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One of the things that was laughably apparent at the gathering at the Texas Capitol was not that we outnumbered the anti-choicers by leaps and bounds, but also that they were all so damn old that they shouldn’t buy green bananas.  Hell, half of them owe Noah a dollar for the boat ride.

They want to fix that.

They’re bringing a bus from … get ready for this … Washington, DeeCee – the most hated of conservative places.  They are bringing a busload of students from outside of Texas to come and call me a murderer.  You know how Republicans are always screaming that this is a states right?  Well, maybe not so much in this case.

Seating is limited and will be on a first come, first served basis, so please let us know right now if you can meet us in Washington, DC this Sunday, July 7th, to join the Students for Life team on the 24 hour road trip to Austin!

And if you can’t meet us in DC on the 7th, we will be passing through the following cities where we can pick you up as well: Roanoke (VA), Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis, and Little Rock.

They are planning on staying for a week.  Honey, you leave a college student for a week in Austin and they will be going back home with a Hillary ’16 tee-shirt and a baggie with a controlled substance.

If you want to go help turn these kids away from the evil destructive forces of theocracy,  here’s how it’s happening.

Thanks to Kathleen and Tom for the heads up.

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26 Comments to “Wagon Train”

  1. This is so funny: Hell, half of them owe Noah a dollar for the boat ride. LOL LOL LOL

    You go, girl … give’em hell, honey!!

  2. I thought our side was the one accused of busing in out-of-state elites and stacking the deck….

  3. Love this! Go getem girl!

  4. BarbinDC says:

    They think they can get to Austin in 24 hours by BUS? With stops in several other cities to pick up folk? Makes me smile just thinking about it.

  5. Get’em laid. That will change the discussion.

  6. UmptyDump says:

    So a bunch of students with hormone overloads are gonna frolic around Austin for a week? Maybe someone can do them a big favor and hand out free contraceptives as they get off the bus.

  7. I guess their next boat ride will only cost them one obolus or danake.

  8. Corinne Sabo says:

    After a week in Texas, the Rs will give them the voting rights they deny citizens.

  9. Cindy D. says:

    I just Googled Mapquest and the trip from Washington D.C. to Austin takes:

    I-81 S 1526.68 miles
    23 hrs 42 mins / 25 hrs 2 mins based on current traffic

    without stops in those other cities.

    Tells me the organizers of this farce have very little experience keeping students under control. If that bus does not have a bathroom they aren’t going to get here for several days.

  10. 24 hours on a bus with only one privy? This is going to end up any one of two ways: by the time these kids arrive they are going to be totally pissed by their realization that they have been snowed and will be dumping a lot of trouble on Austin, or, they will have rebelled by the end of the first 12 hours and highjacked the bus to someplace meaningful, namely, wet t-shirt fun.

  11. Marge Wood says:

    Honey, let ‘em find out the hard way, same as all the rest of us oldies found out. Glad I ain’t gonna be on that bus. I love the idea of handing out condoms as they get off the bus. Label the condoms with a motto saying HURRAY FOR WENDY or something. Ordinarily I’d be horrified but they need SOMETHING. Or maybe brownies made with marijuana? Evil grin. You think the guys with automatics will still be hanging around? That would get interesting. Debating whether or not to go to the Capitol on Monday….

  12. Marge Wood says:

    Okay. Here’s the plan. We all show up at the Capitol in orange shirts and smile and hug those students coming to stir up trouble. We give each of them a nice warm homemade cookie. It will seriously mess with their brains.

  13. Seeing as how GOP Congressfools from other states keep wanting to make DC’s laws, despite their shrieks about States’ Rights for themselves, I guess this makes for a reasonable reversal.

    (The residents of Washington DC, despite outnumbering the citizens of Wyoming and Vermont, have NO representation in either house of Congress. But they have to pay taxes. And the GOPs in Congress have made it so the DC folks can’t spend their OWN tax money on, say, abortions for poor women or needle exchanges to prevent AIDS transmission. If I lived over the border in DC, I’d be madder all the time than I am now.)

    If they’re hauling a busload of kids to Austin all the way from DC, they’re definitely committed to their policy of denying climate change too. Only thing worse would be if the kids each drove their own car. Can’t they find any right-wing adolescents in Arkansas or Arizona?

  14. I don’t understand the link. It appears to be written for those against the bill, but there’s a box promoting Texas Alliance for Life and saying to wear blue clothes.

  15. UmptyDump says:

    Marge, I really wasn’t thinking about condoms. More like aspirin tablets which the females from the bus can keep pressed tightly between their knees. After all, don’t they want to honor and support those traditional Republican views about family planning?

  16. Alacrity Fitzhughe says:

    LOL! There is a reason they say and make bumper stickers that quote: “Keep Austin Weird”.

    A week in Austin? Half of the females on the trip back maybe in a “family way”. Lucky for them, DeeCee has nice women’s health clinics.

    Just saying……..

  17. @June: It is a pro-choice site. They just posted the “ad” recruiting students to come from DC with this lead-in:

    “We know that the other side has asked people to show up earlier than that (I PRESENT TO YOU THIS EVIDENCE):”

    The rest of it explains what we orange shirts should/can do.

  18. @Jan, Thanks, I guess I wasn’t reading it correctly.

  19. Looks like they need $20,000 to make the trip doable; join or send a donation.
    “The more you can pitch in today, the more students we can send to Texas to counter Planned Parenthood and show the nation that this is the pro-life generation!”

    This to college students. Where do they find pitching-in money? Wow, a War on Wendy.

  20. Texas has the second highest population in the country. Can’t they find enough pro-birth students in Texas? Perhaps the fact that they have to cast such a wide net should be a sign.

    Let me know what the male/female ratio is on this bus.

  21. Just a big “Amen” to what Rhea said so well above.

    I live in the MD (grateful for my true blue state, BTW) suburbs of D.C. The city has 632,323 disenfranchised citizens (2012 population figure).

    Capital of our beloved democracy — go figure.

  22. Do Repubs and T-parties realize that they are using government to restrict the rights of women?

  23. Katie Johnsonius says:

    First, I think Marge has the plan. Both the cookies and the condoms. That might well be the motto of the movement… “Cookies and Condoms= Love for those who disagree with us.”

    Second, I would note that everywhere I have traveled in the US and WORLD, when I said I was from Austin, folks said either, “Oh, I LOVE Austin,” or “Oh, I would love to visit Austin.” Many kids who don’t give a damn about civil liberties OR “women’s health” will be on that bus just to have a free ride to Austin. Their “keepers” won’t see them again until the date and time comes for their ride back home. And they won’t be wearing the blue shirts that
    they’ll be provided by their “keepers” when they are carousing on 6th Street.

    They’ll be letting their freak flags fly.

  24. Been thinkin’. Yeah, I know thats dangerous but what the hey . . . I’m thinkin that “kids” here may be a very elastic definition. I bet they are concentrating on college students as they are generally old enough and possibly even organized enough for a venture like this bus trip. But there are a lot of college students who are way older than the average co-ed and guy. Betting there will be some “geezers” on that bus who are simply interested in getting away for awhile and will never be seen again when the covered wagon hits Austin.

  25. Did you Texans know this? Gov Goodhair has a dog in the abortion bill fight (but it’s really not nice ;-D to call his sister a dog): http://nonsequiteuse.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/of-course-perrys-got-a-dog-in-this-fight/

  26. Hey, don’t be putting down us old folks! There are lots and lots of us who were at the Capitol with you young ‘uns, so how ’bout a little respect? Seriously, we are devastated that we seem to be going back in time — we truly thought the days of back-alley abortions were over. Now we see that this fight will never be over, unfortunately. It warms my heart to see people of every age wearing orange shirts in solidarity.


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