Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall …

December 11, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

You’re not going to believe me so I’ll just quote.

Cathie Adams, former Texas GOP chair and current Texas Eagle Forum president, gave a pre-election address earlier this year, claiming that a “Marxist” President Barack Obama had “fried his brain on drugs.”

Fried Cathie

Cathie also thinks that Barack Obama is a Marxist and green.  I have no idea what she means by green but probably like, you know, Kermit, I guess.

Cathie is also one mean nest of fire ants.  She gets to talking and her tongue starts saying all manner of idiotspeak.

During her speech, Adams also criticized a “narcissistic” Obama, saying the look he gave to then-GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney during one of the debates had made her so mad that she “wanted to go up and just smack his face.”

I dare ya.  I double dog dare ya, woman.

You know, I don’t recall Barack Obama having a telepromter during the debates.  After the first debate, his brain appeared to work fairly well.

I can’t be sure about this but I think that must have been Cathie’s Christian speech.  She talks much trashier in private.

Thanks to Bob, Brian, Kathleen and Steve for the heads up.

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13 Comments to “Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall …”

  1. I swear, there is something in the water where some of these folks live….

  2. LOVE the dress and belt…simply stunning wgen worn by a moron.

  3. I just read between the lines. What she said is “I am racist”, ‘I am hate-filled”, “I am a Christian”, “I forgot to take my Prozac”.

  4. Hey Cathie, since you’re on an anti-drug campaign I’d love to hear your thoughts on the previous president. You know, the one with the 20 year “lost weekend?”

  5. Why does this woman look like she has a mouse in her knickers? Or is she just hallucinating?

  6. The poor dear doesn’t get out much does she? Doesn’t recognize an intellectual when she sees one.

  7. What a ________ … fill in the blank … words totally escape me. I simply cannot wrap my brain around the hatefulness, the ignorance, the … the … total crap these people spew!

    I believe “being green” means that President Obama is in agreement with using solar and wind power and anything else that is NOT harmful to the environment!

    However, if this lunatic ever says she is “green” it’s because she is moldy!

  8. Kay Carrasco says:

    We need to move that belt up about 16 inches and tighten it real, real snug. I mean *real* REAL snug. Who’ll help me pull?

  9. OMG! A living “Chatty Cathy” doll from 1960, aged appropriately, with a recording of 11 phrases:
    “Obama is a Marxist”
    “Obama fried his brains on drugs”
    “Obama’s so stupid he needs a teleprompter”

    This Chattie Cathie doesn’t need a teleprompter herself. She has a ring tied to a string in the back of her neck to play her recordings.

  10. Is it just me or is ‘dumb’ suddenly synonymous with ‘ugly’?
    Seems to be spreading…?

  11. I’m with Reamus and Kay. Lady, shed a few lbs and you won’t have to waddle over to your target for the big smack. I should be sorry for that unkind remark – let me think about it.

  12. green = irish = O’Bama

  13. Yeah, Harvard Law is known for giving out magna cum laude diplomas to all its graduates with fried brains.