I Meant To Say, “Texas, Yew Make Me REALLY Proud.”

February 22, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

It was just a  matter of time before somebody started checking to see if Texas Senatorite Ted Cruz was communist counting before he ran for the senate or if he’s just a witch hunter of convenience.

Sure ’nuff.  He’s been counting communists for a spell.

Two and a half years ago, Cruz gave a stem-winder of a speech at a Fourth of July weekend political rally in Austin, Texas, in which he accused the Harvard Law School of harboring a dozen Communists on its faculty when he studied there. Cruz attended Harvard Law School from 1992 until 1995. His spokeswoman didn’t respond to a request to discuss the speech.

They went out and interviewed even the most rightwing Harvard facility members during Cruz’s tenure there and – yeah, of course – none of them saw communists at Harvard Law School.  Think about it:  if you are a communist, why would you be teaching law?  I mean, that ain’t exactly the ethos of communism.

Now, remember what happened in 1992?  Bill Clinton walloped George Bush for the Presidency, and that’s when the country started becoming communist.  And since Bill Clinton went to Georgetown Law school and that’s kinda close to Harvard geographically speaking, it just makes sense that some of that communism seeped over across the river.

I will admit that other states have crazy people in them, but, y’all listen to me, Texas is way over our quota.

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28 Comments to “I Meant To Say, “Texas, Yew Make Me REALLY Proud.””

  1. What IS wrong with the people in that part of Texas? Are they that proud to be so stupid as to elect these goofballs?

  2. Betty in Georgetown says:

    There’s a whiff of Spiro Agnew around Cruz. He’s got that ferrety demeanor. Could he be Agnew’s and McCarthy’s love child? Some people say…

  3. Ted Cruz is going to learn soon that paybacks are a b**ch. His minister poppa should remind him about how everything comes back to you tenfold…. if you do good, it is good, if you do bad… it is a bear.

    The sooner the better.

  4. How old is this idiot? He sounds like a throwback to the times of the cold war. What a maroon!

  5. Cruz isn’t a throwback. He’s East Texas. Last time I drove my Tundra from Ennis to Tyler, it transformed into a DeLorean and back again when I returned West of I45.

  6. I wonder if Allen West has passed on his list of Communists in the Legislature to him. You know, like a cheat sheet from a former student who flunked.

  7. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Ted Cruz is the Republican’s death by a thousand cuts. Every time he opens his mouth he does a little more damage.

  8. Did that man pay some plastic surgeon to make him so creepy looking? It’s hard to believe that just happened by random process.

  9. grammy97: i was wondering how somany people could so blindly trust that man with their vote–for the same reason…

  10. A new American demagogue has slithered onto tha American stage. Reptile that he is, however, he’s hard to see above the footlights. Thus he must shout loudly for anyone to take notice of him.

    A perfect description of demagogues like Cruz was posted by a fellow Texan years before he crept out from beneath his rock:


    I nominate Trish Roberts-Miller to be the very first Juanita Jean Distinguished Academic Fellow.

  11. He has no shame about the fact that he tried to smear a war hero, after not serving a day himself in the military, I hope someone takes him to task for his ‘Friends of Hamas’
    nonsense when he gets back to Washington. Only an idiot would have made the claims he did.
    Now I can understand why Chuck Hagel looked like he did not know what they were talking about – neither did they!

  12. Sam in Kyle says:

    I have a feeling some of the older members of the Senate will be taking him to the woodshed.

  13. ttylertexas says:

    Actually Hilary and Bill Clinton went to Yale Law School.

  14. @ttylertexas: You beat me to the punch. Bill got his undergraduate degree from Georgetown. He met Hilary at Yale Law.

    BTW: JJ you are looking good for winning our bet. I should never question you. Ever.

  15. Ted is like the Brown Tree Snake on Guam that eats prey he doesn’t kill himself. If you Texans want to get rid of him, drop him some mice filled with painkillers like those Brown Tree Snakes on Guam. This metaphor might be a bit hard to understand.

  16. ttylertexas says:

    And Hillary has two lls. That was my mistake.

  17. I wonder if Ted Cruz has the Nu Yark Times all in a tizzy about his stirring up Chuck “I hate Israel” Hagle I wonder what he is doing right. So much to do and so little time in 6 years.

  18. W C Peterson says:

    Why would Tail Gunner Ted be concerned with communists in this day and age? I don’t think there are many left any more. And even if there were, they’re in no position to do the US of A any harm. But, being a communist used to scare a lot of people back 30, 40 years ago. Maybe Cruz just never grew up? Anyway, if he tries the “speech in the pocket” trick, just ask to see it. Be reasonable, That would take the wind out of his sails.

  19. This story made Politics Nation with Al Sharpton tonight. The heading of the segment was “Ted Scare”.

  20. What is it with these people and communists? Are they not aware that the Evil Empire (aka, the Soviet Union) no longer exists? Its fall made all the papers, even here in Tyler (behind the Pine Curtain).

    What’s even scarier than Tail-Gunner Ted is that “Big John” Cornyn is now gonna have to shift even more to the right just to keep up and to keep the threat of a Tea Party primary at bay. And then we’ll have two of them.

  21. This wingnut has been studying his predecessors, at least, but he doesn’t know enough to change “Communists” to “Terrorists” or whatever other bogeyman of the moment when he reads out his textbooks.

  22. Communists? I thought the big threat nowadays was coming from the Friends of Hamas.

  23. Imagine my shock — really — last night when the TV, which says only truthy stuff, noted that Ted Cruz is – gasp – Harvard-educated his-own-damn-self! That’s how he know about the Marxists there and their plot to overthrow the country, from right there in those ivy-covered towers. Yes, Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow and all our darlings took their text on His Nuttiness, but their side needs to know more than we do.
    Yes, I def think he’s the love-and-brain-child of Joseph McCarthy and Spiro Agnew. Eeeeeeuwwww…

  24. I hope he’s looking under his bed. Back in the Joe McCarthy days, that’s where he thought he’d find “Communists”……

    McCarthy was sure they were hiding under people’s beds.

    That and crawling under our desks, for a “nuclear” safety drill, used to keep most of us…..scared out of our minds.

    Some of us have grown up. Maybe gotten smarter and wiser. Cruz…….. not so much.

  25. Umptydump – I second the nomination – more people should memorize her work to counter “Crackedteapot” assertions.
    Not even reading it brings us down to the level of the opposition.

  26. Been around the Nation’s Capitol a loooong time. Clinton did go to Georgetown but only for his undergrad degree. He went to Yale Law school where he met Hill who was also a student there.

    Seriously, though, when you think about it and take a look at all the famous (?) people who went there, Yale Law School has done more than any other such institution to ruin more people! For awhile just about anyone caught doing something they shouldn’t went to Yale Law.

  27. Dave in UT says:


    That is one heckuva wide river between Georgetown (DC) and Harvard (Cambridge), or even Yale (New Haven).


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