Damned If You Do, Shamed if You Don’t

July 04, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

There’s a new anonymous blog up designed specifically to make fun of Wendy Davis’ physical appearance.

Apparently, and we should all have this problem, she looks too good.

So this anonymous person is accusing her of having plastic surgery and a fake boob job.  And that is very coincidental because I consider the writer of the anonymous blog to be a real boob job.

They call Wendy “a human Barbie doll.”

Oh for pete’s sake, really.  When the ever-lovin’ hell are we gonna quit making the way a woman looks have more importance than what she thinks.

This obviously jealous person, who is too ashamed of what they’re doing to even use their name, better find something a tad more substantial than whining that Wendy Davis looks like Barbie.  Let me remind the anonymous person that the Texas Governor’s Mansion strongly resembles Barbie’s Dream House.


Yes, indeed, it does.

Thanks to Maggie for the heads up.

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32 Comments to “Damned If You Do, Shamed if You Don’t”

  1. When they can’t counter with facts, then they come up with BS.

    That and they’re jealous because Wendy looks better than the opposition-they all look like they’ve been whomped with the ugly stick.

  2. Actually I think the boob is confused. Must be thinking of Caribou Barbie.


  3. RepubAnon says:

    As the anti-abortion folks are so very keen on civil behavior, I’m sure they’ll condemn anyone the rather puerile ad hominem attacks on Wendy Davis.


    Ah, yes, another example or the moral relativism so rampant amongst conservatives. As always, whether an action is moral or immoral depends upon whether the act was performed by someone that the conservatives approve of.

  4. Aggieland liz says:

    Yeah, the Internet is just crawling with these brave souls who are so courageously putting their opinions out there anonymously…
    Let that sniveling twit stand for 13 hours without a bathroom break to fight for its ideas, right out in front of God and everybody! Until then stomp on it until it is dead or crawls back under its crummy little internet rock, whichever comes first!

    Troll! Pfft!

  5. No problem. The more they do it, the more pissed off we get, and that’s not going to be good for them.

  6. Along those same lines, have you seen this?


    Mitch McConnell…What Rhymes with Alison Lundergan Grimes…his ill chosen “attack” on his Democratic opponent.

    Let me tell you, it’s great name recognition for her. You’ll never forget it or the tune, and you can dance to it.

    Rock on, ladies and gents.

  7. Wyatt_Earl says:

    I got ten bucks that says this boob forwarded the emails that showed how good looking all the Fox news babes were and how ugly Hillary, Reno, Albright, etc. were.

  8. Most of the young Repugs that are trying to climb the political ladders these days look like Ken dolls. Ryan, Walker, Cruz, Rubio, Cantor, Lindahl, etc. That anon blogger is probably a high level employee of the Koch brothers.

  9. I’ll bet a dollar this guy uses a lot of tissues.

    And not just because he is sad.

  10. I guess Lt. Gov. David Doo-doohurst changed his name to “anonymous”.

  11. My post on that silly blog (wonder if moderator will actually let it post@)…

    “Wow… just WOW! You have entirely too much time to ponder irrelevant information. Thankfully I don’t look as frumpy as when working my way through law school what with studying into the wee hours of the morning. None of us looked good then & no one had time to mess around with hair & makeup either. Way too busy, which is more than I can say for the fool who spent his/her time on this blog. Get a job & stop living off whoever you’re living off of!!!!”

  12. If she looked like Bella Abzug, they’d say something about that too. Anything to avoid talking about her ideas.

    RepubAnon, it’s called IOKIYAR– It’s OK If You’re A Republican.

  13. This is what I don’t get about their logic:

    I cannot stand Palin – so they say I am jealous because she is sooooo purty.

    I really, really, really like Wendy Davis – how come I am not upset with her because she is pretty? You can’t have it both ways – if I hate pretty women because I am jealous – why don’t I hate Wendy?

    You know who else is pretty? Angelina Jolie. My God, how much prettier is she than Palin? How come I don’t hate her?

    They are such morons.

  14. charles phillips says:

    I don’t think Wendy Davis is so pretty. My sweet patootie in Ohio is much, much prettier by far and a whole lot more age-appropriate.

    That being said, Wendy Davis does have the ‘nads of a lion, and that’s what counts. Who cares that she’s only middling pretty?

  15. Well, in addition to reminding me of a post turtle this person apparently doesn’t understand sarcasm when it nibbles on their nose. Check out his links to media commentary, trust me they are not commending them on their journalistic acumen, or even their impressive level of misogyny.

  16. Marge Wood says:

    I wanna look like Wendy when I grow up.

  17. I believe that to look like Barbie she would have to be 8 feet tall, with measurements of 44-25-37 and weigh a little over 100 pounds.

    More evidence that the reactionary right doesn’t know what real women are like.

  18. Wendy’s looks are only the last thing that irritates her opponents. First comes her intelligence of which there is a helluva lot combined with her courage. When they can’t fight brains and bravery, they aim for looks. Wow! How that reminds me of middle school! I wonder if they failed at that, too? Poor kids! They have no Wendy of their own to put out front!

  19. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Deb is right, they can’t see sarcasm without a telescope. They claim that the Chronicle supports their science, but they link to a sarcastic comment about the research that mocks the flimsy evidence as “obvious – and rather offensive – fallacies.”

    In fact their research consists of collecting anecdotes and opinions, neither of which is remotely related to science.

  20. Bosco Brown says:

    Is this the blog?


  21. SomedayGirl says:

    When the peeps on my side got all up on Sarah Palin for having her hooters relo’d to their original position, I defended her. If I was going to have some work done, that’d be the thing I’d do…I breast fed three babies with these and the girls are a little tired. No harm in perking them up, I say. She did it with five so I can see wanting them moved farther north of the equator.

    My problem with Sister Sarah isn’t that she’s pretty – she’s rocking that naughty librarian look, no doubt about it. My problem with Palin is she’s dumb as a box of hair, was almost a 72 year old’s heartbeat from the red button, and she refuses to go away.

    If Wonder Wendy had work done, that’s fine by me. The things that really matter about a person can’t be fixed with a scalpel – smarts, courage, and caring. She has all three in spades.

  22. I think Wendy is a lovely lady. She’s sharp, courageous and well spoken.

    Sarah? Not so much.

  23. Yep, what y’all said – they ‘can’t handle the Brains”.

  24. maryelle says:

    Personal attacks like these fairly ooze with desperation. This is the M.O. of T-baggers,
    hoping the viciousness distracts from their vacuous arguments.

  25. Grapevinecharlie says:

    So they finally noticed! Yes, I noticed the first time I saw her. Now they can see that her beauty is far from just skin deep!

    Provided they pull their heads out of their (mama knows what I mean).

  26. Lorraine in Spring says:

    I learned in elementary school that if you have to put someone else down in order for you to feel better about yourself, the problem is yours.

    Obviously this person never learned that & is still struggling to catch up.

  27. Robin Frazier says:

    Perry just jealous cause he can’t wear makeup anymore.

  28. She looks great, but, more importantly, she also has a great brain.

  29. donquijoterocket says:

    Can’t decide whether the guvnor’s mansion looks more like Barbie’s dream house or a set from Gone with the Wind. I suspect either is appropriate.

  30. Doran in Lee County says:

    Over the past couple of decades, the Texas GOP has perfected the practice of fielding candidates who are pretty (male and female pretty), not too bright, and capable of lying effectively. The Texas Legislature, and local governments all over the State are now well-stocked with pretty, dumb, lying Republicans.

    What bothers the owners and writers of the “smear Wendy” blog, is a cold fear that maybe Texas Democrats — via Wendy Davis — have adopted the GOP’s tactic and will use it to take back Texas. They are stupidly wrong, of course, because although Ms. Davis is attractive, she certainly is not dumb, and is more than willing to be a truth-teller rather than a GOP-like lying sob.

    But maybe I’m over-analyzing them. Maybe the owners of that blog are just still in love with teen-age, barely post pubescent girls, and think that aging women should cover up and/or stay at home. This analysis is more congruent with my own theory that the Texas GOP and the Muslim Brotherhood share many of the same attitudes toward women and governing.

  31. Wow, so Wendy’s not a natural blonde (unlike our Miss JJ, who IS a natural blonde). And I’m supposed to care about that … WHY? Look, I live in one of the few neighborhoods worldwide with a huge number of residents and visitors (both female and male) who have black hair with blonde roots. I don’t really care about that, either.


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