New Year’s Resolution: Find More Crazy Crap

December 28, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

The Antichrist In Gangnam Style

God is making videos now.  No, seriously.

We can’t make the You Tube work here, so click right here and become witness to why some people should not have a Bible.

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33 Comments to “New Year’s Resolution: Find More Crazy Crap”

  1. Grace Newton says:

    I really don’t know what to say about that other than smack my head repeatedly against the edge of my desk. And that would hurt. You’re right. Some people should not be allowed to own a Bible.

  2. I hope this guy doesn’t own any guns. He is truly bat-guano crazzzzzyyyy!

  3. Mike in MO says:

    O.K., so an airplane towing a banner is a message from God. I guess this means that God has sent several messages about his favorite greasy spoons, and I have lost count on how many women he has proposed to.

  4. daChipster says:

    This is why we can’t have anything nice.

    This doofus has a whole bunch of these things expounding, expanding and expatiating on all sort of signs of the “end times” many of which have to do with Obama, homosexuality, numerology, precognitive astrology and pop culture.

    Sooooo, he says the song “Call me Maybe” is not saying maybe, call me sometime, but that my name is actually Maybe, which is oh so similar to Nostradamus’ name for the Antichrist “Mabus” because they both begin with “M-A-B”

    Mabe, Mabe not. But I can tell you one thing for certain:

    A certain repressed somebody on this video needs to get laid, in the worst way.

  5. They come out of the friggin’ woodwork, don’t they? In one of my delusional states, I imagine God and His boy, Jesus, packs a nice picnic hamper, pulls up their golden thrones and just have a side-splitting good laugh at some of these jokers! Do you ever wonder if God ever says: Oh my Self? What are these idiots doing? What a bunch of crackerjacks!

    Yup, they just crawl out of the woodwork!!!

  6. This guy would be pretty hilarious if I didn’t also have the mental picture of some loony mouth breather with a semi-automatic taking matters into his own hands after listening to that drivel.

  7. Rev. Bill McIntyre says:

    It says that Sampson slew a 1000 Philistines with the jaw bone of an ass.

    That same instrument is at work in the video.

  8. That whiny voice irritated me pretty quickly, but I did look carefully at the nasty old man who was speaking. There is a remarkable scar?/organ? visible on his neck. I believe he is actually some kind of Frankenstein creature, with the head from one person surgically attached to a different body. That’s my guess.

    And I absolutely KNOW that the Bible did not predict or promise the return of Enoch.

  9. Sometimes a towel is just a towel and sunglasses are just sunglasses.

    Poor guy sees homosexuals everywhere! Guess he doesn’t understand that Jjimjilbangs or mogyoktangs are a part of life in Korea.

  10. There is that incredible urge to point out to him that he believes in reincarnation – just to help make his head spin.

    What an arrogant, self-aggrandizing, jack-ass. ‘Nough said.

  11. mary jo dupre says:

    I saw an airplane towing a “hooters” sign yesterday in Northwest Houston. What is God’s message to me?

  12. John Peter Henson says:

    What happened to the First and Second Eagle of the Appocolypse? How do you become an Eagle ? Do you need a nice boat? Is there a course on reading things into music video imagery ? I quit watching at 4.10….does he ask for money?

  13. W C Peterson says:

    I think the poor guy is really confused. He keeps talking about the “AntiChrist” in scriptures. Anti as in opposite. The actual word is “AnteChrist”. Ante as in preceding. If the boob cannot even get the first detail correct, he’s not worth the effort to listen.
    I wonder how much of this kind of drivel fills up the YouTube machine….


    Oh My God.
    Just hit the above link. And listen to the song.
    Very appropriate.
    Hubby and I spent about 15 mins. of our life, listening to various y tube rantings of this guy.
    Hubby’s diagnosis? Schizophrenics use numbers like this.
    Mine? Bat sh-t crazy. And I am a former catholic.

  15. Sam in Kyle says:

    I used to listen to nuts like this when I was born again and again and again and again and……..

    He’ll make a tidy sum selling his books and will probably be invited to speak at fundamentalist churches where there’ll be a book signing attached. Years ago it was about satanism in rock and roll or hidden meaning in kid’s toys like My Little Pony and Masters of the Universe. There’s a slew of these type of people out there proving PT Barnum’s axiom about a sucker being born every minute.

    My cell ringtone is “Highway to Hell”, guess that makes me the Antichrist lite.

  16. Marge Wood says:

    Bless his heart. I sure hope no churches invite him to speak.

  17. Reminded me of a high school English teacher who would point out “Symbol Mongering” of students who found meaning in every little thing.
    He also talks about “Satanic Crop circles” I’d like to hear more about that, and the Rosary (a clearly Catholic reference)
    So the antiChrist is in South Korea?
    Well, Bless his heart.

  18. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to JJ, the ladies at the WMD(BS) and all of you good folks who take the time to comment on JJ’s wonderful postings.

    I love daChipster’s “See? This is why we can’t have anything nice.” and Rev. Bill’s reference to “the jawbone of an ass.”

    Too, too funny. Keep ‘em coming!

    Ya’ll have a fabulous New Year!

  19. Now, that man is laying down a serious rap. I don’t think I could match that if I took all the drugs I did in the 70’s & 80’s at one time, bless his heart.

  20. Let him keep his bible, just restrict him to an audience of his fellow asylum inmates.

  21. I couldn’t watch this. I tried for a few seconds and felt my brain starting to melt out my ears. Reading the comments, I’m even more glad I quit.

  22. How did this guy escape from the psychiatric ward? I also could not watch the whole video. I was afraid I’d catch something.

  23. This man appears on every scene in this video…does this make him the “False “homosexual” Prophet”?…it’s definately a homosexual scene…makes you want to go hmmmmm….

  24. gabberflasted says:

    Trust me, I am NOT religious but, OMG!

  25. ::::face palm::::

    Oh, my brain hurts. For pity’s sake…

  26. I got so irritated watching him point out the 6’s in the beach towel I clicked off. Better ways to spend my time, like running the vacuum cleaner. OMG. I’m off to search for evil spirits of some sort in the dustbunnies under my bed.

  27. Obviously, this guy doesn’t know the difference between an eagle and a cockroach!

  28. Aggieland liz says:

    Marcia, they’ve (God and His Son) got popcorn and whatever passes for tailgate snax in heaven and God just turned to Jesus n said “Lookit, that one’s trying the PRE-VENT AGAIN!! They NEVER learn!!”

  29. Darn it, Juanita! Give us more warning than that! Let a girl have a moment to pop some popcorn! I laughed through the whole thing. This is a bonanza of biblical end-times, Satan and loonies religious nuttery, but it has a caramel-coated ribbon of fun called “the sex of the Antichrist” winding its way through it.


    And I am going to suggest to God that just fucking start a blog arready – it’s going to save so many of these crazy people from figuring out all his secret messages through music videos.

  30. @sweaver: I call a technical on you, in JJ’s absence. You used the F-word and that’s against the rules here because JJ’s Momma reads this here non-blog.

    For an example how to get your point across, I offer this from this week’s Washington Post Style Invitational:

    Week 986: homophone humor: Bill O’Reilly’s rants carry such a foul odor that guests call his show “The Nose-Pin Zone.” (Chris Doyle)

    –>Mr. Nguyen, your soup line is so long and I’m in a hurry — can you make an exception for me?”
    “Sorry, lady, you get the same pho queue as everyone else.” (Mark Richardson, Washington)

    Of course, this takes a little understanding of how the Vietnamese language is pronounced.

  31. So the crazy preacher man on the U-Tube sez he’s the “Co-Prophet of the End Times.” Wait, you mean there are more “Prophets of the End Times”? Good Grief! They must breed like rabbits!

    Oh Noez! OMG!

  32. BarbinDC: Gadfrey, some warning woulda been nice! Laughed so hard reading your comment, I couldn’t make it round the corner before all help broke loose. Now that wasn’t very nice of you!

  33. As for mr. co-inventor of the anti-christ… does anyone else see a likeness to Santa Claus?