Yes, It’s My Damn County

February 08, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

A bunch of you have sent me this article about the mean Republican sumbitches in my county who are trying to help developers steal land from minorities.  This is land that families have held for generations and this tactic has been used for 100 years to steal their land.

County Judge Bob "Boss Hawg" Hebert

County Commissioners have played eagerly into this crapola because developers fund their political campaigns, pick up trucks, and fishing trips.  Developers give county commissioners $100,000 and then can steal property for unpaid taxes for a dime on the dollar.

Most of these folks are property poor so they can’t afford a lawyer.  Bubba doesn’t know squat about this kind of law, so I have taken the liberty to notify five other lawyers who do and would be willing to up their chances of getting into the pearly gates by helping people keep their land.

I have also notified my own Democratic county commissioner, any newspaper that gives a flip, and I told God about it last night.

There is a very special place in hell for people who let this happen.   I won’t be one of them.

Thanks for all the heads up.  I do appreciate it.

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23 Comments to “Yes, It’s My Damn County”

  1. TexasEllen says:

    How much of this land is classified “Ag Use”? There are all sorts of rules and laws to keep those taxes at a reasonable level.

  2. JJ, do you know if there is a fund to help these people in their lawsuit? I would be interested to help if there is.

  3. Juanita Jean says:

    Jane, I will definitely let you know if that comes up. Thank you for your offer.

  4. Juanita Jean says:

    Ellen, I’ve got somebody on that right now.

  5. Post it when you have more info, please, JJ. I’m limited, but not without can do, for folks who are getting royally screwed.

    Good Luck. Please keep us posted.

    It just isn’t right that you only get as much justice as you can afford. Not everybody is Clemens, and not everybody can hire people like Hardin, when they need to.

  6. JJ,

    The Scoundrel must be stopped – is this a photo from 1980 of Judge Boob, errr. Bobby? From website:

    BEFORE he was rich, fat, bald and old?

  7. You know, there is going to have to be a new section in hell, just for repulsive republicans. They are certainly finding new and inventive ways to populate it.

  8. Grace Newton says:

    Let me know too, Susan. I don’t have a lot but I have enough to share a bit. Thanks.

  9. I’ll help too.

  10. Corinne Sabo says:

    How can the rest of us help?

  11. OldMayfly says:

    I’ll help too. Never can contribute much but what I do contribute is magic–somehow the goal is always accomplished.

  12. I’ll help as well.

    JJ, you’re doing a real good thing working on this matter.

  13. Bev carter says:

    I’m a newspaper, and a decent one too even if you don’t think I’m Democratic enough, although I’m not sure you think anyone is.

    However in Fort Bend are you gonna contact any of the other three?

    I would like to point that as far as I know, you’ve made no attempt to contact The Star.

    Of course I’ve been near death (my diagnosis) for so long, maybe I missed it.

    So when you claim to contact any decent (your words) newspaper that would care, well, this is my formal declaration that I care. Maybe none of the others care because I am the only local one that reads you.

    Star publisher Bev Carter

  14. Thank you for the above message, Bev, and for your newspaper.

    Thank you, Juanita, for the information.

    I, too, would like to know how to help financially.

    This sounds a lot like what the city of Rosenberg is doing to the formerly rural areas being annexed, although that situation doesn’t have the racial motivation angle.

  15. Bev Carter: I have never lived in Texas, but I will read any newspaper that cares to go up against corruption. So, you go girl!

  16. May be a bit off-topic, Texas has nothing on Georgia for corruption & crazy; e.g. Georgia’s GOP Gov. Deal appointed a corrupt crony, with anti-science views, as head of Georgia Public Broadcasting for $150K/yr, causing staff to quit.

    A letter in my local newspaper indicates decent Republicans are FINALLY speaking out against those on the fringe! Maybe they will jerk the party back to common sense so Congress & the nation can move forward.

    Example: Rep. Paul Braun, MD (R-GA) has never practiced medicine really – yet he claimed all that biology stuff taught in medical school is all ‘lies from hell.’

    A Christian Science Monitor blog wonders if Paul Braun may become Karl Rove’s 1st target:

  17. Rep. Broun is a fine example of a “family values,” right-wing, religious nut job. By the age of 40 he was on his 4th wife, had filed for bankruptcy (and got caught for committing fraud to secure a bank loan), got that ole time religion and quite drinking. He’s crazy; even his Democratic daddy said so. Here’s the link to an article Salon had a couple of years ago:

  18. Herbert is the same guy who got his degree from a box of cracker Jacks and had judicial robes made so that he could preside over a real trial. This story really thinks. We need to run someone decent against Herbert in 2014 and in the meantime start giving him grief.

    I wonder what would happen if every person who buys any of these properties at a tax foreclosure sale finds themselves being sued and then forced to turn over all of their financial records so that we can determine how much they paid Herbert and the other Fort Bend officials. That sounds like fun.

  19. R. K. Towery and the Cuero Record newspaper got a Pulitzer Prize in the 1950s for revealing that state officials were stealing land from commonfolk. Go to it, JJ!

  20. Juanita Jean says:

    Please accept my formal apology, Miz Carter. I did send you an email about it so that might have been the day you spent on the fainting couch.

    And you are plenty Democrat considering that the inappropriately named “Fort Bend Independent” should be required to run a Republican political disclaimer at the bottom of every page. This week they devoted an entire page for all 5 of the Republican minorities in Fort Bend to explain why they are Republicans. There’s one Hispanic (oh please, Mr. Segura, they make fun of you behind your back), one South Asian, one Chinese guy, and one young person. No African Americans.

    Sic ‘um, Bev.

  21. Marge Wood says:

    Land grabs like this been going on since time immemorial. Good luck and keep ‘em uneasy.

  22. This is a suit brought in a Texas county court? There have to be federal civil rights violations involved here. Federal courts are the direction to go.

  23. Xecky Gilchrist says:

    Please put me on the “modest means but willing to help” list too.