Slash and Run

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Republicans are well known for not liking each other.  I have a long time Republican friend and when we have lunch and I say, “John Boehner creeps me out,” she replies, “Oh, me, too.”  When I say, “Rick Perry is dumber than bean dip,” she smiles and says, “Oh yes he is.”  I accuse her of not liking any Republicans since Abraham Lincoln.  She agrees that I am close to right.

One of the reasons that Republicans are Republicans is that they have no understanding of the social contract or sense of community because they can’t get along with anyone, including each other.  And in some amazing examples, even themselves.  Clarence Thomas leaves a trail of self-loathing everywhere he goes.

But, this guy appears to be a ringleader.

Run and Slash?

A man who ran for the Republican nomination for a U.S. House seat is now in jail after accusations that he slashed the tires of at least one former rival, reported KOB Dec. 28.

A police detective in Albuquerque told the news outlet that a surveillance video of a man slashing the tires of Janice Arnold-Jones’ car on Dec. 20 “did appear to be him.”

Gary Smith sought the GOP nomination for New Mexico’s 1st District, but he was removed from the ballot after Arnold-Jones, his Republican opponent, filed a lawsuit that claimed Smith did not actually have enough signatures. The judge agreed.

Police said Smith may also have slashed the tires of other Republicans involved in removing him from the race.

One of his former opponents has spent $2,500 replacing tires.   I don’t know about you, but that would start getting on my nerves at about the $75 point.

If you don’t think that John Boehner would slash Mitch McConnell’s tires if he had half a chance of getting away with it, you are kidding yourself.  And Eric Conter would slash the tires of both of them and steal their radio, too.

Thanks to Brian for the heads up.

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13 Comments to “Slash and Run”

  1. Linksmasgrybas says:

    You are so right in this. It always amazed me, when talking to some of my Repugnican friends that they had the same attitude. This past election was a perfect example. Not many liked the Mittwit, but would vote for him because he was the Repugnican nominee. Never could understand it, but I guess hatred for the other man overcomes all sense of honor.

  2. Aggieland liz says:

    Well, Barfield has been stealing from Dewhurst, and look what Armey did to FreedomWorks! This is just low-rent thuggery as opposed to high-society thuggery!

  3. publius bolonius says:

    “I can’t leave with empty pockets” – GOP prayer

  4. I have no republican friends…and this is why. They are mean, often ignorant, supremely superficial, and cannot be trusted with the girl scout cookie money let alone the national fortune.

  5. I think a lot of conservatives in the USA are pathological. Each one of them thinks that they are the Only True Conservative and everything else is just “too liberal.”

    If you keep thinking everything is “too liberal”, maybe the problem is you.

    And now they are turning on each other. I am not surprised.

    They keep saying they want to secede. I say let’s give them Mississippi. Anyone who wants to leave will be allowed out, and let some of these “real patriots” move in.

    And then wait a while. I would say maybe five years. They would all be out for each other. Maybe it would be as bad as Somalia, who knows? Or they would be trying to secede from each other.

    And Wall Street could make a killing selling derivatives betting how long it would last.

  6. Slash tires? Filibuster? Slash tires? Filibuster? Decisions, decisions. So much to obstruct, so many ways to cut off progress. Gary Smith was probably practicing for his future role in Congress.

  7. TexasEllen says:

    The Lord of the Flies is the Republican Youth Group handbook. Many of the old codgers are in a state of arrested development and are still clinging to it.

  8. My Repub friends are mostly small business owners, like me. The difference is they have all swallowed the lines that they “built it”, all by themselves, of course and that the federal and state governments are just there to rob their families by overtaxing them. It’s sad, because they are pretty nice people otherwise.

  9. @VeeGee, I bet 99% of those Republican small business owners cheat on their taxes, writing off a number of personal items as “business expenses” and pocketing cash receipts. I did some work for two who did and have personally known others, some even bragged about how much they got away with.

  10. Oh, yeah, June…. and they will be the first people to jump all over our President for not wearing a damned American flag pin…. because they are such true, patriotic Americans.

    Excuse me while I wretch. I am just sick sick sick of these yahoos.

  11. Reminds me of an expression, French I think: a basket of crabs– meaning a bunch of nasty people stuck together doing endlessly nasty things to each other.

    With apologies to actual crabs.

  12. Republicans loathing one another is the only bit of smarts and good judgment that we’ve seen from them lately.

  13. Between this and the wingnut who drew a gun on an old guy who objected to his bumper sticker insulting Obama and it’s getting almost as embarrassing (and dangerous) to be a lefty here as it was down south. At least the wingnut is in jail over it (the cop swore he looked like he was about to fire when the cop showed up) while he might have gotten a talking to back in Dixie.