Oh John. Not the F Word. Not at Harry.

January 02, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Look, I know this is some tough times for John Boehner.  I know that by about 10:00 last night he was feeling that if he was a dog on Noah’s ark he’d get stuck with both fleas.

But that’s no excuse for saying the F word to Harry Reid.  The worst F word that Harry Reid has ever said is fiddlesticks.

According to Politico, several sources claimed to have overheard a verbal altercation between the two men in the White House lobby.

With no bipartisan agreement about the debt ceiling, spending cuts and tax increases in sight, Boehner reportedly pointed at Reid and said, “Go f**k yourself.”

“What are you talking about?” Reid asked.

And Boehner again said, “Go f**k yourself.”

I completely understand that last night, at least to John Boehner, Harry Reid looked like a man who’d won the lottery twice in a row.  But in reality Harry wasn’t having a stellar night himself.  Joey B had to come save the day.  So I think the man Boehner wanted to say the F word to was Joey B.  I wouldn’t mind that because Joey B has used the F word himself and could knock Boehner so cold that by the time he woke up his clothes would be out of style.

John Boehner is a pissant of a man.

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19 Comments to “Oh John. Not the F Word. Not at Harry.”

  1. My goodness! Just look at that! The Repugs are following in the footsteps of Dick Cheney!

  2. gabberflasted says:

    When you have nothing to say, when you cannot find appropriate words, when you are just ‘gabberflasted’ the ‘F bomb is what you spout.

  3. Ain’t it amazing how eloquent (and brave) the Squeaker gets after slugging down a fifth of Old Grandad?

    Orange you all glad he ain’t from Texas?

  4. I am getting really tired of Obama giving up more and more in order to reach a compromise with the darn Teapublicans when they gave up nothing. Grow a pair and let the s.o.b.’s take the blame.

  5. Your post made me laugh! I really needed that! Thanks.

  6. Larry McLaughlin says:

    Boehner just wants Harry to do what orangeman has been doing to himself for the past 2 years.

  7. It is inconceivable to me that Speaker Boehner would lose it to that degree, in that place, to the Leader of the Senate Majority. Yes, it’s been a very stressful, rough Session, and as a Speaker, Boehner’s record will go down in history as the least productive, the worst. I wouldn’t want to be in his place…. I almost feel sorry for the poor schmuck…. but Karma is the real deal…. if you are good, it is very very good, and if you are bad… it’s awful. That ole tenfold thing always kicks in, and YOU are the one who puts in in place… not someone else. Paybacks are a bear….

    The National Memo’s headline this morning was, “Fiscal Deal Passes as GOP Clown Car Crashes, Again”.

  8. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Well, there is a precedent for saying that to a Senator, and maybe Boehner thinks it’s a privilege granted to the 3rd in line of succession to the Presidency and not just one no-class person who was 2nd in line when he did it. Either way, it’s low class and while I have used that phrase on a few choice occasions it was low class for me, too.

  9. And there are so many witty things he could have said. Lack of education– or class– is a real handicap when trying to be insulting.

  10. fenway fran says:

    My dad used to say that kind of language was ‘evidence of a limited vocabulary’. While I have had that phrase escape my lips more than I care to admit, and I can understand severe frustration limiting one’s vocab, using it in the White House on your leadership counterpart is NOT the kind of behavior we expect, nor is it conducive to bipartisanship in the new year, not that the Orange Man gives a rip at this point.

  11. We know it’s been personal against our President since he was the Democratic nominee, so it’s no surprise that Boner would try to blame others for his shortcomings.

  12. Corinne Sabo says:

    This is Bonehead’s idea of civility and negotiating.

  13. san fraser says:

    Anyone have a source for a list of the corporate pork in the bill? I understand it is a well kept secret and massive.

  14. As a frequent user my-own-damn-self, I can understand his anger.

  15. “Our Johnny is growing up so fast! The next thing you know, he’ll be shooting his lawyer in the face and making the lawyer apologize for getting hurt!”

  16. And now the Rethugs are taking their revenge on those they think voted against them. ¡For Shame!

    http://t.co/gvT5lmZz @shannynmoore

  17. If you want to know who won this battle, the Dems did. Boehner just proved it.

  18. Harry shouldn’t take it personally, Boehner has to tell his wife the same thing. John’s idea of sex these days is 20 lashes with a wet noodle.

  19. Umptydump says:

    From now on I’m going to refer to Speaker Boehner as ARGO Boehner. Those who saw the movie with that title will understand!