A Two-Fer Daily Louie

February 21, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

First off, Louie goes on the electric radio and says that you need at least 50 rounds of ammo to bring down a drone.  I do not know what drones are flying over East Texas or why Louie would want to bring them down, but it kinda scares me to know that Louie Gohmert thinks about these things:

“But I had somebody last week in Washington from either Georgia or Alabama that was saying, ‘Look, this goes back to we have got to have at least 50 rounds in our magazines because on average that’s about how many it takes to bring down a drone.’ I hope he was kidding, I don’t know for sure.”

It’s just fabulous to know that our country’s gun standard will be based on “I don’t know for sure.”

But, that’s not all.  This is a two-fer deal.

The Famous Ms. Sharia Law is apparently causing problems again.  Louie is on top of that, too.

[The Second Amendment] is for our protection and the founders’ quotes make that very very clear and including against a government that would run amuck. We’ve got some people who think Sharia Law should be the law of the land, forget the Constitution. But the guns are there… to make sure all of the rest of the Amendments are followed.

So if you had a drone with the lovely and talented Ms. Sharia Law hitching a ride atop it in a very seductive pose, you’d need what?  Like an armory?  In your backyard?

Oh, Louie, can I watch you caress your pistol?  You know you do it, Louie.

Thanks to Kathleen and Warner for the heads up.

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12 Comments to “A Two-Fer Daily Louie”

  1. Isn’t Louie aiding the enemy? I mean, if he’s telling Iran, North Korea, etc how many bullets they got to have ready to bring down one of our drones, that puts America at a disadvantage. I believe it’s called treason. Let’s chip in for a blindfold.

  2. aggieland liz says:

    I’ll go buy a pack of cigs and donate them so Louie can have one of those too…looks manly, ya know!

  3. Yeah, I’m getting real tired of these conservative rightwing “christians” trying to impose their religious beliefs on me; I may have to buy several semi-automatics soon & a bazooka.

  4. You can look up in the afternoon and see con trails crisscrossing the sky. I know those are not all commercial airlines. Those are military jets. The United States military. Does Louie want to start taking down the jets? What about the satellites? A satellite can watch you mow the grass in your backyard without a warrant.

  5. Corinne Sabo says:

    Why would I want to bring down a drone? Unless Louie were on it?

  6. Wyatt_Earl says:

    There’s a collection of drone strikes in this news report:

    If Gomer, er, Gohmert thinks 50 bullets or 500 bullets is a defense against this thing,he’s got a think coming (started to say *another* think coming, but that would have just been silly).

  7. I’m sure Jesus would want Gomer to have plenty of bullets to defend us against Sharia law because Jesus was such a great warrior. No, wait–that was Mohammed. Never mind.

  8. The kindest thing I can say about Louie is that he has more than a few short circuits in his grey matter.

  9. Usually, I can follow the arguments of the right wingnuts, even though they’re sadly misinformed or out of touch. However, the Sharia statement doesn’t make any sense at all, not even enough to argue with it. I mean, where in the world would you begin?

  10. Frankly, this crazy time can’t compare to McCarthy Crazy – even with the help of blogs on both sides. Is Texas trying to compete with Wisconsin to bring it on? Do we have a modern Edward Murrow? We really need a real serious Murrow about now.

  11. Beth Francis says:

    Actually, we do indeed have a modern day Edward R. Murrow. His name is Bill Moyers. The problem is that no one watches his show on PBS.

  12. Bud Malone says:

    If the gun devotees cant hit something with a half dozen – ten max – rounds they shouldn’t be allowed to own a piece.