Texas, Our Texas, All Hail The Mighty … Holy Crap!

February 25, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Well, they’ve gone and done it now.


The four-alarm fire that engulfed the DFW Gun Range at 1607 West Mockingbird Lane in Dallas Sunday afternoon was apparently triggered by unauthorized tracer rounds.

Wholly Holy Crap.

Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans said a shooter at the range admitted firing unauthorized tracer ammunition. The small flare that is part of the round makes it easier to follow the path of the bullet, but the pyrotechnic component apparently triggered the inferno when it hit the target.

But, wait, wait.  Here’s the best part:

Evans said the man who admitted to firing the tracer bullet will not be prosecuted, because it is considered to be an accident and no laws were broken.

Perfectly safe.  Totally safe.  Cost the city a fortune in firefighting and injure one firefighter.  Runoff water from the fire was an environmental concern, and a storm water agency was scheduled to arrive at the scene for testing.

So, next time you wanna have a little fun in Texas, go to a gun range and blow up a cement building.  That’s legal in Texas.  Gay marriage, however, is not.

Thanks to Brian and Letty for the heads up.

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17 Comments to “Texas, Our Texas, All Hail The Mighty … Holy Crap!”

  1. Sam in Kyle says:

    An to make things even better our governor wants to invite gun and ammunition manufacturers to Texas.


  2. SomedayGirl says:

    “Seven years ago, strong storms damaged the same gun range.

    Thirty-five people were inside when heavy rain caused the roof to suddenly collapse.”

    First He sent a flood. Then He sent a fire. If they don’t get the message this time, I’m betting one either plague of locusts or frogs in the not too distant future.

  3. Why the aych ee double hockey sticks does a civilian need tracer rounds? Did the business have insurance? Maybe the gun “fanciers” will pool their spare ammo money and help rebuild. I wouldn’t expect them too unless there were pictures involved.

  4. I think there is a reason their sign says GUN RANGE in large letters, and Training Center in small. A lot of one, and clearly very little of the other.

  5. This should have warrented a charge of reckless endangerment or something, but the local law enforcement is scared to death to prosecute these gun nu—I mean freedom-lovers. They threw a gun rally this past weekend in Belton at, and I shpoof you not, Confederate Park. All the failed past Tea Party candidates, a local and forgettable radio host, and one guy who was unarmed and wounded when the murdering Major Hasan shot up Ft Hood were on the dais. (OK, he’s the only one who has any cred at all.)

    The local paper wrote it up as if everything they said about POTUS planning to take our guns away was a totally done deal. Any time you think it can’t get crazier, Texas steps up.

  6. They went ahead and made my day. Possibly even my week.

  7. daChipster says:

    …and just a few blocks from 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Has anyone questioned Butch Patrick? He may have let Spot out.

  8. Come on down to DFW Gun Range for all your shooting needs! And arsonists, don’t forget, on Sundays we have our 2fer1 Fire & Fire Special! Fire your rifle, and start a fire – no extra charge! And better yet, no criminal charges either!

  9. I bet Rick Perry neglected to mention that when he was in Cali.

  10. Criminy. My hometown has gone NUTZ~just for the fun of trivia – this gun range is just “down the street” from the nastiest strip joints and porno shops in Big D~

    YEEHAW – Gunz, Goonz and Nekkid Girlz

    Makes me proud, guess I better go call Mama and get her take on today’s idiocy from Big D~since it does not look like she is going to be watching the snow fall in Dallas this afternoon~

  11. The owners are probably Libertarians, right? Bill ‘em for the materials and labor just to give them a feel for how “small gummint” works out for ‘em.

  12. Merrill Hooney says:

    Okey-dokie said:
    “Why the aych ee double hockey sticks does a civilian need tracer rounds?”

    Cuz’n he’s gotta Gawd-given RAHT to use bullits witha tracer rounds iffen he needs to see whur hiz bullits is a-goin’, even inna buildin’ witha flammble walls anna flammble ceilin’!


  13. Yeeeeshh! How stoooopid can you get! No, that is not a challenge, just a question! Next thing you know somebody will use ammo coated with Greek fire at a target range! That stuff is damn hard to put out!

  14. O.k. Now I know you are making some of this stuff up. Because nobody would be so stupid as to shoot tracers at a firing range…… would they?

    I guess they would. We probably should be grateful nobody goes there to practice with their rocket launcher.

    Somewhere up north, I recently read…. that some little metropolis is going to start billing people who need an ambulance, or other emergency services, like if they are in a car wreck or something. They think they can solve the town’s money problems.

    Any chance at all that the idiot who caused all this destruction might have to pay for the absolute time waste of city services???

  15. JMHO…

    They would have done the whole city a favor if they had let it burn to the ground.

  16. Grace Newton says:

    Good Grief.

  17. Grace Newton says:

    Is it true the most common last words of Texan men is “Hey y’all! Watch this!!” or is that just in my home state of WV?