And He’s Off and Running

December 18, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Rick Perry made his announcement for a Presidential bid yesterday speaking at a Tea Party meeting.

Perry expressed his continued support for gun rights, according to the Dallas Morning News, saying he believed people with concealed-handgun licenses “should be able to carry your handgun anywhere in this state,” and elicited applause when he spoke positively about a Texas school system that allows some staff members to come to school armed.

Got Gun?

Okay, so here’s a plan.  With everybody so excited about arming everybody, why do I have to go through a metal detector and get frisked to get into the State Capitol?  I mean, you don’t have to go through a metal detector to get into schools, but you do at the State Capitol?  That doesn’t seem right since it’s the boys at the Texas Capitol who are so hung-ho yee-haw about toting around extensions of their weenis.

And Rick, who hates, hates, hates the federal government and thinks it should do nothing is once again running for President of the federal government because he’s real, real good at doing nothing.

Perry also said he is open to running for president again, despite his spectacular crash-and-burn in 2012, when his campaign for the Republican nomination effectively ended after he bungled a debate question.

He said he still had a “burning desire” to see America led by a “God-fearing conservative patriot.”

It’s more like crash and burn.

Thank God the world is ending.

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35 Comments to “And He’s Off and Running”

  1. (The sound of my palm slapping my forehead). Will no one spare us from the mutterings of this moron?

  2. publius bolonius says:

    Makes sense to me.

    “I hate government – elect me to run it”

    Teabilly logic – he has it!

  3. Isn’t there a special entrance at the State Capitol for people with CC permits?

  4. Start right now saVing money for the next elections. Start looking for a politically savvy, tied-in to the group person who could beat Perry. Rah rah.

  5. He’s off and running alright, at the mouth like a chicken at the ass.

  6. Aggieland liz says:

    I couldn’t bear to send this this morning. It is so mortifying to reflect that we have elected this twit 3 times now! I also predict that nothing will be done about this gun situation until some lunatic sprays down a bunch of rethug congresspersons with a hail of hollow points belched out of an AR 15 or something similar. Until then, they will just look at the sky and whistle, sit on their hands and warble half heartedly about the 2nd ammendment and government tyranny.

  7. Tell the moron to put his money where his mouth is.
    He wants guns in school?
    Let him and his buddies finance putting a professional in the school.
    Let them hire police for the school.
    Why should teachers have to teach AND police?

  8. If we’re all lucky, it will only be Rick Perry and a few other like-minded idiots who vaporize on the First Day of Winter, Friday, December 21st … Didn’t the Mayans have their pictures posted somewhere?

    Rick and Huckabee and the rest of their ilk are why we must vote in the mid-term in 2014 and why we MUST vote in 2016 to make sure there continues to be a Democrat in the White House for as long as necessary to ensure none of these nutjobs invade those halls!!

  9. He’s suggesting that Unionized employees be armed??
    Well don’t that beat all!

  10. Shavedwombat says:

    Ummm, how can one be a patriot and a seccessionist at the same time? Kinda like claiming to be a volkswagen dolphin….

  11. Gobsmacked.

    I sure am and wish Rick were.

  12. Damn! He makes being called an idiot a compliment!

  13. It was bad enough thinking his ego was bigger thanTX, now it looks like it’s bigger than the whole planet.

  14. When he is up for re-election? Please make him go away, Texas.

  15. Grace Newton says:

    God-fearing conservative patriot Republican from Texas because it worked so well last time. Actually the idea of a God-fearing conservative patriot Republican from anywhere as President gives me the heebie jeebies.

  16. I am a teacher, and my first worst nightmare would be allowing a principal I once had to wear a sidearm. I’d say she was bipolar, but that would insult the thousands of productive bipolar citizens. Let’s just say we never knew who was behind Door #1: the lady or the saber-toothed tiger on steroids in a very, very bad mood.

    My second worst nightmare would be arming my own elderly, plump self and expecting that the more boisterous high school kiddies wouldn’t try to take my piece.

    Honestly, is the Guv just stoopid? Ummmm

  17. Right wingers have their own view of what ought to be — and will stick to it come hell or high water. Or the senseless killing of our children. They lack the empathy that normal humans have.

  18. @glyn

    In answer to your question…… YES.

  19. Miz Juanita Jean, there are schools with metal detectors. They just aren’t in the majority as yet. And there are ways around any system. The Newport school was usually locked and one had to be buzzed in. I haven’t heard how he got around it. I reached saturation point and had to walk away from the news articles for my sanity.

    This is all such a long way from when I was in school. A good number of the boys carried folding knives on their belts (a good number of the remainder had pocket knives) and no one thought anything about it. I don’t remember a single instance of knife violence when I was there. If there was a fight, it was with fists.

  20. I am confused. Why is it admirable to be “God-fearing”? I understand respecting the Divine, but fearing? That sounds like a very disfunctional relationship with the Divine.

    Hmm, I think I just answered my own question. Disfunctional humans carry that over into all their relationships – including creating a God image one should be in fear of upsetting.

  21. One thing I may have missed in several blogs on this subject of arming teachers is that, IMO, they, for the most part, are not conditioned psychologically, temper-ment wise, to actually pull the trigger on another human esp. in the short time that would likely be required.
    Even the well-trained military and police can get into circular firing squad effect taking out many innocents besides themselves.
    This gov, again IMO, is not the frightening aspect – we always have had and will have these kinds of charlatans; it’s that so many are willing to give the likes of him power knowing what he is about. This is the scary part.

  22. Aghast Independent says:

    Perry running again? COOL!! They never learn, do they? A couple more of these in the 2016 Republican primaries and the Dems are guaranteed yet another victory.

    Heck, I might even send a couple of bucks to Perrys campaign. It will be fun watching Karl Rove have another meltdown on national TV…….

  23. a few years back there was a term: “going postal’ arm to many of the right people, (far, far right) and the workplace could get scary

  24. Sam in Kyle says:

    Is his campaign headquarters going to be located at his famous ranch, TEA Party Head?

  25. Where I come from, it ain’t a complement to say someone is ‘off’, and in this case it fits. I think the bottom just dropped out of the Dumb Barrel.

  26. Ralph Wiggam says:

    The Republicans all seem to know what to do AFTER the stuff hits the fan.

    They never seem to understand how much better off we all would be if the stuff never hit the fan.

    In fact, prevention doesn’t seem to be on their agenda. Or it is a low priority.

  27. Corinne Sabo says:

    Does tht mean we can carry guns to visit his office?

  28. What is he smokin’? I need some of that to alter my reality!

  29. Oh, good gosh!! This man is the most stupid, most ignorant idiot on the planet! No, the Solar System!! No, no, the UNIVERSE!! If there is something beyond that, he still would qualify!! Go away, already, and take your goober friends with ya!!

  30. Juanita Jean, I wish that the Star Trek transporter were functional. I would transport Rick Perry into those bloody first-grade classrooms and into the halls where those six brave teachers died. Then, i would make him carry the coffins of those precious little children whose lives were stolen by a madman using a weapon of mass destruction.
    This retired elementary school teacher/librarian is still haunted by the horror at that school and utterly humiliated at every hateful, stupid utterance of Perry, Gohmert, and all the Texas congressvarmints.

  31. barbinbastrop says:

    Jeanne, if the transporter was working, and could take him back, I would like to go a tad further back. Remember, he could save all those children, just like he did when he was out running in his cute shorts, and used his trusty girl gun to shoot that terrifying coyote that threatened his dog. Or was that whole event a made for Tea Party promo for his run for governor. If so, maybe he can recycle it for his next run for president.

  32. Dave in UT (used to be TX) says:

    At least him running will almost guarantee another democrat in the White House in 2016.

  33. @Jeanne Wingate… all those idiot Texas Republican politicians like Perry, Gohmert, etc, and the idiot Republicans who continue to vote like (R)obots for them, all fervently believe that arming teachers, janitors, and students is the right thing to do…. just like they think they need to own assault rifles in case our government gets out of control, and they need to take it back. Recall those Tea Party Rallies where people were walking around with their assault rifles?

    They are all crazy and getting on my nerves.

    I guess their argument kinda pales, however, when you ask them if owning an assault rifle will protect you, then why is Lanza’s Mom dead….

  34. I really want some investigative reporting on this one. Gov Good Hair says that all cc licensees should be trusted. What about the one in my neighborhood who has spent time in the psyche ward (I have sworn testimony proving it) and plead “true” to attempted murder in another state but got a cc license in Texas. Someone in that media business should really look at that list. I bet it is full of such characters.