at it from the poor crooks point of view. He may not be able to afford a nice high caliber hand gun, but if he can get his hands on a length of pipe he can apply that investment to the back of the head of the open carrier and his profit will include the hand gun as well as a watch and a wallet. And he gets to keep the pipe. That’s American Exceptionalism!

  8. austinhatlady says:

    JJ, I just emailed my Wendy-supporting friends with a link to this posting and asked them to pass it along.
    Elizabeth, I’d read about the phoney e-mails and I’ve started reading all e-mails closely.

  9. Most of the “robo calls” to my phone go to my voice mail

    From there….. they go to “delete”.

  10. I understand that no politician will ever see things 100% as reasonably as I do but this, like being anti choice and pro segragatition, is a deal breaker for me.

    God I had such hope.
    What next Elizabeth Warren coming out in favor of a Chase, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs merger?

    As I said the idiots who like to pack probably have IQ’s lower then the caliber weapon they carry and that number generally starts with a decimal point.

  11. This is as good as they got? Reminds me of New Hampshire some time ago. The Dept. of Justice should jump on this now rather than waste time.

  12. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Eric Holder wouldn’t have enough personnel to cover Texas, if every member of the armed services, active duty, discharged and retired, was sent to law school. In just the US Congress, TX has 38 varmints with the majority of them being gohmerts.

  13. Wendy Davis supporting open carry of guns may get her more Texas votes, but I’m sorry to say it wouldn’t get her mine if I lived there.

  14. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Juanita Jean, Ken, Rhea, when it comes to the “open carry” laws versus concealed, I appreciate everyone’s concerns. Ralph Wiggam did a great job of highlighting the difference. We are better protected, if we can see the guns, while the gun toter takes their chances. Between Juanita Jean’s ‘fun with guns,’ and the gohmert who shot a texting father, yeah get your gohmert pieces out where we can see them, so we have a fighting chance to avoid you.

    Based on her positions on other topics, instinct tells me to trust Wendy Davis and allow her to explain her position in her own words.

  15. Problem with open carry is that there is no review by any one as to who starts to wave a gun around.
    at least with concealed carry a responsible agency could check for mental defectiveness ( eliminate most of the tea party delegation) criminal background, court orders ( i.e. Domestic abuse orders ) etc.
    With open carry every yahoo who can beg, borrow, steal or buy a gun can start packing loaded weapons to draw and fire at the drop of a hat.

  16. PS
    Somebody should review their history and look up Jolene Unsoeld.

    See how that gun issue broke for her in a close election.

  17. Then there is this. Apparently, NRCC has agreed to refund the money and Google flagged these sites as phishing sites.


  18. I can appreciate how Wendy supporting open carry but she has no alternative. To reject it would lose her a heap of votes and she needs to win to make a difference.

  19. …supporting open carry would upset those against it…

  20. Okie-Dokey says:

    Republicans will steal absentee ballots from the mail. Speaker Wright had an opponent, Jim Bradshaw, who was funded by “Mad Eddie” Chiles in 1980. They followed the mail carrier and plucked absentee ballots from the mail boxes. They know there is no way to enforce laws against their shenanigans and they will do anything to protect crackpot billionaires.

  21. Anna, where did you see the news about NRCC refunding money? The article at the link says they’re proud of the deceptive sites and plan to make more of them.

    IF they refund money, I’m sure it’s only to people who catch on and complain afterwards. They won’t shut down the sites.

  22. Bernard Terway says:

    I am curious – I got a robo call that started out telling me that it was the Wendy Davis campaign and then a woman screaming something in the background. Sounded terrible. If this was actually from the Wendy Davis campaign they should stop, if not, it really is a turn off – I hung up immediately upon hearing the screaming voice.

  23. Juanita Jean says:

    It’s a fake, Bernard. Please report it to the Texas Democratic Party.

  24. Bernard Terway says:

    Thanks for the feedback – I did let them know, but I was so taken aback by the call, actually twice this week, I just hung up and shook my head. Next time, if it ever happens again, I will be ready for it.

  25. UmptyDump says:

    So? Republicans have officially legitimized overt dirty tricks? Go for it – let ‘em do it everywhere and as often as they can. It’ll make for a huge national media scandal and will backfire with the electorate. It’ll be a debacle as big or bigger than shutting down the government last fall, demonstrating a Republican philosophy devoid of ethics and morally bankrupt. The closer to the elections that they are exposed and indicted in public opinion, the more the voters turn on them. By all means, let’s put no obstacles along their roadmap to failure.