Texas, Yew Make Me Proud.

February 22, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

I’m taking bets right now on the date and time that  Louie Gohmert and Steve Stockman shoot each other in their quest to become the Damn Craziest Congressvarmint in Texas.

Louie is ahead right now by virtue of pure volume.  Louie has been in congress longer.

But ya gotta hand Stockman extra points for ballsy.

After inviting Ted Nugent to be his guest at the State of the Union, Stockman decides to hold himself a meeting.

Stockman’s meeting is being called ”The Fallacy of Gun Free School Zones.” He’s offered legislation repealing the federal gun free zone law that protects schools.

Coffee and donuts will be served, along with a giant tray of sizzling hypocrisy.

The meeting is being held at the Capitol Building.  The Capitol Building is a gun-free zone.  You know, to protect Stockman.

But, after drinking waaaay too much of that free coffee, Stockman want to repeal gun-free zones around schools.  Because your children are not near as important as Stockman is.

And, by the way, those of you who missed The Daily Show last night will not understand this.  See if you can find it online because Fenway Fran and I have decided that “What just happened?” is the new motto of the Texas GOP.

Thanks to Carl for the heads up.

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15 Comments to “Texas, Yew Make Me Proud.”

  1. Mary Margaret says:

    The Daily Show was a hoot.

  2. We watched the Daily Show last night and if I hadn’t seen it I’d prob not believed it. The Texans they had on …. dumb, dumber, dumbest doesn’t begin to describe them. Of course every state has some, but Texas seems to be particularly blessed in the number of idiots in their population. Maybe they were actors brought in from Mississippi to play Texans.

  3. Well, we are running a close second here in Tennessee for “puritee evangelibagging gun-toting idiocy”.

  4. Eykis: And don’t forget to “don’t say gay”…….unless you are going downtown to GAY STREET where all the art galleries and restaurants are…….
    Say “hi” if you see Stacy Campfield in the Bistro next time……

  5. Thanks for pointing out the Daily Show about Texas et al. I woulda missed it and that would have been a shame. Stewart is really good at getting to the point isn’t he.

  6. I watched the Texan segment after watching the Steven Brill interview (Time Magazine). Whoa!

    As far as the segment on Texas. Were those people real or actors? If they were real, good gawd almighty! I guess they are so out there in the ether complete and utter satire is an unknown element. Inquiring minds want to know. Anybody?

  7. Here’s the link, for those who missed it. How can we help but be proud?


  8. Sam in Kyle says:

    Note that Stockman has teamed up with GA nutcase Paul Broun to try to keep any gun control legislation from reaching the floor of the House. I guess their definition of Democracy is one where they get to make the rules. Great picture in this article of Dumb and Dumber.


  9. JanE,
    May the good Lord bless and keep us, they were the real thing. All that Republic of Texas kaka got churned up by a illegal alien from Missouri about 15 years ago, and is still hanging around like a (sorry Mama) fart in a phone booth. I can’t give the exact quote, but Sam Houston’s refusal to back secession included the statement that we had worked so hard to be accepted into the Union, it was perverse to try to leave it.

  10. Bud Malone says:

    The story of Stockman and Nugent tails off after the notice of the invitation. Did Nugent attend and was he interviewed?

  11. I am waiting with bated breath for Sam Houston to rise from the grave and do something extremely painful to a number of current Texan politicians.

  12. If dear Sam Houston has been buried standing up, he would be in China by now from spinning in his grave so much. He is my favorite Texan (just a little ahead of Juanita Jean).

  13. Could these people please secede already and raise the average IQ of the United States?

  14. Sadly, that level of ignorance is not unique to Texas. We have the same sort here in the rural areas of California. Several of them have held elective office.

  15. Al, roflmfao – I pass Gay Street every single workday – it runs right past the Metro Courthouse~yeppers, nothing “gay” about all the “gay bars” and “gay friendly” clubs and venues in Music City, USA. Poor ole Stacey just needs to come out already and methinks Lt.Guv Ron Ramsey is in the running as well~Ramsey is tiny little guy, George Steph teeny tiny~