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You know how I don’t cuss because it upsets Momma?  You know how I say Sumbitch only about three times a year?

Well, sumbitch, sumbitch, sumbitch, sumbitch.  Sum uva bitch, sumbitch.

Today at the Texas House hearings on the bill that will practically outlaw a woman’s constitutional right to abortion, they aren’t afraid of Wendy Davis’ filibuster skills.  No, siree.

Now they are terrified, mortified, and frightened of tampons.

Tampons.  Tamfreekin’pons.

State troopers are confiscating tampons, maxi pads and other potential projectiles from those who are entering the Texas capitol to watch the debate and vote on a controversial anti-abortion bill. Guns, however, which are typically permitted in the state capitol, are still being allowed.

And do you want to know why tampons and sanitary pads are being confiscated from female purses prior to women being allowed into the gallery?

Officers clarified that the list of items not permitted in the gallery was not new and that the confiscations were an effort to maintain the “rules of decorum.”

I have been in the Senate gallery many times and never once did I see sanitary napkins removed from anyone’s purse.

But it gets worse.


Wait a minute.  Wait a minute.  Wait a damn minute.  You can take a handgun in the Senate gallery but not a dangerous projectile like a sanitary napkin?

How about ball point pens?  Nail clippers?  Perfume bottles?  Crap, there are 50 things in a woman’s purse heavier and more dangerous than a tampon.  No, make that 60 because I forgot about the Nook and the pliers in my purse.

Here’s my opinion:  this was done for only one reason – an attempt to humiliate women and to remind them that they are different.

They should have guns, not menstrual cycles.

UPDATED:  Democratic Senator Kirk Watson stood with Texas Women by contacting the senate’s sergeant-at-arms after hearing about the “ridiculous” prohibition.

The TDS Troopers then got orders to allow tampons and sanitary napkins on the floor of the Texas Senate.

I love Senator Watson and I suspect he had to do this because this was man thing with the DPS.

One more thing:  some sources are saying that the original order was made to preserve the “decorum” of the Texas Senate.  Holy crap – they backdated time stamps and lied on government documents during the last session.  The Texas Senate, under Republican leadership, has developed all the decorum of a two bit whorehouse.

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69 Comments to “CaCa del Toro / UPDATED”

  1. All I can say is that we all need to work as hard as we can to obliterate these idiots who should never have this kind of power.
    I know the ladies of Texas are fighters so please spend as much time as you can and effort on 2014/2016. It is the only way we can get out of this spiral down to 1930’s laws.

  2. Really!!! When will the TX lege prohibit jock staps on the men in the gallery!!! What extraordinary slingshots they would make! I hope this display of idiocy goes viral and the entire world sees what the TX lege is like and totally Stands with TX Women!

  3. Forcibly deprive women of the most private and necessary personal “item”? This is what perverts who kidnap and make sex slaves of women do to them. They get a whole lot of salacious glee out of watching every private act a woman and any human being must do.

  4. I want all of these people drug and alcohol tested.
    Afraid of getting hit with a flying tampon or sanitary napkin?
    They have to be stoned.

  5. Sam in Kyle says:

    Republicans claim they were concerned about “feces” being smuggled into the senate chambers but didn’t they already have that with Duell, Donna Campbell, Dewhurst and others on the GOP side?

  6. Michele says:

    I did a science experiment today and threw a tampon and a pad in the air. They didn’t get very far! I had thought that the pantiliner would be more aerodynamic with it’s wings and all.

  7. jsb1623 says:

    Who do we target in the next election. I am in Royce West’s district, so we are solid Dem. Which of these righties is vulnerable in the upcoming election? I want my work and effort to cause a change.

  8. @Michele. I had the same thought. What maybe 6-8 ft. And don’t you know how bad it would hurt if it hit someone, like say compared to a bullet maybe? I suspect if I was tempted to throw anything, and I can’t imagine anybody would be…. it probably would be a tube of lipstick, or something equally as projectile-ly. I know I made that up.

    I think, in all honesty what happened here, with the bottles and jars of human waste claims, is the same thing that happened back when the “Occupy” movement was young, and gaining steam, and support….. people who didn’t want to do so, paid people to sort of “infiltrate” and make it look bad.

    Nobody in their right mind would carry a jar of “s***” into the state Capitol. Or a jar of anything of that nature. Which is why I’m pretty sure that stuff probably came from the other side of this “debate”. Those folks aren’t in their right minds. There has to be something to “discredit” this “movement”. Because now, that’s what it is. It just isn’t a few upset women here, and there. It has become a movement. And it must be “discredited”, and if possible shut down, at all costs. Like that’s going to happen.

    I’m pretty sure they confiscated the elderlady lady’s diabetic stuff, maybe the mistook that for something else.

    Otherwise, as we say up north “they are “pi$$ing in the wind”.

  9. Ellen Childress says:

    Somehow, we have got to lift this battle out of the “legislated morality” pit and onto the public stage as what it is . . . . a power play by the religious right nuts who think they have found a way to force everyone to follow the laws of their particular brand of organized political religion.
    We don’t need to worry about Sharia law in Texas. We have our own brand of it coming right out of the legislature every day !

  10. sherry sanders says:

    I tried tossing my old diaphragm, and it flew like a frisbee. It is now my new “weapon” of choice.

  11. And what the American Taliban will never get is that federal law trumps state law. Roe v Wade trumps anything TX can throw at it. And as for waiting until the 20th week of gestation, guys, I know its hard for you to believe since you regretabely can’t experience pregancy – yet – but for a percentage of women they will never know they are pregnant until maybe halfway through. Nature can send a false negative as easily as a false positive. Of course, here are a few others things for you ATs to mull over: diagnosis of defects such as everything is present on the ultrasound except a HEAD. Or the fetus is already dead but has calcified and will not miscarry the way you have heard about. There’s lots more, but heck, I can’t pay to send all of you to medical school. Now here’s a little law school for you: women are not chattel. This country decided some time ago that people (feet on the ground distinction) are no one’s property. Therefore their rights, public and private, cannot be infringed. If you don’t believe that the fetus is not in the feet on the ground, ask one of your pro-natalist legislator women who stated that the fetus is not entitled to certain medical care and coverage because it is not born yet!!!!!

  12. It would have served them right had we sat in the gallery and filled the seats with blood. They’d have to get a hazmat team to clean up afterward. When I still had the plumbing, my time was always likened to Noah’s flood. I would have had no compunction about having a picture taken of me afterward and letting the world know it was because my supplies had been thrown away.

    Please believe me when I say I am NOT advocating the use of body fluids as a means of protest. I would not have let it send me home, however, and it would have mightily [enraged me].

    I will reiterate that the DPS was notified of the feces and urine threat and needed to act. It was not a false alarm, whichever side perpetrated it. I got that news at work (DPS) from inside channels before I left yesterday. The fact that they had to confiscate the other stuff had to be an order from the chain of command.

    It suddenly occurs to me to wonder if it came from our fearless Governor?

  13. Whether or not you live in TX, check with everyone you know who is 18 years old or older (17, if he/she will be 18 before November). Make sure they are REGISTERED to vote. If they are, but have no photo ID and live somewhere like PA, offer them a ride in your car if they’re without transportation, and help them obtain the photo ID (which, of course, they should not need) they may be required to show at the polling place. Tell everyone you know how important off-year elections are. We are not just fighting for our rights, we’re fighting for EVERYONE’S rights, and it has gotten very, very ugly. SCOTUS made sure of that.

  14. Now women in Texas have fewer rights than their sisters in blue states.

  15. aggieland liz says:

    hee hee SusanF in my house it’s “she bleeds like the Red Sea!” and not only I, but everyone surrounding me would have been perfectly appalled had I been deprived of my, er, “maintenance devices!” And it’s not a distant memory, either, drat it, even though I’m nearly 50!

    Just think, if they outlawed all that stuff we wouldn’t be able to work 4-7 days out of the month! And when they go for the contraceptives, that’s REALLY going to mess us up, because those hormones are used to regulate women with haphazard cycles or constant breakthrough and endometriosis, and other painful hormone related issues! We CAN’T let them do this, and they are going to try! We have got to stop them!

  16. Fred Young says:

    The ultimate thing they will ban on the senate floor are words. Theys sum mighty powerful words that can be thrown at the senators ya know. Shut up, y’all, ‘n that goes fer you senators too!

  17. Let’s see…if they take away our contraceptives, forbid us concealed carry of our menstruation supplies and forbid abortion, what’s next? Will we now be required to live in a menses hut in the back yard for one week a month? Can’t wait until they try to remove our right to vote!

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