In Texas

February 03, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Do you know where we need more guns because there are not enough guns to keep it safe for people with guns?

At gun ranges in Texas.  That’s where.

Yep, we need armed guards at the gun range.

Thanks to Ralph for the heads up.

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32 Comments to “In Texas”

  1. Ralph Wiggam says:

    More and more, every day, Wayne La Pierre looks smaller and smaller.

  2. Jesse Griffin mentioned on his blog that Mr. Kyle was closely associated with the Palins. He did some “security” work for the film UNDEFEATED. The full title of his book is enlightening, too. May we never have such neighbors.

  3. san fraser says:

    Another “perk” of a gun culture – attack the “big gun” as if it would rub off on you. A la the old west. A primitive version of cheating on a test.

  4. “It just comes as a shock and it’s staggering to think that after all Chris has been through, that this is how he meets his end, because there are so many ways he could have been killed in Iraq” said Scott McEwen, who co-wrote “American Sniper.”
    Yes unlike back here in America, where you can only get killed watching a movie, attending 1st grade, going to church, talking with your friends in a park…

  5. I say let Wayne LaPierre keep talking, nobody on our side can make our case better than him, I would hazard a guess that he brought more people over to our way of thinking than any of our Gun Control advocates.

  6. And this still won’t shut LaPierre the hell up. I’m taking a poll. How many out there think he can caste a reflection in a mirror?

  7. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Would armed guards at the gun range be there to protect the people inside or to keep them inside?

  8. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Carol is right on. The more Ole Wayne flaps his jowels the more reasonable people wake up and demand action to protect our children & loved ones.

  9. Kyle was also on the TV show “Stars Earn Stripes” with Toad Palin, hosted by General Wesley Clark. I never understood Gen. Clark getting involved with the show, and needless to say, it was not on my viewing list.

  10. Sarah Routh says:

    I’m trying to figure out why anyone with half a brain would take a person suffering with PTSD to a gun range.

  11. Corinne Sabo says:

    I thought those places were supposed to be safe because everybody there has a gun…..another illusion shattered!

  12. Like an old adage… “there’s got to be more to this story” yet to come. We really only know one victim had been a sniper with the Navy SEAL Team 3, who was deployed several times, wrote a book about it & started a security/training business as a veteran. We know the other victim was his neighbor & friend. The story the press has been told is the shooter was a veteran Marine deployed to Iraq once, and suffered PTSD, which the victims were ‘helping’ him with by taking him to a shooting range/resort.

    Hummmmm… what is wrong with this picture?

  13. We’re discussing gun violence and gun control over at my blog and the gun nuts are wanting to dominate. I asked them to explain how the deadliest sniper in US history gets murdered at a gun range. I know he was not there unarmed.

    I can’t wait to see what the Right Wing/Tea Party Einsteins contibute as an explanation.

  14. JJ: The Rough Creek Lodge isn’t some rustic place. It’s a very expensive convention center that sits on 11,000 acres of Texas Hill Country & prides itself on being a ‘family center’ sporting cuisine food.

    The shooter, unemployed & in the Marine Reserves, was taken to a shooting range for a reason – might have been to see if he was employable. However, they took him to a range in an area that looks like Iraq. Hello??

  15. Hubby and I don’t like republicans. We were talking about GW and how upset we were when he was elected. His reign of terror seemed endless and good ole’ karl was talking about a republican domination for years.

    Not that I am upset, but my God, how pathetic that party is now!
    And the best part? democrats almost don’t have to do a thing. All the republican have to do is open their mouths and they are destroying themselves every single day.

    Let the republicans and the NRA talk about guns every day. It will come to a point that just being a republican will bar you from buying a gun.

  16. Let the republicans and the NRA talk about guns every day. It will come to a point that just being a republican will bar you from buying a gun.

    Sorry. Being sold a gun, not buying one.
    I’m finding a good book before the Super Bowl starts!

  17. To invert a line from Chris Rock, this Kyle musta done something wrong, dude put $1.50 worth of bullets in his ass.

  18. So this fool takes a friend suffering from PSTD to a gun range to “help ” him. Great Balls of Fire!! Do these people think guns are a cure for EVERYTHING? Reminds me of a case I handled as a juvenile probation officer – the parents of a boy who had threatened and attempted suicide several times gave their son a gun for Christmas. He killed both of them. Obviously didn’t cure depression.

  19. Guys, this hits very close to home. One of the men shot was a veteran who donated a large majority of the proceeds from his book to help those with PTSD. The second killed was the husband of the vice principal at my sons school. The shooter is a former student of that district also, who was a polite young man who opened doors for teachers at the elementary school before catching a bus to the high school for class. Going to war as a marine left him very damaged, as you can see.

    Some respect please.

  20. @James: I agree. They deserve respect. Just as every victim of gun related death in this crazy country deserves respect.

  21. Aggieland liz says:

    One of the things “brothers in arms” have IS arms. Presumably all those men rained on ranges, etc. There is no doubt that this is a PTSD tragedy, that many, many persons will be adversely affected, and that, er, “mistakes were made.” This really highlights the problem with the mental illness/instability slant on the gun argument: how in the name of all that’s wonderful do you quantify mental stability? And isn’t it a fluid characteristic by its vey nature? If that young Marine had drooled and bayed at the moon, they would never have taken him anywhere! But his problems were more subtle, right up to some point no one could predict or identify, and two nice guys trying to help him are dead, and one broken young man is repsponsible, or perhaps not responsible but they are dead by his hand. The whole thing is tragic, a lesson in the possible consequences when one “lets slip the dogs of war!” This ought to be a wake up call to the Pentagon mucky mucks about what we are bringing home, but they will hide their heads in the sand and try to pass the buck. Good grief, the guy in AL that took that kiddo is a damaged vet from Vietnam! If we’re NOT feeling unsettled by all this we damned well should be, because I’m afraid it is going to get worse-maybe a lot worse!- before it gets better!

  22. Aggieland liz says:

    Oh this Phone! That was “One of the things “brothers in arms” have in common IS arms!” I must have run something together and my phone edited me without actually correcting my error! Sorry

  23. Mon: older veteran shoots & kills urologist in CA
    Tue: older veteran shoots & kills bus driver then abducts 5 yr old boy in rural AL
    Wed: 15 yr old girl in inaugural parade is shot & killed by ?? in Chicago
    Fri: older man (vet?) shoots & kills man & lawyer after mediation of lawsuit in AZ
    Sat: younger veteran shoots & kills Navy SEAL vet & his neighbor at luxury shooting resort in TX

    How loud does this message need to get?

  24. It isn’t just guns that are the problem. Our national lust for war contributed. The two things are linked.

    We need to change the gun/violence culture that permeates our society. It’s not going to happen quickly, but as a society we’ve moved away from public smoking and started treating drunk driving as a serious issue. We can change if we are persistent.

    Really, really persistent.

  25. I agree with LynnN. The tragedies continue, and our legislators poke their heads in the sand. All of these incidents are tragic, and we must begin to change — it’s going to be a long journey.

  26. Forgot one on Thursday. That makes 8 killed within a week… by a gun each day! Copy this list to your desktop & then paste it in every comment section of online news of Obama speaking about gun control. It speaks volumes & offsets all the idiotic arguments posted by trolling gun nutters.

    Monday: doctor shot/killed by old veteran in CA (1)
    Tuesday: school bus driver shot/killed by old veteran in AL (1)
    Wednesday: teenaged girl shot/killed in Chicago park (1)
    Thursday: D.A. shot/killed outside court house in TX (1)
    Friday: businessman & lawyer shot/killed by old man in AZ (2)
    Saturday: Navy SEAL veteran & neighbor shot/killed by Iraq veteran at shooting range on luxury resort in TX (2)

  27. LynnN: Certainly agree about changing American gun/war culture, had changed after the Cold War shut down & the country refocused. But, it was just hiding under the covers, waiting. There won’t be any change so long as 50% of the US budget goes to the military, which feeds the rest of the economy. If we’re going to change it, we have to replace it.

  28. McCain’s first tweet was complaining about earmarks for a bee business in Texas; however, a little research discovered that $243,000 was the annual budget for a USDA bee research station associated with Texas A&M. Now ~ compare that with $245,000 earmarked for a visitors center at a military installation. A pittance compared to total earmarked for Texas in 2010: $20 BILLION – most of which was military-related. Found the very same thing here in Georgia. The wailing over cuts is just beginning & soon we’ll hear all the reasons to declare war against Iran or No. Korea… or our economy will tank for lack of jobs!

  29. TexasEllen says:

    Simple ideas for reaching out to those with PTSD. Take ‘em fishing. Go on a picnic. Swim for a while. Make spaghetti. Work puzzles. Play music.

    Gun range is not a mental health therapy establishment.

  30. Aggieland liz says:

    That poor guy is messed up, no doubt, but this is what he told his sister:
    “I just sold my soul for a new truck.”
    Then he admitted that he killed two people and she called the police. I have not ever heard that PTSD causes men to become thieves; perhaps this is a new symptom?