Yachting Randy Neugebauer Goes All Don Ho

March 10, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Several years ago, I told you about West Texas Congressleech Randy Neugebauer buying a big ole honker yacht .

Randy claimed that he needed the yacht to help himself campaign, which might be plausible if there was even a ditch with water in it anywhere near his home in Abilene, Texas.  If you had a yacht in Lubbock or Abilene it would stay in perpetual dry-dock.  West Texas is dry, my friend.  They only got 1/4 inch of rain during Noah’s flood.  The catfish have fleas.

So Randy doesn’t keep his fancy pants yacht in his district where he’s convincing folks he’s just a man of the people.  He keeps it in Washington, DeeCee, where there’s more hookers.

Now, I’m gonna stop here and tell you something.  God gave Randy a pointy head.  I’m serious.  His head comes to a little pointy thing, reminding me of a Dairy Queen ice cream cone.  That doesn’t have much to do with this story, but I thought you should know why he stays off camera as much as possible.  Well, that, and he drools.  Okay, he really doesn’t drool.  I just made that up.  But, it’s flat amazing that he doesn’t.

Anyway, Randy is getting himself so damn much money being a congressdandy that he needs to defer some of his taxes.  So, he bought municipal bonds.  In Hawaii.  Here’s a PDF showing his $250,000 Maui Wowie municipal bonds.

Now, I do not know how often Randy has to go visit his bonds, but I’m betting that his campaign pays for it.

I think Randy could make some big bucks if he could market his solution to how a man dumber than a sack of hammers doesn’t drool.   Heck, he could have a jet in Paris France with that much money.

Thanks to Alfredo over at the Dairy Queen for some good Neugebauer snickerin’.

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13 Comments to “Yachting Randy Neugebauer Goes All Don Ho”

  1. Juanita Jean- I think you Might owe an apology to hammers..

  2. And an apology to Dairy Queen ice cream cones. They’re smarter. And better looking.

  3. I totally laughed out loud at this:

    If you had a yacht in Lubbock or Abilene it would stay in perpetual dry-dock. West Texas is dry, my friend. They only got 1/4 inch of rain during Noah’s flood. The catfish have fleas.

    Especially the catfish have fleas part! That is hilarious!!

  4. Bud Malone says:

    Rubes, wake up! How many times do you have to be taken advantage of to rebel against the low life politicians who continue to screw you over. Let me count the ways. Many, many and another many.

  5. TexasEllen says:

    His little pointy head reminds me of a Kewpie Doll. http://pinterest.com/englishslee/cutie-kewpie-dolls/

    Notice that the eyes will not directly focus forward. However, the thought of Randy in a state of undress is enough to invoke the 55 gallons of brain bleach.

  6. Hard to say what’s more embarassing, claiming a boat in west Texas keeps him in touch with constituents, or the look on Randy’s face when he pulls into the boat harbor here in Hawaii. The guys on THESE yachts will be the ones singing Tiny Bubbles to him:

  7. FYI Randy: If you heard everything is bigger in Texas, they might not have included yachts on that list.

  8. Regarding the defunding of ACORN. Acorn was defunded with approval of Obama and an almost unanimous MAJORITY of Democrats in BOTH houses of Congress. And on what evidence? On a highly edited and doctored video tape and testimony of a KNOWN right-wing operative by the name of James O’Keefe. I know you LUV to promote the Democrats and while it’s true that most progressive Democrats are FAR better than Republicans, the truth that you so often neglect to tell is that there is not much daylight between a corporate Centrist Democrat (Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Kerry, etc) and a damn Republican. These people all belong to the Wall Street investor class and while the overwhelming majority of Americans have been losing their jobs and homes, the majority of ALL our elected officials (not just Republicans) have been making millions since 2008. For these people, there has been no recession. As long as we treat politics like the Dems and Repukes are two opposing football teams instead of one and the same problem, that’s how long there will be no meaningful solutions for the majority of Americans.

  9. Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you for your off-topic and “unbiased” rant.
    I do notice, however, like most rants-it is clearly lacking suggestions and/or strategies.

    Maybe That’s why there are ‘no meaningful solutions for the majority of Americans?’

  10. I happen to see a whole lot of daylight between Democrats (even centrist) and Republicans. If not, we would have no Medicare, just vouchers for even more expensive health insurance, severe Social Security cuts, no auto industry, more wall street fraud, no women’s rights,unfair immigration laws, no chance to control the gun industry
    and a revoking of civil rights.

  11. Miss Prissybritches..... says:

    Ya know… I bitch and moan constantly about Randy NoogaBooa. He lives in LUBBOCK…. but Abilene is in his district, after a whole lot of gerrymandering. Abilene had a Democratic Congressman, Charlie Steinhouser, who was supported by most voters because he did a hell of a job representing his constituents. I beg, plead, and hope the Dems will come up with someone in the next few months who will run for Congress against Rockin’ Randy. Fundraising will be a huge component for success. (Yes, Randy’s buddies handed out those stretchy, trendy bracelets in acid colors that said Rockin Randy at the West Tx Fair and Rodeo, and I am sure other Fairs in the District last fall…. my Republican sister couldn’t believe it… till I handed her one….) Well… Actually, I put my Rockin’ Randy bracelet on the neck of my vodka dispenser. Neugebauer is an idiot… and he is taking his constituents to the cleaners. But realize…. Lubbock was the place where there was the other idiot politician who thought there would be UN troops overtaking Lubbock if Obama was re-elected. It is simply CrazyLand… where’s the damned roller coaster? I need to move. Happiness is Lubbock, Tx in my rear view mirror.

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  13. 10% approval rating for congress yet 90% of incumbents get reelected… what to do about that? open to ideas ya’ll.