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The George Dubya Bush “Library” is set to open on the campus of Southern Methodist University on May 1st.

Everything in the library is named Freedom.

The three-story complex will include Freedom Hall, which features a 360-degree high-definition video wall, and Freedom Plaza — a courtyard and fountain.

Other attractions will include a 14,000-square-foot permanent exhibit, a restaurant, classrooms, research rooms, offices, seminar rooms, an auditorium and a presidential suite.

There is also the Freedom Bathroom, the Freedom Bookshelf, the Freedom drinking fountain ….

The red brick-and-limestone building features signature architecture such as Freedom Hall, whose 67-foot tower has a lantern that glows at night.

Oh cool, betcha it’s neon.

I think there’s also The Tomb of the Unknown Jewish Florida Voter and a whole section devoted to Kathryn Harris’s lipstick.

No, I am not going to the opening.  I don’t trust that sumbitch not to start a war with TCU.

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36 Comments to “Freedom!”

  1. I bet the elevator doesn’t go to the top floor.

  2. Please, please, please decorate some of those Freedom Facilities with these original works of art by GW Bush himself, even if it’s just all of the dogs he’s painted over the last year:

  3. Methinks these library folk doth protest too much. (Or maybe that should be “proclaim.” At any rate, its like bragging about your sex life. Those who do probably don’t have much of a sex life.)

  4. W C Peterson says:

    Paint-by-numbers? He’s not any good at painting, either. So far, old George has proven to be a failure at everything he’s been sober enough to try, it appears.

  5. The only book in the entire library is “My Pet Goat”

  6. Ralph Wiggam says:

    The library even has a shelf for all of the WMDs we found in Iraq. It is a short shelf.

  7. The freedom shelf in freedom hall in the freedom library only has room for the freedom bible… but you’ll have to pay for the one space in freedom parking lot.

  8. Braxton Braggart says:

    @Mule Breath:

    “. . . but you’ll have to pay for the one space in freedom parking lot.”

    Freedom is not free, you damned dirty hippie.

  9. I spoofed that library a few years back in our Village 4th of July parade that’s a spoof of 4th of July parades. Wired a napkin holder on the hood of the riding mower, put in 3 paperbacks. Even the Republican’s laughed.

  10. maryelle says:

    The most extensive collection may be found in the Freedom Bathroom, considering what passed for Intelligence.

  11. There will be a counter-protest at the opening. It’s entitled “the people’s response.” You too can be a part! See

  12. BarbinDC says:

    I got nuttin’. ‘Cept a sigh.

  13. As an atheist, I must ask God’s Chosen Warrior:

    You speak of freedom.

    Freedom for whom to do what?

  14. I got an email a while back telling me about the flood waters that wiped out both books in that library. You know “he” was devastated; he’d only finished the first coloring book.

    (I’m gonna pay for that one, I know)

  15. They must have Freedom Fries and the Freedom from stupidity room. Oh, wait. The first one is possible but the second; never going to happen.

  16. Rick, I have to say I’m not impressed with the visual acuity and biological knowledge of the person who called that paint donkey a horse. I’d say it’s the best painting of the lot, which isn’t saying much, actually, but it’s a better donkey than the dogs are dogs. (OTOH, if it’s supposed to be a paint horse, then no, it’s not better, it’s worse.)

    As for the GWB Memorial Library…if it has books in it, it’s another lie, because I don’t think that man ever read a whole book in his adult life.

  17. eyesoars says:

    P.S.: Jesus’ General had a blog entry up a few years ago detailing the floor plan of the library:

    They’re breaking the ground on Our Glorious Leader’s library. Some of you may not know I designed it. I’m reposting a walk-through I wrote back in March 2004, so you can feel like you’re a part of His magnificent presidency, even if you’re only part of the 98% of our population that serves as a natural resource to be mined and exploited for the greater good of our betters.

    First Floor (First Term)

    The George W. Bush Presidential Library will be composed of five sections: the Entrance/Election Room, the Rotunda of Blame, the Archives, and the Economic and Security Wings.


  18. As with a certain Schicklgruber; might we have been better off if somebody had pursued a career painting?

  19. Ha! I’d pay good American money to see a war between SMU and TCU!

  20. I wonder if they’re going to offer Freedom Crayons to visitors.

  21. fenway fran says:

    Is it FREE???

  22. joel hanes says:

    I encourage all of you to visit the place;
    I plan to visit it myself, sheerly for the pleasure of signing the guestbook, glomming some visitor feedback cards so that I can contribute my suggestions, and dumping the blood from a hundred thousand gratuitously-dead Iraqis in the foyer.

  23. It’s lie-berry not library.

  24. They better have Freedom Fries.
    Else I’m not going.

    Who am I kidding? I wouldn’t go if somebody paid me.

    I have a feeling that history will not be kind to this poor excuse for a POTUS.

  25. I want a picture of myself throwing a shoe at the building.

  26. Wayne Boone says:

    I suppose the library will be filled with GI Joe figures and a lot of comic books to put his intellectual side on display.

  27. Is it free to “visit” or do they charge for entrance, as they do for his dad’s library at Texas A&M? When I ‘”visited” dad’s library I asked why a “visitor” is charged admission when the LBJ library in Austin is free? Didn’t the Bushes and the GOP have more money than the Democrats? Oddly, I received no response — but her face went red while her lips went white from being pressed together in an unnatural way.
    So, to ask again, will there be an admission charge for “visitors” at TCU to see this architectural wonder and the twisted history?

  28. Uncle Dave says:

    Tony, If it comes about put your money on TCU. They got some people there, meaner than snakes. The effete preppies thirty miles down river would need to use daddies money to hire someone to do their fighting for them.

  29. Uncle Dave says:

    Uhh, make that daddy’s money.

  30. E.A. Blair says:

    The only volumes required will be a couple of coloring books and a copy of “Jokes For The John”, all kept in the bathroom.

  31. Wellstone's Ghost says:

    Poor SMU, does it get ANY more degrading than having Dub’s (short for W) “think tank and one-stop history-rewrite center” Libarary crammed down (up?) your throat?

    I have to admit that I would HAVE to see this if in town. But I would make sure I knew where the Freedom Bathroom was at all times, cause I have something to leave.

    If my memory serves, the POWER’s that be were VERY heavy handed in relocating some alumni who had bought condo’s in this “Libarary’s”, footprint, shamefully so.

    PS Susan, LOVE the TomDelay district nuttier-than-squirrel poop description. Gruesome.

  32. daChipster says:

    So on May First, they are unveiling the Dick Cheney Presidential Library, only they’re calling it something different. George was allowed to stock some of the stacks in the lie-bary, and boy, howdy! Who knew there were so many Archie comics?

    The fountain and reflective pool will spout pure oil.

  33. deistpaladin says:

    I bet it’ll have the most extensive collection of coloring books in the land!

  34. maryelle says:

    Message scrawled in the stall: “Mission Accomplished!”

  35. “The Bush Library Fire – All 3 books were destroyed, including one which hadn’t been colored yet!”
    (Or has this joke been made enough already)

  36. Gary Mengel says:

    Do something positive! Donate a book! I’d suggest anything by Michael Moore, Al Franken, Molly Ivins, Garrison Keillor or any book from the Amazon list “Cabal of anti-Bush Books”. Maybe we could just discretely add one or two every time we visit…