California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly Speaks to God So You Won’t Have To

January 22, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

If you’re wondering what caliber God is carrying, you may get some guidance form California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly.

Tim’s been shown the light and wants to shine it in your eyes —

A Republican lawmaker in California who disagrees with President Barack Obama’s effort to prevent mass shootings says that guns are an “absolutely essential” part of God’s plan.

“Guns are used an average of 3 million times a year according to the Clinton Justice Department,” Assemblyman Tim Donnelly told the Christian talk radio show The Bottom Line on Wednesday. “That’s like 6,900 times a day. That’s the high end of the statistics, other people say it’s only 200 times a day.”

“Whatever that number is, they are used to defend human life,” he explained. “They are used to defend our property and our families and our faith and our freedom, and they are absolutely essential to living the way God intended for us to live.”

Tim, Babe, oh Honey, Bless your heart.

Tim is also real, real, sure that President Obama’s nakkid power grab to get guns would have done nothing to stop Sandy Hook.  Uh, I can think of at least one person’s guns that needed taking.

Thanks to Lindy for the heads up.

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15 Comments to “California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly Speaks to God So You Won’t Have To”

  1. Aggieland liz says:

    Ya know, speaking of nekkid, Adam and Eve didn’t have any place to conceal guns (??Eve’s hair??) and I’m pretty sure they got kicked out of Eden with a flaming sword, not marched out at pistol point. Cain murdered brother Abel, but it doesn’t mention that shots were fired. Someone needs to check his references, methinks.

  2. Alacrity Fitzhughe says:

    Oh Good! Finally a non-Texan crackpot.

  3. I think it’s weird when a Christian says that some modern technology is part of god’s plan. If it is, why wasn’t it invented sooner?

  4. Better yet, why wasn’t the gun already here when Adam and Eve got here?

    What was Jesus packing anyway?

  5. Well…some might say it’s because God knew who was intended to invent it. Others might say it’s because when a Christian says that, they’re not being a good Christian. I prefer the latter explanation, because I’m tired of being blamed for what some ignoramus who only thinks he’s Christian says.

    Tim Donnelly is an ignorant dunderhead. That he claims to be a Christian makes just as much sense as it would if I claimed to be a Buddhist and went around spouting things Buddhists find repugnant.

  6. Cheryl, to answer your question about what Jesus was packing:

  7. Braxton Braggart says:

    It’s well known that the shortest Bible verse is “Jesus wept.” Less well known is that the second-shortest verse is “lock and load.”

  8. Why do people who generally don’t believe in evolution, have no problem thinking that God created the world without guns, but then allowed swords, slingshots, etc to evolve into guns “essential to living the way God intended for us to live?”

  9. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Is there even one instance where Jesus spoke of self defense?

    The only instance I know of where he was set upon, he declined to defend himself.

    So where do they get all this stuff about self defense being God’s way?

  10. Corinne Sabo says:

    Guns were part of ‘beat your swords into plowshares’ and buy a gun?

  11. Susan Yardley says:

    Found this poem today in the San Francisco Chronicle – via The Chicago Tribune – by Carl Sandburg. I especially like the last line.

    “A Revolver”

    Here is a revolver.
    It has an amazing language all its own.
    It delivers unmistakable ultimatums.
    It is the last word.
    A simple, little human forefinger can tell a terrible story with it.
    Hunger, fear, revenge, robbery hide behind it.
    It is the claw of the jungle made quick and powerful.
    It is the club of the savage turned to magnificent precision.
    It is more rapid than any judge or court of law.
    It is less subtle and treacherous than any one lawyer or ten.
    When it has spoken, the case can not be appealed to the supreme court, nor any mandamus nor any injunction nor any stay of execution come in and interfere with the original purpose.
    And nothing in human philosophy persists more strangely than the old belief that God is always on the side of those who have the most revolvers.

  12. As I recall, when soldiers arrested Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, one of the disciples pulled a sword, and Jesus told him to put it away. Doesn’t sound like he was big on “stand your ground” laws to me.

    I keep seeing (online) signs and comments by people who think that the Second Amendment is in the Bible. I’d like them to tell me chapter and verse, because they’re reading a different version than the one I was given.

    Here it is– Matthew 21:52. “Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place; for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” (Similar in John 18:11.)

    I guess some folks have torn those pages out. Tearing pages out of the Bible is a popular “Christian” activity.

  13. And then they’ll pry that sword outta your cold, dead hand.

  14. As a Californian I am proud that we can provide such a sterling example of a right-wing loony as Donnelly. And here you thought we were all arugula-eating, latte-sipping liberals.

    California’s rural areas have produced specimens fit to compete with the finest from Texas or Arizona. And Orange County does one better ’cause their right-wing loonies are rich.

  15. scottybeamer says:

    His comments make about as much sense as that christian mingling thingy where people find people who their god had already chosen for them anyway, but he just wanted to make them look on that electric internet thingy to find out who the heck their new luv would be. Such power as we’ve never seen before now. That sure sounds like a lot of mingling to find the person who was already meant for ya. That leaves the question of……….oh, wait, there’s too many questions to even ask! Maybe when they find each other, they will see that they even have the same kind of revolver…… quaint indeed.