And Just In Case The Explosion in Dallas Wasn’t Enough Fun …

February 25, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

We have a tax free weekend on school supplies and clothes to help working families so I guess this is the next logical step.

Thanks to Kyle for the heads up.

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17 Comments to “And Just In Case The Explosion in Dallas Wasn’t Enough Fun …”

  1. Bob Robitshek says:

    Re: Texas Politicians

    They can’t dazzle the populace with brilliance, so they try to blind us with B@lls&!t

  2. I’m shocked, shocked, I say, to find that necessities like guns are not tax-free.

  3. I won’t be surprised if the next step is to ask for donations at cash registers to provide guns for school-age children. Or turn places like gun ranges and stores as tax-free religious establishments.

  4. All I could hope for if this passes, is that they use a picture of Yosemite Sam blasting both 6 shooters into the sky as part of their publicity. Hopefully Looney Tunes will oblige, as a professional courtesy to fellow Looneys.

  5. My question: Do any of you think all this insanity (or any of it) – guns, abortion, contraception, cutting social services, and so on – will eventually die down so that our society can function without fear on either side?
    Will the nutjobs get their just deserts? My late husband used to say, being from NC, that Jesse Helms had to die someday. I’m wondering if we’ll see the end of the likes of Ted Cruz. He, too, will die someday, but he could do a whole lot of damage in the meantime.
    Do I have reason to hope? I’m sure finding it hard to see the humor in all this.

  6. We better check the churches these nutjobs attend to see if the crosses have been replaced with guns. They certainly act as if their guns are what they love most. I dislike wishing anyone ill, but I will anyway. I’m considered “elderly” now, so like Jan I wonder if I have reason to hope. I can’t wait around forever hoping Karma works.

  7. @Jan,

    I too have trouble seeing the humor. I was reading something that was written in 1995 and talked about the spreading and picking up steam conservative, anti-women patriarchial movement. I may not have seen it then, but I surely see it today.

    Now, where do I find my humor? In a typo. I know you meant just desserts, but I much prefer the visual of all these nutjobs under a beating sun in arid conditions and think they deserve just deserts. Especially as much of their choices seem as cruel and unforgiving as the Sahara. Thanks for the smile.

  8. Sam in Kyle says:

    Better couple that with half off at emergency rooms and funeral homes.

  9. Corinne Sabo says:

    A tax free gun to go with my tax free yacht! What next?

  10. @Star: LOL!
    And me a college professor who demands perfection in their writing! My excuse is that the last two fingers on my left hand are numb because of a pinched nerve. That little finger just couldn’t hit the “s” twice!
    Thanks for the wonderful image my typo brought to mind!

  11. Do you know if it will cover bullets and those padded cases, too?

  12. Aggieland liz says:

    Um, FYI Star and Jan: your numb fingers got it right m’dear, it IS “just deserts” from Latin deservere and OF deservir. My Mike and I have just had a splendid wrangle about it and wound up “looking it up!” I lost and am still fuming. We are now wrangling about the derivation: I suspect it has to do with the “scapegoat” who was unjustly driven into the desert: ding-ding Round Two!

  13. “Just deserts” as in “deserve”. They don’t all deserve a nice dessert.

  14. At least I can spell “moron” correctly.
    I love these intellectual debates the most. Sure beats what the Repubs spout!

  15. I’m just waiting for them to propose a bill to supply fetuses with guns to protect themselves against Planned Parenthood.

    When I started I meant that as sarcasm, but in truth I would not be surprised at anything these guys do.

  16. Jan, Rhea, and Aggieland Liz, thanks for the onomastics lesson – I love this kind of learning.

  17. The argument I heard Leach (and speaking of spelling, it’s too bad he doesn’t spell his Leech) give is that the gun manufacturers, ammo manufacturers and gun dealers of Texas need to know Texas LOVES ‘em enough to give ‘em a tax free day, so their profits will be even higher. Just think, folks, what this does to the Texas income…the taxes LOST to a tax free day for the benefit of gun dealers and gun manufacturers. So there’ll be less money coming in for the real needs of Texans.