Cinderella Won’t Leave These Slippers at the Ball

June 27, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Okay, it is said that you can click the heels of these slippers three times and make Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst look like a fool.

And while he would prefer that you do it barefooted and pregnant, there’s no harm in wearing a pair of Wendy Davis glass slippers.  Whether calling the flying monkeys or being Glenda the Good Witch, these shoes will take you where we need to go.

I ordered a pair this morning. I am now officially a little old lady in tennis shoes.

You will have fun reading the reviews of these shoes on Amazon.

Thank you Fenway Fran for the heads up.

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11 Comments to “Cinderella Won’t Leave These Slippers at the Ball”

  1. I’ve never laughed so hard reading Amazon reviews before!

  2. I wish someone would sell pink shoes and donate $5 of each sale to Emily’s List. Good PR move.

    Any takers?

  3. This is the best review

    1.0 out of 5 stars Do not buy these shoes, June 26, 2013
    By Tom Miller (Golden Valley, MN USA) – See all my reviews
    This review is from: Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 16 Running Shoe (Apparel)
    Even though…

    1) I am a man and these are clearly women’s shoes
    2) I have never gone through the experience of wearing them
    3) These shoes are not designed for my feet; and
    4) They are of a color I would never wear…

    I feel somehow compelled to decide for the shoe’s female target market whether or not they should own them.


    Thank you.

  4. Docterry says:

    I see that there is a men’s version of the same shoe, available in orange. Just sayin’.

  5. Great Amazon review. Wendy, you’re our hera!!

  6. Mary Melton says:

    LOL….my favorite so far, but I am still reading (and LMAO!)
    5.0 out of 5 stars Fits perfectly up a republican’s rear end, June 26, 2013
    By GML (Austin) – See all my reviewsThis review is from: Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 16 Running Shoe (Apparel)
    When I first began wearing these shoes I thought my reproductive rights were secure. Turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Luckily these shoes are really great for kicking republican legislators out of office! They want to shut down reproductive and health care facilities for the poor in Texas? Use these shoes to shut down the state capital!

    These go perfectly with any back brace you may need after good old fashion filibusting for 9 hours (with 4 more to go). What’s that? Your crappy mean spirited colleagues on the other side of the isle say it isn’t fair? That’s right ladies, this shoe is completely washable, so just shove it up their ass.

    Most importantly, even if you wear these gems without sox for three days straight, they still smell better than a republican Lt Governor who tries to push a law through past midnight, which is absolutely and completely illegal. Yea, pretty stinky I know.

    Go Wendy Go #StandWithWedy

  7. In case you missed it: Do read this 1-star review (link below), AND the comments on that review. Satire may not be totally dead, but it’s really gasping for air.

  8. Umptydump says:

    If my wife wears a pair of these and a Blackhawks 2013 Stanley Cup championship t-shirt, she’ll be the coolest gal in the Chicago area!

  9. Wendy (not Davis) says:

    I just ordered a pair from Road Runner Sports.

    And yeah, those Amazon reviews are awesome.

  10. Attila the Blond says:

    Reviews have been invaded by RWNJs who are mad as Rick Perry on a bad day. Don’t go there if you have high blood pressure. It’s gettin ugly.

  11. Kay Carrasco says:

    I already have a pair of pink running shoes. They are Reeboks, pink leather, and probably nearly 30 years old. The uppers are in good shape, though the soles are worn nearly slick and coming apart, so much so that they’re really rather hazardous to walk in, thus I seldom wear them any more. I may tomorrow, though (it’s casual Friday), in honor of the Honorable Ms. Davis.

    I inherited the shoes from my beloved mother, who loved to walk and had the kind of spunk and personality that, well into her 7th decade, could carry off wear howling pink running shoes with complete aplomb and panache–and throw in one wicked big grin while she was at it!

    I come from great women. And I know one when I see one, too. #standingwithWendy