Sick Uh Rick (Yeah, that’s spelled right)

January 29, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Yeah, now we have numbers.

Honey, I am so sick of Rick Perry that I’d have to get better to die.  It appears that I am not alone.

PPP’s newest poll finds that only 31% of voters think Perry should seek reelection next year, compared to 62% who think it’s time for him to step aside. He’s among the most unpopular Governors in the country, with only 41% of voters approving of him to 54% who disapprove.

Okay, that’s the good news.  But don’t get to celebrating yet, because  ….

The bad news outweighs it.  The old white dude who most likely would win to GOP primary is … shiver, shiver … Greg Abbott, the meanest man in Texas.  He would steal a widow woman’s kindling and hire a stripteaser for a blind man’s birthday.  He makes a hornet look cuddly.

But, Perry is over.  Texans finally got to see the guy answer questions in a uncontrolled situation and he embarrassed the tarnation out of them.

There’s been some speculation recently that Perry might be interested in making another bid for the White House. But only 14% of Texans think Perry should run again, to 79% who are opposed to the idea. Even among his fellow Republicans only 22% think Perry should run for President again with 66% against the concept.

Yeah, they finally got to see Rick Perry and saw that he was dumber than bean dip.

Thanks to Steve for the heads up.

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21 Comments to “Sick Uh Rick (Yeah, that’s spelled right)”

  1. Dumber than bean dip – Good one~

    So, WHO is available and could win on the Democratic side of Tejas?

  2. I, for one, would welcome a Rick Perry presidential campaign again, and again, and again. Please, Rick. Run!

    { cue maniacal laugh …. }

  3. Southern Beale,

    I would feel the same if that gol’ darn varmint wasn’t using taxpayer dollars to support his campaigning and travel…like with the security detail.

  4. Marge Wood says:

    My doctor likes him. Almost makes me want to change doctors. Not the oncologist; he’s a liberal Dem from NY…it’s the other one. Let’s see. Who would make a good governor? How about Wendy Davis? or one of the Castros? I’d be glad to work on one of their campaigns.

  5. Annise Parker, but I don’t think she’s through with H-town yet. “… have to get better to die!” Good one!

  6. Corinne Sabo says:

    I think you insulted the intelligence of bean dip.

  7. Linksmasgrybas says:

    Yeah, what is it you have against bean dip. People probably like it more than Perry,

  8. Sam in Kyle says:

    The bad news is Republicans will turn to Greg Abbott. He may be a big steaming pile but Perry is 2-3 steaming piles at least so they will justify their vote by claiming this makes Abbott a good candidate in their little piggy eyes.

  9. 1toughlady says:

    Leave my bean dip alone, it’s much smarter than Governor Goodhair. Be prepared for Governor Abbott, though; Texas still isn’t finished with stoopid so it’s not ready for a D yet.

  10. Remeber that Goodhair plays dirty and has the tea party standing behind him. I think that a Perry/Abbott primary would be fun to watch with a possible result being the tea party deciding to run their own candidate if they can not have Goodhair on the ticket. Besides, Abbott does not have the same quality of hair as Goodhair

  11. As a true connoisseur of bean dip – I can attest that frijole dip is smarter (and probably tastier) than Perry. How does this sound?…Perry is dumber than potted meat. Or we can always use the tag…dumber than a sack of potatoes!

  12. Any chance Perry and Abbott could be so horrifying in the primary that enough people would vote for anybody else, even a Dem? Or would they just not vote at all….

    How about “dumber than a bag of hammers”?

  13. I’m horrified to think that 41% of Texans approve of him. ‘Splains a lot…

  14. It would have been funny if one had not realized he was Gov. Of a state.

  15. Can’t believe you have missed the obvious. He’s dumber than a bag of hair.

  16. Is that why he proposes to return all that tax money he says Texas doesn’t need? To make the majority love him? Heat a shameless huckster.

  17. Good thing for Perry that he doesn’t understand what numbers mean.

  18. What’s really kind of sick about all this is that it took him making a fool of himself in front of the entire country, before he “embarrassed” Texas.

    If we had a few good newspapers in this state that would do the job they should do…. it wouldn’t have taken 12 years for people to finally get fed up with Perry. Maybe???

    Whatever it took, I’m grateful for it. Bad thing is, he’s been in office so long, just about every public official in Texas was appointed to office by Rick Perry. So we will still be stuck with most of them, regardless. He’ll leave a lot of “bean dip” behind.

  19. Uncle Dave says:

    In 2014 there will be a signs in our front yard and on the fence at the farm: THIS TIME VOTE DEMOCRATIC, TEXAS HAS BEEN EMBARRASSED LONG ENOUGH! Ehh, I’ve got a year to work on it.

  20. Peter Merkin Jr says:

    Yes Texas is a laughing stock. Most of us are smart but a bag of hammers are our public facade. Im ashamed.

  21. DUMBER THAN DIRT! Kind of rolls off the tongue.