The New Three G’s: Guns, Gold, and Grub

February 26, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

I’m gonna show you an email I got from GOPUSA.  I sign up for stuff like that because I need the material.


Republicans  have themselves a very cool business plan.

First they scare the crap outta ya.  Wonkette has another good one this morning about some rightwinger claiming that President Obama wants to start violent race wars.

This email I got claims that President Obama is a scary black man keeping secrets.  Then they try to sell you guns, gold, or grub to get ready for the poop hitting the fan.

It’s a business plan.  It’s snake oil.  They scare people who feel out of control or marginal in society and steal their money for the New Three G’s:  buy gold for when your money has no value, guns to protect your gold, and grub for when the whole place go to crap and you need a stockpile of food.

There is a special place in hell for merchants of fear.

Thank you.  I feel better after that rant.

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14 Comments to “The New Three G’s: Guns, Gold, and Grub”

  1. W C Peterson says:

    Republicans believe that you can control people easier if they’re scared and the best way to scare people all the time is to keep them ignorant and keep them in poverty. Then let them listen to Limbaugh and Beck on the radio and watch Hannity and O’Really on the faux Nooz channels.
    You can see that in the way they conduct their brand of ‘government’.

  2. Ralph Wiggam says:

    “…every great empire has ultimately fallen save for one…”

    If we are an Empire, that means Barrack Obama is our Emperor.

    And they say they want to preserve that?

    I’m confused.

  3. What amazes me is the “fall is proceeded by the government keeping secrets.” Bloody hell! No government power, ever, did not keep some kind of secrets. Why else would there be a need for spies? To believe that only now is the American Government keeping secrets is really unfathomable.

    Oh that’s right, these are the people who respond to fear tactics and have no desire for actual proof…or history…unless it is the Word of God. Sigh.

    I worked at Hanford (one of the nuclear sites creating materials for the early A-bombs). I remember the stories of how it strived to be one of the largest secrets during the war. They did not even call it Plutonium…just “the product.” One of the scientist the day after the bomb hit, stood on the bus going into work saying over and over again “Plutonium” because he no longer had to call it by a vague term to keep it secret.

  4. At first, they were working to make government smaller, then they just wanted Obama as a one term president; now the GOP is guaranteeing the collapse of the US government.

  5. Now I understand why so many operational secrets wind up leaked out of the mouths of Republican pols. They’re trying to save the empire buy killing CIA agents (oh, and shooting old lawyers in the face, but I digress). No wonder they put the clowns they do on “intelligence” committees.

  6. Pick a meme, any meme….and run with it.

  7. publius bolonius says:

    We have always been at war with East Asia.

    It’s all ooga-booga all the time, innit? The sky is always falling in Republicanland.

    Can the 2 minute hate be far behind? Rupert, you’re falling behind.

    Fear is the mind killer.

  8. Fear and Hate. Fear and Hate. That’s the Republican strategy in order to sell their brand of government, which they have promised to deliver to the would be oligarchies.

  9. As Eric Idle of Monty Python cheerfully intoned in The Life of Brian – “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”

    Now here’s a free stock tip. For me, the bright side is that I plan to buy stock in Costco (NASDAQ: COST) if the Republican fearmongering gains any significant traction among the gullible. Costco is one of the largest sellers of emergency and survival rations. For the bargain price of $3,499.99, the fearful can buy 11,640 meals on a 36-bucket pallet load.

    Then they can hide away underground for months and years, which – come to think of it – might not be a bad thing.

  10. UmptyDump may have something here.

    There was an old Twilight Zone episode where a man hid in his underground bunker for a long time, believing that the bombs had hit, although they had not.

    All we have to do is convince the crazy right that civilization has, indeed, fallen. They will all go hide for awhile, hopefully for years. It will give us enough time to get the country back together.

  11. The right wingers have been using and perfecting these tactics for years on other countries…successfully I might add…and now they have turned their destructive methods on us. We have a very big fight on our hands here, and we are in deep trouble if they succeed again.

  12. I used to be a con artist. Oh, not in the regular sense of the word: I wasn’t one of those guys who pose as furnace inspectors to bilk old ladies out of their savings, nor did I send out e-mails promising illicit African millions in exchange for access to your bank account. I wasn’t even one of those lovable rogues like in The Sting, where the guys who got conned deserved it. (Well, maybe a little bit of a lovable rogue.)

    No, I was much worse, in some ways, because I conned you not just out of your money, but out of your vote, too. I, dear friends and fellow customers, am a recovering politician.

    Politicians work on much the same principles as con men. We rely on your gullibility, on your venality, and on your unwavering insistence on seeing only what you want to see. We play roles, building elaborate back stories and false fronts. We find out what motivates you – your fears and hatreds are most easily manipulated – and work that angle until, come that magic Tuesday, you go in there and pull a lever, punch a chad or darken an oval for who we want.

    Or, donate cash. Yes, there’s always that “ask” at the bottom of it all. We can even make it seem like it was your idea. I personally sucked at the fundraising end and fought shy of it. But I knew how it was done.

    The dirty little secret of American politics is that individuals may be smart, but people are stupid. And politicians count on that to get their way. It’s why so many people vote against their own economic self-interest, and why people like Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, the Tea Party and the entirety of Fox News thank whatever God is left to them for that uniquely American brand of stupidity.

    BUT, you can help me fight back! You can help me run these hucksters out of town! All it takes is for us to work together. Here’s what you can do right now:

    Yes, Chip, I will help you fight against the CONS in politics:

    Here is my donation for…

    [_] half a roll of stamps: $23.00
    [_] One month of WiFi for the office: $49.99
    [_] One week of office rent: $………WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!

    Sorry, I relapsed there a moment. Recidivism is very high among political cons…..keep your money and guard your vote, even from the people you may agree with.

    Even me.

    Here endeth the lesson :)

  13. san fraser says:

    DaC – were you Paul Newman or Robert Redford? Point well taken, though. Our handbasket was built in the 50s when psychology blossomed and was put to use. So successful with Madison Ave. (we can sell three refrigerators, not just one if we break up the nuclear family with shaming returning GIs into wanting their “own” place)that politics soon followed suit. A wondrous tool that is seldom detected by the populace who continue to think that they somehow are immune.

  14. I’m pretty boggled that you have to look for material with all the crazies saying/doing wacko things these days.