Well, See, He Didn’t Know About the Armored Nutshellz

May 07, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Our first probable willing human tester of the Armored Nutshellz is sitting in a hospital in Dallas, Texas, completely unwilling to try it again.

PARIS, TEXAS — A Paris man was airlifted to a Dallas hospital after an accidental shooting Monday.

The Paris Police Department responded to a call early Monday morning at the 2600 block of Briarwood.

The 49- year- old male told police a pistol that was being carried in a vest holster went off and the bullet struck the victim in the groin area.

I think this may be the first time in Texas history that the common occurrence of a shot to the “groin area” was self-inflicted and did not involve the words “honkey tonk, Betty Lou, drunk, and wife.”

Thanks to Carl for the heads up.

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19 Comments to “Well, See, He Didn’t Know About the Armored Nutshellz”

  1. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Well, knowledge is power and timing is everything.

  2. scottybeamer says:

    More and more I see why I don’t want a gun……LOL.
    My goodness that must have been painful. If stoooopid was lethal, we wouldn’t have a population crisis.

  3. Uncle Dave says:

    Boot holsters, the only way to go. That way you only risk shooting yourself in the foot. And here in Texas we got elected officials who shoot themselves in the foot, daily; we are pretty much accustomed to it.

  4. Sorry, Uncle Dave- I like the groin approach, myself!!

  5. UmptyDump says:

    Yup; if the Darwin Effect doesn’t kick in immediately, at least it wipes out the genes for future generations.

  6. Doris Obsta says:

    He probably just got back from the convention (NRA).

  7. Marge Wood says:


  8. JJ’s comments remind me of a song by the late George Jones:


  9. UmptyDump, you practically took the words right out of my mouth.

    Bobby Earl and Betty Jo practice birth control.

  10. buskyandme says:

    @Lynne: Bobby Earl and Betty Jo practice birth control, Texas style! Don’t give Rick Perry any ideas!

  11. So he has the pistol in a vest holster and it “goes off?” How does that work? What was he doing when it “went off?” Inquiring minds want to know…and who with?

  12. maryelle says:

    The featured speakers at the NRA convention (same as CPAC) each emphasized that the liberals were trying to spread fear about guns.
    As gun nuts kill and mutilate themselves, our work is done for us.

  13. Dang, if he’s 49 he’s probably already bred, if he could find a female stupid enough, so it won’t help if he’s shot off his “groin area.”

    Yet another gun-toter who knows less about gun safety than this gun-hater.

  14. Corinne Sabo says:

    He must have REALLY good aim to hit something that small.

  15. 1toughlady says:

    I guess this is proof of poetic justice; sometimes teh stoopid DOES hurt.

  16. I just luv reading about some gun nut shooting his “jewels,” and hope to read of more such instances. Gun nutz shooting theirownselves would make a good reality show for a cable teevee channel. There seems to be a lot of material out there.

  17. I sympathize with the line of thought here, but other steps will have to be taken. Sadly these guys aren’t shooting their nutz off fast enough

  18. If you believe that story, you’re dumber than Junior, Jr.
    Turth be told, I bet Betty Lou got really ticked off and took careful aim, shooting exactly where she intended.

  19. elaine says:

    I look forward to more of these stories. Cause you just know these nuts are gonna start carrying ALL the time just to show “support”…lets watch the dings bein’ winged…day after day..more!