Here’s One You Might Want to Keep in Mind

September 05, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

In Texas, you can carry a damn submachine gun around in public and it’s considered lawful as long as the weapon is not loaded.  Men with small winkies have been holding demonstrations of such all over Texas.  They just walk around with guns meant to shoot up school yards and call that “exercising their right.”

And with that law, some guys went to the Starbucks in San Antonio carrying their rifles.  Starbucks asked them to leave so they sat outside in full view of everybody.

Look, I’m not going to say anything about the gun between his legs because a picture is worth a thousand words.

The men were ticketed for Disorderly Conduct for merely being there and exercising their rights.  How can that be?

Well, sure ’nuff, there’s a Texas law (Texas Statutes 42.01) that says you have committed Disorderly Conduct when —

(8) displays a firearm or other deadly weapon in a public place in a manner calculated to alarm;

And who gets to decide if it’s alarming?  Anybody.  Me.  You.

So a woman called the police department and reported that she was “freaked out” by the guys being there.  I would be, too.  I have no way of knowing if those rifles are loaded and that guy with a pony tail just got laid off from his job as assistant night manager at the bowling alley.

So, here’s a good rule of thumb.  If you see anybody walking around with a large rifle, call the police.  The correct words are, “I am alarmed as hell.  As a matter of fact, the alarm is dripping down my pants leg.  I am more alarmed than a tornado siren.  Please come do something right now about my alarm.”

I think that’s a good idea.  How many psychotic killers are now “demonstrating” outside of Starbuck just waiting for their ex-girlfriend to show up?  That alarms me.

Thanks to Llana for the heads up.

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31 Comments to “Here’s One You Might Want to Keep in Mind”

  1. I am liking Starbucks more and more – first the insurance for employees and conforming to Obamacare and now kicking out small-winky morons. Seems like they would also have the right to kick them off their exterior property. Any business that does not have the guts to kick these stooges out, deserves to lose normal patrons. If I pulled up to a store that had people parading around with guns, I would change my mind and leave.

  2. Isn’t that sweet?

  3. I understand the boneheads with rifles thought that “Starbucks” was a hang out for celebrity deer.

  4. Wow! I need to check Arizona Statutes to see if we have anything similar. If there isn’t then we should push to have it added. We have our share of “boneheads” running around here.

  5. Myrna in Minneapolis says:

    You know that joke about the person coming home after a bad day at a hated job, then doing a ritual of opening a box containing a rectal thermometer and a quality assurance paper stating “all of our products have been tested …”, and the person thinks “at least I don’t work at that job.” Well, my version of that is “At least I don’t live in Texas.” I can’t even imagine the scenarios I read about on WMDBS.

  6. Besides, it’s bad for bidness to have armed customers hanging around outside. I mean, tripping and falling down is bad for bidness, so you can imagine what prospective customers think when they park in front of a store with armed customers.

  7. Up here in NW Appalachia there are lots ‘n lots of guys “exposing” their rights. They even bring their lawyers to their rallies.

  8. SteveTheReturned says:

    Open carry by non-law enforcement types like these two jokers has one purpose and one purpose only: public intimidation. The glories of the Second Amendment don’t enter into it—that’s just a flimsy cover story for inadequate individuals trying to scare people. I am surprised and gratified that Texas has a law that can be used against such dimwits—look for it to be repealed in the near future…..

  9. Sorry … I put this in the comments of the first item, too! I think it fits in this one better then the kid pulling the trigger of the Glock/flashlight combo that the SWAT guy has/had!!

    Check this out … shooting machine guns in S. CO for the fun of it:

    Big happenings on September 14 & 15 … Dragon Man’s Machine Gun shoot-off … fun for the entire family! And they even run ads on the teevee for this event!

    I find it disgusting and repulsive … but that is just my opinion!!

  10. Bernard Terway says:

    Thanks for the info, one way to get at those badasses. They actually do scare the liver out of me.

  11. Myrna in Minneapolis says:

    I meant to say “all of our products have personally been tested.”

  12. Yep. Definitely small winkies.

  13. So these two knuckleheads are proud of wasting 20 minutes of SAPD time after the cops had to respond with at least three officers and two patrol units. And they posted their “exploit” on YouTube? The city should send them a bill for frivolous waste of police resources.–221719121.html

  14. Katie Johnsonius says:

    I’m not at all sure about this, but I suspect that this was really an anti-open-gun-carry “demonstration.” If it was, it’s pretty clever.

    They had one feller who looked like he might be the gun-toting-type, but who got very little “air-time,” although the other two wise-guys hardly look the part. The one with the pony-tail is apparently in his freshman-law year.

    I listened to the whole badly-filmed thing and if the officers asked for their gun-toting licenses, I didn’t hear them, or see them presented. I’m betting all three guns are owned by the hat-guy.

    But I am delighted to see that you sane people now know how to deal with the issue whenever it arises in your personal lives… “I am alarmed… really, really alarmed.”

  15. Corinne Sabo says:

    I have thoughts about where the gun is, too. He has to have SOMETHING there.

  16. The clown on the right looks somewhat familiar to me. If it’s who I think it is, he’s one of those Sovereign Citizen types. He didn’t get out on bail once because he told the judge that he had no authority over him.

  17. Steven Hernandez says:

    Old people driving alarms me. Can I call the cops on you next time you go out for a spin. Also, I am alarmed every time I see a shower, or a bath, or by anyone who owns a beauty shop.

  18. Hate to be the wet blanket, but a lawyer who got his JD off the back of a matchbook cover beats this charge cold. If you have open carry on the books, that will trump the general disorderly conduct charge and they have to have done something other than carry to give rise to alarm.

  19. Braxton Braggart says:

    They had themselves a little parade in Galveston a couple of weeks back. One clown brought along his 5-year-old son, with a Nerf machine-gun over his shoulder — seriously.

  20. Small winkies? Nope. Totally winkles.

  21. what a couple of “horses patoots”. That’s the cleanest I can say without having my mouth washed out by Mama.
    Too bad somebody didn’t get so scared that they dropped their Grande Latte on both those fools in fear……..teehee

  22. As SteveTheReturned pointed out, this is not about their “freedoms”, it is all about intimidating people.

    Why don’t they go exercise their freedoms in high-crime neighborhoods?

  23. Aah! Willie willie winkie free

  24. If it was my business site, I’d post a sign above and behind them:

    “Be tolerant. These boys are just trying to feel better about
    their short comings.”

  25. Actually what would have worked out best if is there was a readin’ roundup sign over their heads and a 6 year old boy come by to pull the trigger. I’m ashamed to say I live in San Antonio with all the wink-less horse patooties around here. At least they’re probably too dumb to vote.

    Oops. Not true. Based on the way things are in Texas, they’re probbly first in line on election day.

  26. Well, I don’t practice anymore, but my JD is from that school in Austin, and I think it would be damn interesting to see what happens with those disorderly conduct charges. I’m pretty sure the disorderly conduct laws were on the books before the carry permit rules were adopted and — thinking like a judge might — it seems to me that if the Lege had wanted to get rid of them, it could have. Since they left them on the books, it stands to reason that the Lege meant that people could carry guns so long as they didn’t alarm others.

    The laws about being naked in public in Texas require that someone be offended. I once argued that a male police officer was unlikely to be offended by the sight of naked people skinny dipping (the charges were dropped for other reasons), but I think the cops could make a good argument that people taking their grandchildren for a stroll in the park would be within their rights to claim to be offended.

  27. Thank you. I have copied this to my phone just in case I need it. BTW, wouldn’t real men drink real coffee?

  28. Lorraine in Spring says:

    @Everyday Freethought

    “As SteveTheReturned pointed out, this is not about their “freedoms”, it is all about intimidating people.

    Why don’t they go exercise their freedoms in high-crime neighborhoods?”

    BINGO. You win the door prize.

  29. donquijoterocket says:

    I have a long time friend- largish gentleman of Polish extraction- ex-Ranger who’d gladly give those boys a short course on real weapons concealment by which I mean taking theirs and depositing them in that perpetually shady orifice.Ironically enough I met this man at Fort hood Texas where we’d both been assigned after our return from our year long all-expenses-paid- walking tour of the sun and fun capitol of southeast Asia. I fail to understand why these sorts “exercising their rights”don’t recognize my right to be free of a threatening environment.Has Starbucks become another outpost of the Democrat Socialist threat?

  30. Here’s what I’m posting on Facebook pages of gun rights groups:

    Yeah, try this in Texas and we’ll have you arrested under Texas Penal Code Sec. 42.01(08) “displays a firearm or other deadly weapon in a public place in a manner calculated to alarm” I’m a gun owner and am personally sick of idiots waving weapons around in public. It makes us all look stupid. Doing so accomplishes 2 things: scaring people, and pissing people off. This “Guns Next Door” thing serves no purpose except maybe to make you feel better about your shortcomings.