I Stole This

July 08, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Austinite Katie Heim was one of many to testify before the committee. Unlike the other testifiers, she read a poem she wrote, called “If My Vagina Was a Gun.” Read the full poem, below:

“If my vagina was a gun, you would stand for its rights,

You would ride on buses and fight all the fights.

If my vagina was a gun, you would treat it with care,

You wouldn’t spill all its secrets because, well, why go there.

If my vaginas was a gun, you’d say what it holds is private

From cold dead hands we could pry, you surely would riot.

If my vagina was a gun, it’s rights would all be protected,

no matter the body count or the children effected.

If my vagina was a gun, I could bypass security,

concealed carry laws would ensure I’d have impunity.

If my vagina was a gun, I wouldn’t have to beg you,

I could hunt this great land and do all the things men do.

But my vagina is not a gun, it is a mightier thing,

With a voice that rings true making lawmakers ears ring.

Vaginas are not delicate, they are muscular and magic,

So stop messing with mine, with legislation that’s tragic.

My vagina’s here to demand from the source,

Listen to the voices of thousand or feel their full force.”

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25 Comments to “I Stole This”

  1. I’m with you ~~

  2. Sounds like a new amendment to the Constitution is in order:
    We have the right to bear children. Or not. Definitely not by government mandate.

  3. These are powerful words, and oh, so true.

  4. Anony Moose says:

    Great poem,…
    it’s “were” damnit, “were.”
    “If my vagina WERE a gun….”
    Nails on the chalkboard.

  5. JAKvirginia says:

    A woman said this to me once:

    He may have the seed, but I am the garden.

    Gotta love it.

  6. Poor Anony Moose. Grammar police always have it so bad. I’m a fellow sufferer quite often, though this one snuck by me.

    I think this is an awesome work that strikes very much to the heart of why this legislation is so vitally unfair.

  7. @Anomy Moose, I’m with you on the “were.” It bothered me too and would read a lot better with “were.” Other than that, it is great work.

  8. fenway fran says:

    don’t forget affected vs effected…I am similarly afflicted. But I love the sentiment.

  9. OK, now how do we turn this into genuine policy.

    No kiddin’!

  10. Marge Wood says:

    Put it on a billboard.

  11. #IfMyVaginaWasAGun is trending on twitter right now.

  12. Yep, 15-year-olds shouldn’t be able to get birth control, but everybody gets to have lots of guns, even 5-year-olds!

    Let’s mandate that every gun seller has to have the same facilities and size as a WalMart. You know, for health and safety reasons. And if 90% of them have to close because of these new regulations, oh well.

  13. The poem’s message is just as powerful as Eve Ensler’s play “Vagina Monologues.” After 17 years we should bring it back.

  14. I, too, cringed at ‘was,’ wishing it were were. Then I thought about it, and read it again. ‘Was’ may not be perfect grammar, but it is perfect for the audience who should be reading this. I give it a pass.

  15. Rekster says:

    Here’s a link to SoundCloud with her reading the poem.


    I think she is a superstar!

  16. If the Texas Lege, in all of its finite wisdom, has awakened to political action the smart, brave, talented, sassy, beautiful women of this state, it will be the finest thing those boyos have ever done.

    And, yeah, you girls ARE more powerful than any gun, and this state needs your muscular magic.

  17. Ralph Wiggam says:

    A cartoon on the same subject


  18. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Complaining about the grammar here is like complaining about the shoes Rosa Parks wore. They were her shoes; they served her well. And we all benefited.

    I doubt that any of us would have criticized her shoes publicly. Let it go at that.

  19. I can agree with zyxomma. Considering the audience this young woman is hoping to reach – other young women who may be clueless about the assault on their rights – I can give up the was/were battle. But “children effected” can’t be condoned in print. Orally or aurally, no one will know the difference.

  20. Thanks to D. Wright for the link to the court order in Wisconsin. While I don’t want to see the Texas bill prevail, I also don’t think it would last long with a constitutional challenge. Typical Rethugs grandstanding, wasting taxpayers’ time and money, ignoring real issues that need to be dealt with.

    Of course, the best thing to do is to mobilize and vote the ratb*stards out of your legislature.

  21. publius bolonius says:

    Ah, misdirection! In the hands of an entertainer, it can produce wonderful magic tricks. In the hands of a Republicanite politician, it produces wonderful opportunities for looting and destruction. Ooga damn booga!

  22. Lotte Noive says:

    I’m with ya, Anony Moose. The subjunctive is required here: Were a gun!

    Great poem despite the obvious grammar error, though!

  23. Marcia Shultz says:

    Check it out


    I’m Just a Bad Bill — Schoolhouse Rock Parody Takes Aim At Texas’ Terrible Abortion Bill