Satan’s Spawn

December 19, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

So you’re Liz Cheney and your husband still works Virginia and he’s not about move his real special patootie to godfersaken Wyoming. The solution? Register to vote in both states, of course.

Liz Cheney’s Senate campaign in Wyoming continues to be dogged with news about her family.

Politico reported Wednesday that Cheney’s husband was registered to vote in both Virginia and Wyoming despite signing a document in the latter state saying he was not registered elsewhere.

This is like being a little bit pregnant. Either you are or you’re not.

Does anyone else feel any sweet irony that her family make her famous in the first place and now they are going to take her down?

Thanks to everybody for the heads up.

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22 Comments to “Satan’s Spawn”

  1. You see! There is rampant voter fraud! I bet all you voter fraud deniers feel pretty foolish now, don’t you?

  2. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Wowsers! Next you’ll be telling me that someone was registered to vote in two states and voted in person in one of them and absentee in the other. Oh, wait, that already happened and I read it here.

  3. I bet it was the fault of some cleric worker. Just like when Lizzy lied on the fishing license application.

  4. The Cheney’s always sort-of live in Wyoming. When Cheney was on the Bush/Cheney ticket they both resided in Texas.

    Prez and VP are supposed to be from different states. So Cheney just claimed he lived in Wyoming, where he was born and grew up.

  5. Sorry about the apostrophe.

  6. Just to be on the safe side old Dick had a Federal Building named after him up there in Cheyenne so they would never know he hasn’t been there since he was elected to Congress back in nineteen aught ten or thereabouts.

  7. Both Bush and Cheney had some really different perspectives on what constituted “home”. Bush treated the White House as just a place to change clothes. He spent inordinate amounts of time down on the ranch. Cheney has had a ranch of his own in Wyoming for some time. Pictures of him and the grandkids at the ranch have appeared in the media. Apparently when Cheney was in Texas in a previous job he considered his sojourn there to be only a temporary tour of duty as if he was in the military (which he never was due to one determent after another). Now that Bush is permanently back in Texas, he has actually bought an urban house and has become a weekend / holiday rancher. What I glean from this is that both of these men are actually rootless, one being originally from Wyoming and the other actually from Connecticut. And frankly, rootless rhymes with bootless.

  8. There’s nothing about the any of the Cheney’s that doesn’t scream un-American frauds and liars.

  9. Just to be sure, old Dickey had the federal building in Cheyenne named after him so there would know who he was. He hasn’t really “lived” there since he was elected to Congress back in nineteen aught six or thereabouts. Grifters everyone of them.

  10. Ten to one Liz’s Virginia registered husband did not vote Blue in the recent election but way more Virginians did so this time around than in any other gubernatorial election. Virginia is now Blue to the bone with two Democratic Senators and the top tier of the state house. And this is a different kind of Democratic group than any previously in Virginia history. The new guv is “librul”! The lite guv and the AG (who won the recount by an embarassing number over his opponent -800 plus) are progressive. The swearing in takes place in January. The outgoing guv is facing a probable investigation over all the $$ that came from Koch brother types. Is it just me or do I hear a band cueing up “Happy days are here again?”

  11. Marge Wood says:

    Cheney and Bush should be in jail. Period.

  12. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Ice Sculpture Liz Cheney, mortuary training doll of the far right probably isn’t serious about her senate race. She is warming up for the vacancy Palin left at Cluster Fox. That’s fine by me, as the alternate reality shows are not on the to see list. Occasionally I like to watch C-Span, until certain members of Congress make it too painfully embarrassing to watch.

  13. As someone commented on TPM, almost no one ever notifies the state they were registered in when they register somewhere else. It would not be a big deal (as long as he doesn’t vote both places) except that the Republicans have used inflated voter rolls as evidence of voter fraud.
    I suspect few states act quickly when someone does notify them to update their voter rolls.

  14. Expediency, thy name is Cheney. Maybe the librul VA officials can out the husband over voter double-dippin’.

  15. VeeGee in VT says:

    Thanks, OldMayfly. I, too, am dismayed by the swarms of unnecessary apostrophes flitting around. Now and then one escapes my swatter and I blame the auto feature on my iPad.

    Despite some misgivings about Jeff Bezos and his empire, I am having a blast watching Alpha House on about four hapless republican senators sharing a house in DC. You can watch the first three episodes for free (worth every penny!)

  16. Corinne Sabo says:

    Maye the King Street Idiots should move to Wyoming. Oh; that isn’t their name?

  17. Captain Dave says:

    Vote Early! Vote Often! Don’t be left out!

  18. Funny how every time I read about an instance of voting fraud, it’s being committed by a Republican. Excellent reason to disenfranchise millions of people likely to vote the other way.

  19. Austinhatlady says:

    OldMayfly, as a grammar Nazi, I grant you absolution.

    Currently harassing my 13 year old “almost god-daughter” with corrections on such constructions as “me and my mom”.

    Have you read “Eats Shoots and Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation” by English grammarian Lynne Truss. Her rant on inappropriate use of the apostrophe, especially by “green grocers,” (she’s English!) is especially hilarious.,_Shoots_&_Leaves

  20. she’s married? has anyone actually seen him?

  21. Fred Farklestone says:

    A little background on Liz Cheney’s husband!

  22. Elise Von Holten says:

    In Australia it’s a little different–it’s “eats, roots, and leaves”…with a giggle throw in around the typical male behavior, it was on a card that came with my stuffed wombat that came home with me as a memento of a trip.
    Since Liz has two homes and a number of children, the Aussie version fits her more accurately!


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