Hoping the New GOP Rulemaker is Named Ernie or Oscar

January 01, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

I admit it.  I enjoyed it.

I just saw Anderson Cooper interview Grover Norquist.  Ole Grover, who knows his numbers up, his 15 minutes are over, and he been relegated to the children’s table, tried to look relevant by claiming that a yes vote tonight would not be “a technical violation” of his pledge.

His reasoning was that the Bush tax cuts expired last night so the Senate bill is actually a tax cut

Bless his heart, he was more twisted than a barrel of snakes.

Honey, disco is less over than Grover.

Also, if you’re on Twitter, go check #fireBoehner –  the rightwing wants to fire Boehner and replace him with Allen West.  Yes, the same Allen West who got defeated.  Remeber when crazy Louie Gohmert voted for Newt Gingrich for Speaker?  Well, they are all that crazy now.

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17 Comments to “Hoping the New GOP Rulemaker is Named Ernie or Oscar”

  1. Sam in Kyle says:

    Would they have to loosen the straps on the jacket so Allen West could hold the gavel? Perhaps they could dig old Ronnie Reagan up and prop the corpse up in the chair. Come to think of it, he would less damage than the current leadership.

  2. The only thing keeping me from being completely depressed by this mess is the fact that the Republicans have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. Talk about going over the cliff they are plummeting faster than that boulder fixing to hit ole Wylie Coyote on the head.

    Beep, Beep! Road Runner my foot, that’s Pelosi in your rear view boys.

  3. Although the Constitution doesn’t say that it is necessary to be a member of Congress in order to be the Speaker – it’s never been done. West would be a first. The same West that his voters just vomited out.

    Talking about a party going further down the rabbit hole…

    Why not vote in that Westboro preacher? Charlie Manson is probably coming up for a parole review soon – another possibilty.

  4. Bud Malone says:

    Once upon a time, in the distant past, logic, reason and stable judgement were paramount in our thinking. Despite the obstructionists in Congress, a marginally good bill has passed both chambers. Grover, beige my fess.

  5. A thought just occurred to me when I saw that the vast majority of Rethugs voted against the bill–the Boner could very well be reelected Speaker with Dem votes. I wonder if Nancy is working toward that.

    The plot thickens . . .

  6. Norquist’s “logic” is that a bill that would have been all wrong on December 31, 2012, is just wonderful on January 1, 2013.

    What happens in 2012 stays in 2012?

    There’s a great t-shirt that Norquist should consider: “I must hurry and catch up with the others for I am their leader.”

  7. It should be treason for any Congressman or women to sign a pledge other then one that adheres to the Constitution.
    And they take a pledge on a bible for Pete’s sake to uphold the Constitution.
    How can they do that and sign a pledge to a person who is neither God or a Congressmen? That does not allow them to think what is best for their constituents, but forbids them to raise taxes for any reason.

    I think before any WAR is approved by Congress, they should have to pass a bill requiring the war be paid for by a tax increase.
    We’d be a happier country and world.

  8. Grover IS a barrel of snakes. Pit vipers.

  9. That “Speaker of the House” position scares me. It’s part of the legal chain of succession if the President is removed. That bleary-eyes boner is not acceptable to me.

  10. Wyatt_Earl says:

    But don’t you see, West is a Knee-gro, and that would make them inclusive and all their ideas would appeal to the radical, liberal, commie, homo, Eastern, college educated perverts if they named West.

  11. Hell, I’d vote for Elmo for speaker! He’d be one big damn improvement over the current crop of contenders!

  12. Linksmasgrybas says:

    Diane, I couldn’t agree more. For members of an elected body to sign pledges to a dimwit creep sholud be treasonous and be grounds for being thrown out of congress, period.

  13. publius bolonius says:

    I’d prefer the Swedish Chef. He talks a lot, but is completely incomprehensible. A definite improvement on the Republicanites.

  14. So if the (few) Repubs who voted FOR it kept their pledge, then the (vast majority) of Repubs who voted against it must have broken theirs. So either way GN loses big time and also looks like an idiot.

  15. The Publicans seem more like Statler and Waldorf, the old (white) guys in the Muppet balcony who just make snarky comments about everything else. Except that Statler and Waldorf are funny and not harmful.

  16. Corinne Sabo says:

    Check out Eliot Shapleigh’s book on Grover (Norquist, not the Muppet).

  17. There are some that want Loony Louie as speaker.