The Michelle Eye Roll

January 24, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Okay, biggest thing on the Internet Tubes – Michelle Obama’s eye roll at John Boehner.

Personally, I think estrogen causes all women do that around John Boehner.

I also think she was saying, “Good Lord, Man, I can even smell your orange.  Tone it down, Bud.”

Or maybe, “Yeah, in a million years.  No, wait, let me check – nope, not even then.”

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18 Comments to “The Michelle Eye Roll”

  1. I think she was saying, “Who told John he could bring his dog to lunch?”

  2. hahahahahahahaha

  3. HaHa. Go back and look when the President was giving is speech. Mrs. Boehner was directly behind him and looked even more mad than her husband. If looks could kill…

  4. Stephanie in Arlington says:

    We just thought it looked like the normal womanly response to the bad “dad jokes” that men tell!

  5. President Obama leaned a little behind Michelle and said something to Boehner; Boehner does his little laugh, Barack is laughing and Michelle is rolling her eyes as if to say: “Men! Bah!” Well, whatever is going on, Barack and Boehner got a chuckle out of it. Michelle’s look is more like “… you guys are pathetic!” LOL

  6. And the media-morons are all over this, as if anyone with a brain hasn’t rolled their eyes innumerable times every time Boehner opens his mouth!

  7. The story I heard was that Boehner asked the President whether he had been able to slip away (from Michelle, presumably) to sneak a cigarette. And then . . . cue eye roll.

  8. Punkinbugg says:

    I agree with Marcia. Watch it again. I think FLOTUS is reacting to something POTUS just said behind her back. Eye rolls in our house happen much the same way LOL.

  9. W C Peterson says:

    There’s also a photo of Mrs Boehner during Biden’s oath of office. She’s smiling broadly, so there may have a skin color thing going on inside her head during Barack’s oath.

  10. I think people have read too much in to the eye roll. When I open my mouth (even to get a good breath) my wife’s eyes roll. Michelle was commenting (nonverbally) on men’s ignorance. I just hope she wasn’t in any way grouping those two guys together. Obama might merit an eye roll. Boehner evokes a full-fledged hurl.

  11. I agree David, could have been anything. However, I did note that Boehner kept tapping her on the arm and that would certainly get a mighty eye roll from me and a glance that says, “one more time and you’re gonna regret it.”

  12. fenway fran says:

    You’re right JaneE, a longer clip shows Boehner tapping her on the arm. I’d eye roll, too. She probably doesn’t care to force hilarity with men who target her husband.

  13. Well, she looked like she was enjoying her lunch before the little digression. I’d probably do more than eye roll if someone–especially someone who’d been nasty to my family–interrupted me when I was eating. Especially since I wouldn’t be too sure on a day like the Inauguration when I’d be able to sit down and eat properly.

  14. Exactly cairoacat, I saw some horrible comments in one of the foreign newspapers maybe the Guardian where some real idiots were saying she was really chowing down. You bet I would take the time to get some nourishment in me on a day like that. Also, too, eating got her out of talking to him. She’s no fool.

  15. aggieland liz says:

    Well, that’s WHY he kept tapping on her arm, here he is sitting next to this stunning dinner partner, trying to get her attention because on his other side is…um, well…oops!

  16. Boehner hasn’t been sober for more than a day or two at a time since he became Speaker. He holds it together pretty well for being drunk most of the time.

  17. Dianne Saichek says:

    Your focus is all wrong! Mrs. Boehner is the interesting one here. Trying to get her napkin to lay flat, and it just keeps jumping back up. Or is she trying to adjust her garter belt…..hard to tell.

  18. I, too, saw the arm tap and it looked more like a smack.
    Any parent knows you don’t respond to obnoxious behavior and I think she was attempting to ignore him as much as possible and focusing on her food was an acceptable way to do that.