Meet Steve Stockman: The Return of Animal House

January 15, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Please allow me to introduce you to Texas Congressidiot Steve Stockman.

Weird even by Texas standards

This is not Steve’s first time to serve in congress representing Texas.  He was elected for one term in 1994 and promptly defeated for what the Beaumont Enterprise described …

Stockman’s two years in Congress were marked by weirdness, such as an article in Guns & Ammo magazine that appeared under his byline in which he suggested the then-new Clinton administration raided the Branch Davidian compound in Waco on April 19, 1993, to justify a ban on assault weapons.

Oddly, Stockman said this immediately after the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City.

Stockman spent some time being a vagrant until he found Jesus at the Southern Baptist Church and claims, in his own words, that the reason he lost the election in 1996 was because he “had a birthday, two federal elections, and a wedding anniversary, all within 30 days.”

If you go to Stockman’s website, you’ll discover that President Obama has declared war on Texas.

So, Texas sent Weird Steve back to congress.  Before he even packs his bags, the FEC blew the whistle.  (It opens in a pdf)  It seems that Steve’s contributions are in excess of the limit for individuals or groups, and that he failed to file true and honest timely accounting of contributions just prior to the election.

I am certain this was caused by Obama, the Branch Davidians, Hillary Clinton, the Federal Reserve, and a couple of birthdays, but it’s still an ethics violation.

Now I know you wish I’d quit typing and telling you about Weird Steve, but Steve’s from East Texas and has some work to do to rise to the Louie Gohmert level of nincompoopism.

He’s got a good start.

Freshman Republican Rep. Steve Stockman (Texas) on Monday said he would “seek to thwart” executive action by President Obama in regard to gun laws by any means necessary, even if it means “filing articles of impeachment.”

And to think there are some people who had placed five dollars cash American money bets that Weird Steve would call for impeachment by March.  It took him less than two weeks and now I owe five bucks to Alfredo over at the Dairy Queen.  Dammit.

Thanks to everybody and their Aunt Mable for the heads up.

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11 Comments to “Meet Steve Stockman: The Return of Animal House”

  1. I swear it’s breathing the combination of red dirt dust and pine tree fumes that addles their brains.

  2. If I recall correctly, from that Constitution course that in my day you had to take and pass to graduate from high school, Congresspersons take an oath of office. (Maybe the Texas Board of Education changed that requirement? Given the number of Texas pols who seem unacquainted with the actual Constitution, I often wonder…)

    One of the elements of that oath is to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States (not the Constitution of Texas, which is a weird and unnatural conglomeration), and that Constitution makes it clear that federal laws apply to all states. I’d like to impeach every sumbitch who has taken that oath (necessary, to serve as a Congressperson) and then turned around and tried to violate it. That may not be legal, but it seems to me that violating your enabling oath ought to result in a good solid whack on the nose by the Justice Department.

  3. It’s sad to say, that when I see the word, Congressidiot, I don’t even need to see Texas in front of the word or R.
    It is a given.

    I personally think it should be Steven Cobert’s Word of the day.

  4. I am becoming more and more convinced that the people who cover news in our nation’s capitol…… follow (who knows…. maybe even stalk) the Texas Congressional delegation…….. and just sit back and wait for somebody to say something this idiotic.

    Just (2) questions.
    (1)Why do they always have to be from Texas?
    (2) Who keeps electing these folks and sending them up there to make the rest of us (who wouldn’t vote for them if they were the only candidate on the ballot) look like we don’t have good sense?

    Good Grief!

  5. What is wrong with people in that part of Texas?

    It should make big national news every time they do or say something stupid, followed by the words “elected by the people in FILL IN THE BLANK County. What is wrong with them?” Start embarrassing the people who elect them.

    Oh, wait, something tells me they cannot be embarrassed.

  6. $5? You owe Alfredo $5? How can I get in on that action? I mean, if we’re bettin’ on how stoopid our members of Congress are, it’s a sure thing. Bet on the lowest bar. Bet below the bar. Dig a hole and blast it bigger. Bound to be a winner. And JJ is gonna pay out $5? Will wonders never, ever, never cease? ;-)

  7. Everyone knows that you cannot win an election within 30 days of a birthday.

    Though if Stockman continues to blather on about impeachment it will be a wonderful birthday present to Dems everywhere. (Especially if it happens simultaneously with the debt ceiling fiasco and a spate of weird Repub comments on immigration and guns.)

  8. I think that if Texas used random selection from among the population of the state that it would inprove the quality of the Congressional delegation.

  9. This is East Texas. I went to Tiffany’s Restaurant in Alba, TX on Lake Fork. When we went to pay out, this is what the bumper stickers said that were on the counter:

    A picture of Obama saying Work Harder Millions on Welfare are depending on you

    I was Anti-Obama before Anti-Obama was cool.

    I would be willing to bet that my husband and I were the only ones who were offended by this.

  10. My congressman now. I wrote to him already but have no response so far; maybe he’s running a stealth office like he ran a stealth campaign. Max Martin probably never had a chance running against all that crazy on no money. Max did get the Chronicle endorsement, but at the last minute when half the votes had already been cast early. What do you want to ask Congressman Stockman?