Oh Gezzzz, Guys. Again?

January 28, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

In midtown Houston, the former Obama headquarters is on a fairly busy corner.  I pass by it almost weekly to visit two people I love who live in downtown.

There are two murals on the side of the big yellow building.  I have taken snapshots of them because they are oh so cool.

This one was from 2008 —

And this ten foot tall one is from 2012 —

Can you see the red lines at the top right?  That is the leftovers of paint that was splattered over it by vandals last October.  The sign was re-painted by volunteers.  But the paint splatters around the edges were left.

Last night, the party of NO once again offers their help to make America better.

The murals were painted by local artists as their donation to the cause.

At the time the mural was completed, International Studies professor Rogelio Garcia Contreras of the University of St. Thomas said it spoke more about the movement of change and hope than about Obama as a candidate. With the exception of propaganda campaigns in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, he said, murals generally don’t express ideas about a person.

“I think it reflects the idea that Obama is helping America move toward something they really need, and that’s hope,” Contreras said, “and that’s something different than what we’ve had in the last two centuries as it relates to ethnicity, links to power and some sort of network of support.”

I hope Houston continues to repaint it because I love those murals.  I really do.

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8 Comments to “Oh Gezzzz, Guys. Again?”

  1. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Seems that a “job creator” is someone who tears things down so that someone else can pay people to fix it.

  2. It’s a great mural and campaign sign in the right environment, but it’s also easy to realize that the motif constitutes taunting to Tea Party wingnuts. The grand old art of defacing illustrations has been around since people wanted to draw moustaches on the Mona Lisa. No real surprise here.

  3. scottybeamer says:

    Well, they did prove one thing………they aren’t nearly as artistic as those who painted the mural. I’m assuming that “artistic’ and “stupid” are not interactive.

  4. I would like very much if the Democratic Party takes up a donation to bring that young Afghan girl (who wove a rug with Obama’s image) here to meet the President. She needs to get out of Afghanistan before the Taliban tries to destroy her & her rug!!

  5. Defacing art is a sign of immaturity and rudeness. Defacing campaign signs is a sign of immaturity and rudeness. There’s a heckuva lot of immature, rude, Republicans.

  6. Couldn’t the artists repaint it and cover it with some sort of clear coating that would make it easy to just wipe off?

  7. The poster is meant to convey a message. Defaced it just conveys a different, but still useful message. Repainting it is the best message of all.

  8. I’ll contribute to buy some of this stuff for the artist..

    It’ll be worth it just imagining the look on the defacer’s face when he tries it again.