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December 23, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Okay, I just watched Wayne LaPierre on Meet the Press, which ain’t really Meet the Press, it’s Meet David Gregory.

Anyway, Ole Wayne has loco camped out in his eyeballs.

Y’all, this man is not sane enough to have a gun.  Hell, I wouldn’t give  him pointed scissors.  Or maybe even scissors at all because then he could cut his way out of the straitjacket we need to order for him.

Ole Wayne is calling for a national database of people suffering from mental illness, like that’s something you can see, you know,  like psoriasis.  Okay, maybe that’s not the point I want to make since Ole Wayne’s mental illness is … well, camped out in his eyeballs right there for everyone to see.

I’m willing to bet monkeys that Ole Wayne is right this minute forming a new capitalism enterprise of “Rent-A-School-Cop.”  They have a line like, “We know it didn’t work at Columbine, but our guards have cannons and crap.”  Ole Wayne can retire to someplace nice where they don’t need stinkin’ school guards because they don’t have stinkin’ guns everywhere.

Ole Wayne was real insistent that we needed to get guns out of the hands of drug dealers.  Okay, let me count here.  How many drug dealers have gone in and shot up schools?  Ummm … exactly none.

The NRA has 3 million members.  There are 36 million members of the AARP.  I say we take ‘um.  We have canes, scooters, colostomy bags, medical marijuana, and the entire Rolling Stones.   I say we can take them and get in line for the Denny’s early bird special by 5:00.

Meet up over at the Arthritis Clinic at noon tomorrow.  Hell, we stopped a war in Vietnam.  We can do this.

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33 Comments to “Prima Facie Wacko”

  1. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    One of the people who commented on this story elsewhere said that if Fort LaWayne de Pierre took the trouble to reflect on himself, he would see that he is numbered among the crazies. But vampires have no reflection.

  2. Greasing up the wheelchair right now “I’m gonna tell you how its gonna be”

  3. I’m thinking we have to start a campaign to get rid of Fox news.
    They are the biggest threat our country.
    Lies and propaganda 24/7.

    You know they are going to push for this cop in every school legislation.

  4. I watched this, too, and I am convinced he’s been eating the lead out of his bullets. That guy scares the ever-living snot out of me!

    I am wondering though, let’s say we do put armed guards at every school as he so brilliantly suggests. Are these armed guards going to be as equally armed as the bad guy probably is? Will these guards be carrying an automatic weapon with a 300 round clip, or more likely, their service weapon that may hold 10-15 bullets?

    I can’t see a lot of cops signing up for this duty. It would be like wearing roller skates while playing chicken with an 18 wheeler.

  5. “Press” npwadays sure makes you miss The Big Guy, doesn’t it??

  6. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Maybe we could pass an annual license fee on guns to pay for the cops in schools, mall, churches, universities, grocery stores, Wal-Marts, Luby’s, etc. When they advocate for more cops, they will be advocating for higher taxes!

    The gun owners are the problem. Let them pay for the solution. I’m tired of paying and so are the kids in Newtown.

  7. He is one ugly, sick SOB, in both mind and looks. The NRA pay this sack of offal a million a year to spew his hate. He hates our President, lies about him all the time, and he hates everyone else who doesn’t just love their guns. Most of the money NRA gets is from gun manufacturers, which they use to help get gun-loving congresscritters elected, with more success on representatives than senators, based upon the last election.

  8. I just know we could start it here in CO, meander down through NM adding to our numbers, then gear up and head for TX grab JJ and her minions swing over for R&R in San Diego, regroup and head onward to the Mason Dixon Line rescuing progressives along the way with a stop off in FL for more lately enlightened acolytes and conquer the Deep South, ‘ya think?

  9. Wayne LaPierre was the reason George HW Bush resigned his Life Membership in the NRA;
    “I was outraged when, even in the wake of the Oklahoma City tragedy, Mr. Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of N.R.A., defended his attack on federal agents as “jack-booted thugs, wearing Nazi bucket helmets and black storm trooper uniforms.”

  10. John Peter Henson says:

    I think if you talk to people who have jobs standing guard every day, they will tell you how mind numbing boring it is. Constant armed vigilance takes special people. Prisons have towers for these people so they are not distracted by others. Police officers in schools may sound like a great idea untill you consider the amount of area to secure and how little time it takes for a crazy person to do damage untill the officer can challenge them.
    The real problem is mental health. How do we as a nation convice caregivers that they can talk to the rest of us for help and support. Removing the unstable from confrontation with the rest of the public should not be a shamefull action. Not that long ago cancer had this “hide it away” stigma, you did not talk about your health on this condition. Now we talk about even the most personal Breast and Postrate cancers.

    Knee jerk reactions always make us feel better initially but they do not have long lasting results. There is probably an answer to this if we look at all the data from all these acts.

  11. fenway fran says:

    I applaud you for watching, both the crazy man AND David Gregory. Mr. NRA’s name should be at the top of any National Mental Illness Database.

  12. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Just finished painting lightning bolts on Hubby’s walker. Let me fill my extra large purse with rotten eggs for pelting purposes, and we’re ready to join ya, General JJ!

    BTW, how many Americans have to sign a petition to have Wayne LaPierre involuntarily committed?

  13. Juanita Jean, thank you for a grand laugh! The weapons you described are occupying their own cartoon in my mind. May we all have a holiday from the madness of our times, and laugh freely.

  14. I am willing to give the guy’s idea a fair chance.

    National Database of People Suffering from Mental Illness
    LaPierre, Wayne
    Party, Tea

  15. After his “speech” on Friday I told friends of mine that while Sister Raymond (I went to Catholic school) was handy with a yardstick , I wouldn’t want to give her a gun of any type.
    Freedom means being able to go to school, movies, mall and yes the beauty salon, unarmed without fear of being molested in any way. What he seems to be calling Freedom is a Combat zone.
    I got both knees replaced and also my hip, I’m ready to join up in this endevor!

  16. I understand that ole Wayne couldn’t get into the service because of some mental condition. Now I don’t know what it is, but it made him a hell sent messenger for teh crazies at NRA. (No responsibility America).

    Some one with some time on their hands could check this item and let us know what the scoops are, as they say in Hawaii.

    We have strict gun laws, and are surrounded by a bit of a moat that slows down inpulse shooters. We can and do sit down and try to remember the last shooting on the Big Island. It’s a stretch to think of the last time.

  17. Once upon a time, David Gregory was an excellent news reader for the NBC network, with the fashion sense to blend perfectly into his surroundings.

    He has, however, no grasp of the issues. Tim Russert was so engaged by his subject matter that his enthusiasm was boundless. DG doesn’t even bother to read up on his subject(s), let alone try to understand them.

    This is the problem in a (right wing) nut shell: The US population is 5% of that of the planet. We have fully 50% of the guns. When the AARP march reaches NY, I’ll join in.

  18. Just what we need, a whole bunch of cop fetishists like George Zimmerman looking for trouble. If police officers can’t handle mouthy kids-

    I don’t think armed rentacops who were stuffed in lockers as kids are going have any more self control. But should one of them snap and off a smart alecky brat, La Pierre – French for ‘The Peter’ head of the NRA will say the guard was just one bad apple.

  19. From a friend of mind. (Tongue firmly in cheek.)

    Logical reasoning…

    LaPierre of the NRA says that restricting guns is not the solution to school safety; using armed guards in the schools is the best solution. Fight fire with fire so to speak.

    It follows, therefore, that restricting Iran from getting nuclear weapons is not the solution to world safety; the best deterrent to “bad” nations with nuclear weapons would be to arm all nations with nuclear weapons.

    Even more logic…

    Clearly using armed guards in the schools (even with semi-automatic weapons) would not guarantee school safety; after all, it could end up simply being a balanced gun fight.

    We need to escalate and give the teachers an advantage: grenade-launchers. We could form a super NRA type of organization named the NGA, the National Grenade-launcher Association.

    Its all just a matter of logical thinking.

  20. Wish I’d been creative enough to write this but I’m not, so I borrowed it. Expresses my opinion exactly:

    Also – Fuck Wayne LaPierre, Mike Huckabee, Louis Gohmert and all the crazed gun wankers!! In fact, parachute these assholes into Mogadishu or Bogota to to proselytize the locals to their point of view. Consider it as joint public service and pest control.
    Tommy D

  21. Whoops, sorry Momma. I shoulda cut out the bad word. One less present from Santa for me.

  22. Ole Wayne wants a database of the mentally ill, but not in the gubmints’ hands.
    Ole Wayne wants no gubmint atall; let’s have rugged individualism gubmint by private corps & cops.

  23. A choir member, also a psychiatrist, suggested that gun owners should have to carry liability insurance, same as medical professionals and people who teach horseback riding. She’s writing a letter to the president of the NRA.

    She also points out that not everyone who shoots somebody is mentally ill–mental illness is only one factor even in mass shootings. After all, the president of the NRA’s son was convicted of shooting at someone in a fit of road rage, which isn’t classified as “mental illness” and luckily didn’t kill the victim. The kid who shot another kid in this town was just playing with his granddad’s loaded gun while granddad took a nap…kid wasn’t mentally ill. Handy guns make for mistakes as well as intentional killings.

    But LaPierre, I’ll give you, is indeed a nutjob.

  24. I understand that a lot of NRA members disagree with their leadership and think that some more reasonable restrictions on gun acquisition would not be out of line.

    How do we encourage these members to rise up against the NRA’s leaders, who seem to be, in the current buzzword, “extremists” and fanatics with whom we cannot reason?

  25. Your last paragraph had me laughing so hard–I am still laughing!!!!

  26. Excellent Everyone.

    Just made my Christmas Eve~ Happy HoHo!



  27. gidget commando says:

    I wish people would stop calling LaPierre crazy. First, it’s unnecessarily stigmatizing to real people with real mental illness–like, for example, survivors of violence like mass shootings who will have PTSD, anxiety, and a host of other real issues to deal with. Second, I think it’s inaccurate. LaPierre ain’t crazy. He’s evil. He’s so far in the back pocket of the gun manufacturers that relationship would be illegal in Texas if it weren’t for that Supreme Court decision Scalia got all hot and bothered about a few years back. What was it now…oh, yeah, this one.

  28. Thanks EMoon for your comments.

    I would also like to point out that creating a national database of people with mental illness will just keep many people who need help from seeking it out. Also, who would it include? Callers to suicide hotlines? People being treated for depression? Only people who’s treatment was covered by insurance, leaving off those who can afford to pay out of pocket or who get treated in another country? Are we going to jail psychologists or psychiatrists who won’t reveal the names and diagnoses of their patients?

  29. Aggieland liz says:

    The HIPPA rules will interfere with it too. Compelling interest or just another opportunity to discriminate? Many of these persons are already shunned, homeless, marginalized, etc now. Many of them experience life through a “distorted” lens (in quotes because EVERYONE has a distorted lens, shaped by individual experience!) Many of them carry hurt and anger that can only be guessed at. Is this data accurate? Available? Is it legal to collect and use it?

    Leaning toward the insurance idea myself. Those predatory bast$$$s won’t want to pay out a nickel, so they will come up with something creative to protect their mutual funds!

  30. Did Wayne just promise that his clients were going to cut off sales to drug lords in Mexico? I thought not.

  31. I will give Wayne his database of mentally ill when he gives me his registry of gun owners.
    btw, who decides what constitutes mentally ill? Would that be a job for Obamacare? bwahahaha