So When You Think The Estate Tax is Unfair, Just Think of Kim Kardashian

February 08, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Bless this child’s heart.  Kim Kardashian doesn’t have two IQ points to rub together but God forbid anybody should mess with her rightful inheritance.   This poor child needs every penny of it.

First she signed the Sandy Hook Promise to work for gun control, and then a few days later, she posted this picture of her diamond studded gun.

Nothing says, “Peace, Y’all” like a diamond encrusted gun.

Thanks to Brian for the heads up.

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15 Comments to “So When You Think The Estate Tax is Unfair, Just Think of Kim Kardashian”

  1. Olden Grey says:

    My first thought was that she is intellectually conflicted. My second thought was that it’s not possible without an intellect.

  2. Why-O-Why do we keep about these “Non-Real TeeVee Hos”? Wish they would disappear, forever.

  3. Tax the rich.

  4. Kate oDubhagain says:

    Well, the Kardasian clan is just trashy and common.

  5. W C Peterson says:

    Weren’t the Kardasians the lizard-like bad guys on Deep Space Nine?

  6. John Peter Henson says:

    W.C.Peterson………bwahahahahahahaha….yes they were.

  7. Braxton Braggart says:

    I’m pretty sure those are actually rhinestones, because a diamond-encrusted pistol grip would be in bad taste.

  8. Wonder if she passed the background check or had to go to a gun show?

    That was petty of me.

  9. She’s making Paris Hilton look good.

  10. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Yep, more money than brains.

    Time to invest in better education in critical thinking skills. Per Cheryl, tax the rich & let them pay for it.

    Good Grief.

  11. If she really wanted to show off, she would let people know it’s loaded with diamond bullets.

  12. The DEA Museum in Arlington, VA, has a diamond-encrusted hand gun like in its exhibit of stuff confiscated from drug dealers. Tacky is as tacky does. Just sayin’.

  13. There was a Doonesbury cartoon where some woman– Nancy Reagan?– said that her handgun fired “teeny tiny lady-like bullets.” Sounds like a match for this one. I guess it would make lady-like holes in people.

  14. Maybe she doesn’t know it’s a phone. Maybe she thinks it’s a lipstick holder.

  15. I’d laugh my tookus off if I weren’t gasping for air already! That trashy looking gat must weigh a ton! And her wrists are too spindly to hold it they way she should if she really is going to use it! And talk about all the trouble a body needs to go through just cleaning it after every use! Sell the damn thing on E-Bay and donate the $$ to a soup kitchen! That’s about all you can do with that hoochie mama pile of junk!