Just In Case You’re Even Thinking About Cleaning House This Week

December 18, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

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21 Comments to “Just In Case You’re Even Thinking About Cleaning House This Week”

  1. TexasEllen says:

    If the Mayans are right, I don’t have to finish wrapping the Christmas presents.

  2. I plan to wear a red shirt Friday. If I’m going, let it be in Star Trek style.

  3. I guess that makes Christmas shopping in general kind of pointless, that is unless there are end of the world specials…

  4. Whew, read this just in time, was ready to start vacuuming. Better go out and visit with my horse instead. Thanks.

  5. And no point in dieting, might as well go with a full stomach!

  6. Kay Carrasco says:

    Well, I went ahead with my shopping, wrapping, shipping, and decorating. The way I see it, if the Mayans are wrong, I’ve got all my chores done. If they’re right, the Mastercard will NEVER COME DUE! Either way, I win. :)

  7. They may not have vodka in heaven……(better get it now)!

  8. Good plans all. The kids are worried about it. Our 13 yr old grandson asked me and then his g’father if the world was about to end. We both said NO. Doesn’t anyone remember all the prophecies of the world coming to an end and some groups putting on white robes and going to stand on a mountaintop? No? Well, that is just one of many prophecies. I just told our grandson that we are supposed to be ready, any time, but I don’t think it’s time yet. And if it does, hurray, we didn’t hae to clean house! In everything give thanks.
    Marge the Prophetess

  9. Okay, I’m finishing off the ice cream in the freezer on Thursday.

  10. @ Kay Carrasco:

    “She hadn’t yet been Raptured and it made her real distressed; she’d been counting on not paying her American Express.”


  11. YAY! Now I have a Real excuse for not cleaning the house- again!

  12. “Like a thief in the night…,” but not a very good one?

  13. fenway fran says:

    I sure have a lot of wine to drink before now and Friday. Y’all come visit me!

  14. This is grand! Not even a printed word, and I can’t stop laughing. Had to forward it to everyone: laughter is an essential nutrient.

  15. Rhea this is hilarious … it’s going on my Facebook page! Thank you!!


  16. My favorite response to “What happens when the Mayan calendar ends” came when I was taking a tour of the Mayan ruins in 2010. The guide looked at us forthrightly and said, “You get a new calendar, of course.”

    But Star asked me to wear a “red shirt” so I will. My family quite often does on Friday anyway to support the troops, which I think is a much better reason. Being a Star Trek “red shirt” is cute, though.

    (“Maybe you’re the plucky comic relief!” Galaxy Quest)

  17. I think I’ll spend Thursday overnight out at Wegman’s eating all the Turkey Hill Rocky Road ice cream I can get my hands on and singing this song: http://youtu.be/7Z52WG6siQ8.

  18. I got this graphic in an email today. Glad I can share it without forwarding it to everyone!!

  19. Corinne Sabo says:

    Does this mean no Christmas bills?

  20. I’m enjoying the many articles about end-of-world prophesies. Anyone who cares to notice will quickly discover that the Maya prophets weren’t predicting the end, but rather a new beginning, a fresh start.
    I live in Yucatan…this is great for tourism and for sure to avoid those cynics visiting for the week– we locals see the days pending as another reason to celebrate the Solstice, good friends and turning the page to um, yeah, a new calendar as SusanF said!
    But—Just wait until February 2013– that darn asteroid is coming to do worse…

  21. This means that tomorrow I won’t have my grandson begging me for my iPad. I’ll take the flaming sky meatballs over that any day.