Chuck Hagel and the RightWing

January 07, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Lindsey Graham is just shocked about Chuck Hagel. He accusing President of acting like he won the election.

Graham is the oddest man on earth to be claiming anybody is outside the mainstream.

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21 Comments to “Chuck Hagel and the RightWing”

  1. Lindsey Graham does the things he’s done recently because he’s up for reelection in 2014 and knows he has to seem belligerent about everything President Obama wants to do. The Club for Growth has promised to primary him, so he has to convince the majority of voters in SC that he hates everything about the president and democrats. The one thing I can say about Graham is that he knows his constituents and is willing to play into their prejudices in order to keep his seat in Congress–the self-serving b*stard.

  2. Bless his/her heart…….

  3. daChipster says:

    Oh deah, I b’lieve Miss Lindsey is havin’ th’ Vapors!

  4. Larry McLaughlin says:

    Lindsey Graham saying Chuck Hagel is out of the mainstream is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  5. @daChipster: You better watch out Miss Lindsey might hit you with her purse!

  6. He reminds me of my deceased great uncle… a seriously whiney Baptist Minister that always talked to Jesus in his best Southern Drawl…. which I am sure was very popular in Loveland, Colorado. He was a piece of work.

  7. Oh…. I forgot to add… my sisters and I always referred to him as Uncle StraightLace.

  8. Senatorette Miss Lindsey is calling the nomination of Hagel and “In your face” nomination. And that makes Miss Lindsey what, exactly?

  9. TexasEllen says:

    DaChipster and Rekster: the purse is a hazard, but the bag of quarters can be lethal.

  10. When the hell is someone going to take on the Club for Growth and just deck it?CFG is just another type of Grover Norquist. CFG and Grover share a common belief: take hostages and never let them go. Just a bunch of dang common (like my late beloved Southern mom in law used to say) bullies. Good luck, Lindsey, if you are going to pal around with these jerks! They will suck you under faster than an mammoth in the LaBrea tar pit! And without the whimsey!

  11. Suddenly I’m feeling grandmotherly toward dear Lindsey. I want to just grasp those icky hands and say “Honey…Lindsey dear…now just sit down here and take a deep breath. Grandma’s got to have a little chat with you. You say the President’s acting like he won the election…and you’re right…because, sweetie, he did. He won the election. You need to face that, because it really is true. Two plus two really is four, and the President really did win the election. Won it fair and square.

    “So honey, if you want to be on the winning side, you’re gonna have to turn around–repent, in theological terms–and start telling your voters the truth. The President won the election. That’s a fact. Those nasty people you been hanging out with have lied to you for years…and you believed them. Time to wake up and face it–you wuz snookered by a bunch of rich northern liars.”

  12. When did saying “I’m not an Israeli senator. I’m a United States senator.” become un-American?

  13. Lynn,
    Yep. That seems to be the RePigs main objection to Hagel. All he did was speak TRUTH. He was a United States Senator and not an Israeli senator.

    Sissyboy’s claim that POTUS made an “in your face nomination” makes me roflmfao because were I in that position, EVERY SINGLE THING would be “in your face” to the RePiggery Obstructionists. President Obama WON and they are still lousy sore losers. Pathetic.

  14. UmptyDump says:

    I fancy by these comments that most think Sen. Graham’s mannerisms are a bit on the effeminate side. I won’t ridicule his politics on the basis of his perceived masculinity, because his politics would still be as off-base given his redneck constituency and had he once played strong-side tackle for Clemson. On the personal side, though, he does look like a candidate for testosterone therapy.

  15. UmptyDump says:

    Of course, we folks aren’t the only ones who have voiced these opinions. Maybe it’s time for LG – as one lady commented – “to come out of the cupboard” …

  16. Sam in Kyle says:

    Hagel committed the unforgivable sin of not bowing down and kissing the tookus of the extreme right wing party guiding Israel. Whether or not you support Palestine as a country, everyone should be alarmed at the hard right swing that Israel has taken towards the people of that country. Some of the plans like rebuilding the Temple will cause further bloodshed and war in that region. All Republicans, and sadly some Democrats, are so scared of the clout of AIPAC that they lay their conscience and rationality aside and continue to send money to what is rapidly becoming a fascist regime.

    Go Hagel.

  17. Marge Wood says:

    YOOHOO. This ain’t about nobody but Miz Juanita. Wouldn’tcha know, she done come to Austin and got herself feeling porely, so I say right now Let’s us all say HOWDY JUANITA JEAN and YOU GIT YERSELF WELL REAL QUICK, YOU HEAR?

  18. UmptyDump just diagnosed Lindsey!
    ” he once played strong-side tackle for Clemson. ”
    I’ll bet when He played, they were still wearing those leather hats- and Lindsey got severely smacked upside his head more than once!!

  19. UmptyDump says:

    FTR, I was only hypothesizing about Clemson. LG is actually a Gamecock alum, not a Tiger. He probably would take more offense at that characterization than any aspersions to his manliness.

  20. Aggieland liz says:

    N he was prolly the “weak side tackle” NOT the strong side tackle! If he wasn’t wringing his petticoats on the sidelines! And U-D, I’ll betcha Miz Lindsey’s boyfriends don’t want no testosterone therapy applications, nosiree!

  21. attilatheblond says:

    Two things:
    1)Lindsey’s knickers are in a twist cuz he wanted the appointment to DOD. Prancing around giving orders to all those fellas in purty uniforms has been his lifelong dream.

    2) referencing comments re Zedler’s stripper license, um, anybody else wondering that Lindsey’s porn name would be?