Not To Fret

December 19, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

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17 Comments to “Not To Fret”

  1. According to the Mayan calendar, the calendar is ending this month. So is ours, though 10 days later. Don’t we have enough other things to worry about?

    Local tech guy, Richard Garriott, is using the opportunity to host an “end of the world” party as a fund raiser for the next X-Prize. I heard he’s got a Mayan pyramid out on the property as well, which looks kind of interesting since the rest of it is set up as a medieval village.

    Wonder if he’ll be serving Oreos?

  2. I’m still not doing housework or dieting until I know for sure that there will be a 22nd.

  3. And no one has figured out yet that the stone carver simply ran out of stone….. :)

  4. This thought always creeps in when people talk about the prophetic powers of the Mayans. Why didn’t they see their demise coming?

  5. My friend planned to retire at the end of 1999. November of that year she called me in tears, because she had heard that the world was going to end at the year 2000.

    I told her that the calendar change had less significance than when her odometer clicked over to 100,000 miles.

  6. Just saw a Mayan historian on CNN who stated if the Mayan civilization hadn’t been destroyed by the Spaniards, a new calendar would have been ready to take over when this one ends. The Mayans thought in cycles and this is just the end of a cycle.

  7. daChipster says:

    I have been to Tulum, Uxmal, Palenque and the big house, Chichen Itza. Got news:

    For the Mayan Civilization, the calendar ended about 500 years ago. A thousand years, for most of it.

    If they had still been around, they would have probably carved the next calendar by now. In fact, it would have come in several styles, including pyramids, classic mayan cars, Xarlie Brown and Snoopy, Girls of the Yucatan, and LOLJaguarz.

    SOooooo if the world does not end, and it’s just time for the next calendar, wish everyone Happy New B’ak’tun (#14), kiss your S.O. and sacrifice a virgin into the closest volcano, if you can find an example of either.

  8. @daChipster: Dayum! Here in DC, we are fresh out of both virgins and volcanoes. Can I throw the Boner into the Tidal Basin instead?

  9. What does it say about the level of intellect in our country that so many people equate the end of a calendar cycle with the end of the world? Do you suppose they believe then lose an hour of their lives because of Daylight Savings Time?

  10. @BarbinDC

    You go girl, and may the force be with you.

  11. daChipster says:

    Barb, funny you should mention Boehner in the water. I wrote this earlier on (ahem) another site.

    Depressed and in his usual inebriated state, Boehner jumped/fell from the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Joey, an angel in waiting, was dispatched to the scene. “Look what the world would have been without you!” he cried, “Gabriel, roll the tape.” After a few minutes of looking at that, Joey said, “Never mind. I’m never gonna get them F*n’ wings.””

  12. Aghast Independent says:


    What site?

  13. Chocolate-filled Oreos folks–makes me think there is a God! ;)

  14. I liked that poster until I realized its an Aztec calendar, not a Mayan one.

    Oh we’ll, it’s still funny….

  15. It’s an excuse to buy a sack of Oreos tomorrow and get to dippin’ ‘em in milk…or maybe scattering ‘em over a heaping bowl of Blue Bell.


  16. AARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH! I tried, JJ, I really, really tried. I just couldn’t help myself. I swept and washed floors today, did laundry, and changed beds. When I wake up on Sunday, perhaps the bed will still be relatively clean, and I won’t stick to the kitchen floor when I go to get my coffee. (I didn’t do the ironing.)

    And LynnN, I never change the clock in my car — wouldn’t want to lose an hour here and there — I’m just too old for that. :)

  17. Let’s all have an Oreo and pray that the cycle ending (according to the Mayan prediction) is our time of stupidity, meanness, and uber-conservatism. Lord knows it’s time for that nonsense to stop. Maybe Quetzalcoatl will reappear and swoop down to take Gov. Perry & Rep. Gohmert to some undisclosed location in Mayan Hades. We can always hope!