Oh Look, Y’all, It’s a Wee Winkie Parade

November 10, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Welcome to Arlington, Texas, where it is snuggled between Dallas and Fort Worth, trying to hide from big city ideas.

Moms Demand Action, a group of  women advocating common sense gun laws, has a couple of Texas chapters.  The one in Arlington held a meeting at the Blue Mesa Grill in a strip center right next to the Black Eyed Pea Restaurant.  And since their topic was so threatening to all that is Texas manhood, a Wee Winkie Parade commenced.

Texas men protested the meeting with their largest weapons.  (Click the little picture to get the big one.)




GUN BULLIES CRASH MOMS DEMAND ACTION MEETING IN ARLINGTON. Moms privately organized a get together at Blue Mesa Grill in Arlington today. Someone falsely said they would attend, and instead showed up with these folks in the parking lot. Moms, restaurant employees and patrons were all shocked. One patron commented to one of our oganizers,” I grew up with guns, but no one would ever do this. This is like Deliverance.”

No, Honey, not like Deliverance.  The guys in Deliverance could play the banjo.  The only thing these guys can play is stoopid.

Now let me see if I have this right.  They are the ones with guns.  They are also the ones hiding behind cars.  I’m having trouble with computation here.  If they have the guns and this is simply a protest, why are the hiding like they are fixing to ambush somedamnthing?  Are they buying into David Dewhurst’s idea that tampons are dangerous weapons liable to come at you suddenly?

Good Lord, it’s a bunch of women having a meeting.  If that scares you, let me tell you about what happens at a Tupperware Party.




Thanks to everybody for the heads up and John for the sign.


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32 Comments to “Oh Look, Y’all, It’s a Wee Winkie Parade”

  1. When I see a photo like that, I wish the men who wrote the second amendment would have defined a well trained militia a little better. Because I don’t think that’s what they had in mind. Did the founding fathers think well trained militia was self explanatory? Is anything self explanatory to that crew in the photo?

  2. I hope someone called the police.

  3. Boy, Howdy! If this had happened in DC, these fools would all be lying in pools of their own blood. Either that, or contemplating their navels in the DC jail.

  4. Marion (formerly known as MM) says:

    Great post, JJ, among many great posts.

  5. In this photo, ladies and gentlemen, we are looking at the personification of outright, utter insanity.

  6. e platypus onion says:

    My ex hosted Tupperware parties back when. They were rill bloodbaths w/o guns.

  7. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Here’s there fun part from The Mudflats comments:

    hnstyngov says:
    November 10, 2013 at 9:01 am
    Per the MomsDemand Twitter timeline last night… the guy in pic with the baseball cap is running for Congress (KoryDWatkins) in Texas.

    HonestyinGov ‏@HnstyNgov
    @KoryDWatkins 4 #TX Congress RELAXES on Wkends w #Hooter Gals & threatening @MomsDemand with guns? https://twitter.com/shannonrwatts/status/399368373210857472 … @GregMitch @Slate

    Kory Watkins retweeted me ‘ hoping ‘ some of his gun thugs (some 200 Followers?–Ha ! ) might attack me. None showed up but had a LOT of people calling him out after that. What total GunThugFAIL

    “Responsible” gun owners making terroristic threats on Twitter after being criticized for intimidating a couple of moms.

    Good Grief.

  8. These gatherings of The Little Penis Posse are over the line and need the be reined in.

  9. Marge Wood says:

    Oh y’all, you KNOW it’s lots more fun to play with guns when you’re hiding behind cars. I hope someone called the cops too.

  10. Erghhh! Toddler boys so the wee winkie exploratory thing. Its part of their development. I don’t these inbreds every developed beyond pre-school. And one of them is running for Congress? Oh, yeah. He’ll fit right in!

  11. PSA: A tampon sinker on a flyrod line would make them scatter like the cowards they are.

  12. Norri Leder says:

    Shame is that openly carrying a long arm in Texas is legal – unless done in a “threatening” manner. YOu’d think doing it outside a Moms Demand Action meeting would count as threatening, but not necessarily. So these jackhats are doing this in grocery stores, city parks and restaurants all over the state to make their point. Well, thankfully their efforts are starting to get some attention. Hope these guys get all the press and attention for their “cause” that they deserve.

  13. SteveTheReturned says:

    Let’s just call this what it is: domestic terrorism. Deliberate, calculated intimidation with guns. Why spend time worrying about what Al Qaida might be plotting, when we have groups like this, showing up in our neighborhoods?

  14. charles r phillips says:

    This is a disgrace to the great state of Texas. This points to an egregious lack of civility that no true Texan would contemplate. They must be from AlabamaDammah.

  15. SO if this is the same Kory Watkins who has a website on which he ran for precinct chai in 2012 we can learn too much
    “Constitutional Conservative.
    :Pro Life.
    :Cut Taxes
    :Cut spending
    :Remove ObamaCare

    :End The Fed”

    Big sigh…

    Plus he supports Open Carry in Texas. Probably a return to 1887 as well.

  16. Astonished that I didn’t see any of this on any Dallas or Fort Worth media . . .

    Anybody got clips?

  17. I used to live in Arlington.Don’t recall running into too many asshats like that when I lived there,or any time I visit.I’m thinking they may have transported them in on the padded short bus from Cleburne,Venus or White Settlement.Guess women getting together to try and discuss solutions for our country and its’ problems really scares little “men”. The bigger the truck,the bigger the gun,the faster the sports car,the smaller the male anatomy!

  18. Right on, elena! Cowards is the name for this bunch. And Steve called it what it is: terrorism.
    The FBI and Dept. of Homeland Security should be involved ASAP.

  19. What is it with carrying guns! I think these people have a deep inferiority complex and want to look tough. I hope none of the mothers shouted BOO! to them it would probably have scared them.

    I wonder how many of them served in the military since they love guns.

  20. Let me get this straight. You have guys carrying loaded weapons and threatening moms in a public parking lot acting like they’re “ambushing” someone and they’re still alive and at large? And a store owner is afraid to call the police on them because it might start a riot? Ahem. First off, it’s the Marine Corps Birthday today, and I’m one of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. albeit overweight, wrinkly, and gray these days. But still. Once a Marine, always a Marine, and (sorry, JJ, but your mom is just going to have to endure it) these PISSANTS are threatening American citizens, women who have the temerity to disagree with them? You double-bad-word-betcha these yahoos are domestic terrorists.

    A disgrace to the state of Texas? Yes. That no so-called redblooded Texans in the area seeing this go down a) called the police right away, and b) stomped right over and give those bozos what-for in language they could understand. Which language I was taught by my sergeant (and alas, it still comes into my mouth with no difficulty at all these days, as age lessens inhibitions and any sense of guilt with reference to bullies never existed in the first place.) [Redacted, redacted, redacted] up their [redacted] with a [redacted, redacted.] Where are the cojones and backbones in Arlington (not in the [redacted] bodies of those bullies, who by the way are doing a lousy job of taking cover…)???

    These people are pushing me right out of prayers for the peace of the world (this morning in church) and right into “…let God sort ‘em out…” One squad. That’s all I want, one squad…hey, little boyz who think threatening unarmed women for disagreeing with you fun and proves your manhood? How about taking on the Corps?

  21. charles r phillips says:


    And a happy birthday to you!

  22. charles r phillips says:

    So this is viral now?


  23. What? These 2nd Amendment Bozos forget that the Brave Moms have every right, because of the 1st Amendment, to advocate for gun safety!! And they have to resort to intimidation–yup, they have small winkies for sure! ;)

  24. Joan: By the time I left active duty, which was during the tail-end of ‘Nam, the Republicans were already dissing Democrats in the service (what they did to Gore and Kerry, they’d already done to Chesty Puller’s son and others who tried to enter politics in the ’70s, a time when the Dems–one of our mistakes–were chary of veterans in many places and sometimes still calling us baby-killers.)

    From a fairly nonpartisan military in my day, with military personnel forbidden to campaign, proselytize on politics or religion, etc. (in other words, had Bush been in the real thing, he would not have been allowed to campaign for that guy in Georgia while on active duty. Voting was encouraged; political action was not), the military became steadily more right-wing over the intervening decades, with a lot of influence from right-wing politicians and religious bigots (like the ones who, in two military academies, sought cadets who were already right-wing, “conservatives” and pressured those who weren’t–some to suicide, more to resignation.) The Air Force Academy, with a bunch of rich, influential right-wing religious orgs in the same area (Colorado Springs), was the first and worst, but there was also pressure I know about in West Point (have no data for Annapolis but would not be surprised.)

    In my immediate chain of command there were both Democrats and Republicans. A friend who is younger than I, and was on active duty well after I’d left, told me about the open, steady pressure to exclude, nudge or push out, personnel who were not right-wing enough and fundie-Christian enough. I would believe that, because for a time we attended a church in Killeen (Fort Hood, for those who don’t know) and even our normally moderate to liberal denomination’s church was full of right-wingers and the theology had skewed away from what it usual in Episcopal churches–much more evangelical/fundamentalist/fear-based. She’d been stationed at Hood (she’s a retired Army officer now.)

    There are still people in the military who are not rock-ribbed Republican right-wing bullies and bigots. Thank you, Lord, for that. But there are enough to be trouble when they get out and spend all their TV time with Fox News and imagine themselves as Rambo saving the world. (Most combat vets get over that one real fast.)

    So it’s possible some of these bozos are ex-military, except that the setup for the ambush is so…[redacted] incompetent. Even if you don’t *think* the people you’re intimidating are armed, you don’t have a bunch of your people standing there like cows looking over a fence and that obvious. It’s laughable, in military terms. Like the guys who came to the statehouse and were strutting around proud they were carrying.

    Not laughable at all in real terms, of course. They look to me like the kind of guys who go off into someone’s ranch and “train” or play paintball and have seen far too many TV shows and movies and damn little combat or even real combat footage on The Pentagon Channel.

    charles r phillips. Thank you, sir.

  25. Can you imagine the fertilizer in their pants if someone started setting off fireworks right behind them? They would probably take out half their own ranks.

  26. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America sounds like an organization I can get behind. Liked ‘em on FB. Will contact my electeds.

  27. Just imagine if the brain hunting zombies just kept on going by. OTOH, this crowd looks like they don’t have a problem shooting things in the back

  28. e platypus onion says:

    Next gunshow in Texas someone shopuld set up a table and sell tampons. They must be more lethal than firearms if you can’t carry them concealed or otherwise into the lege. Like Molly Ivins wrote about Clayton Williams running against Ann Richards-Claytie didn’t just step on his”#$ck”,he stomped on it. (paraphrased) Mayhaps some genteel Texas women should stomp on a tampon and freak them macho Texas pikers out. :O

  29. donquijoterocket says:

    @ Elizabeth- I had a ,now unfortunately dead,long-time friend-ex-marine Vietnam vet who served there during the same time I was there with the Army. I used to give him grief this time of year about the Marine Corps ball wondering if he’d found an opportunity to break out the dress blues, tennis shoes,and a light coat of oil and attend one of the events. Usually he had not. I suspect if you’d shown up to confront these dingalings they’d have done a Ted Nugent. One can only hope these guys get more publicity than they’d imagined. I’ve seen screen caps for this all over the intertubez net thingy,but I doubt these guys are smart enough to be embarrassed.Uncle Sugar in his infinite wisdom saw fit to assign me to Ft. Hood upon my return from my walking tour vacation in the sun and fun capitol of southeast Asia which finished me on both the U.S.Army and Texas.

  30. Maybe they’re mad at Moms Demand Action ’cause their own moms won’t let them play with guns (or their wee winkies) in the house.

  31. One of these days some innocent will get shot either by an accidental discharge or on purpose over some trivial matter. Sad not will be done before or after that “accident” to prevent such tragedies

  32. Elizabeth you need to run for office. I’d vote for you!


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