Email From Hell

December 11, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Customer Deb T. says the best 2 minutes ever to happen in the United States Senate is on You Tube.

She offers an explanation and I can’t do it any better:

Dear Juanita,

Well, that’s a new one, on Thursday,  Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell went from the sublime to the ridiculous when he filibustered his own bill. No, really, I did not make that up he actually did that, filibustered his o-w-n bill.

Now why on earth, you might legitimately ask, would he do such a thing? Well it seems that McConnell was actually trying to embarrass the Senate Democrats, it is just that it kinda backfired. It seems that the Senate’s nastier version of Yertle the Turtle proposed a vote on legislation that would increase the national debt ceiling. Senate majority leader Harry Reid called his bluff and agreed to move forward with the offer. Reid said, Ok, you want a straight up or down vote – you got it. Leaving Yertle, I mean Mitch, twisting in the proverbial wind.  McConnell then objected, arguing that sixty votes — the number required to end a filibuster and go to a vote — were necessary.  Thus invoking a filibuster.

So what we have in effect is a minority leader who has introduced a bill and asked for a vote, and who then opposes proceeding to a vote on his bill saying his bill should be subjected to the filibuster breaking vote threshold of 60 votes.

If that did not make sense to you, don’t worry that is because, it didn’t make sense, at least it anywhere else but Washington.

I think my favorite part about the entire fiasco occurred when the presiding officer (aka  the Senate Traffic Cop), played that evening by Missouri’s own Sen. Claire McCaskill (who, not that she needed to, totally justified my vote for her in the last election with this one act), actually commented on what happened instead of simply issuing the normal traffic directions that the presiding officer is limited to.

McCaskill’s reaction to the exchange between McConnell and Reid? She snapped to attention did a double take and said, “Got whiplash.”

Me too Claire, me too.

Thanks to Deb T. for kicking us off this morning.

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13 Comments to “Email From Hell”

  1. Aggieland liz says:

    That reptile has a gleam of intelligence, perhaps even wisdom in its eyes; for poor old McFuddle it’s the haze of senility!

  2. Twins separated at birth, however, the really ugly one survived! Such a pity!!

  3. Aghast Independent says:

    Mitch should be ashamed of himself. And his Party should be ashamed of him. Do his constituents know what this clown is doing wasting the voters time and money???

  4. Wyatt_Earl says:

    As a proud son of the bluegrass, it pains me to point out that Mitch is the least crazy of the two Kentucky senators, the other being Rand Paul, whose roots, I hasten to point out, are in Texas.

  5. The Ashley Judd faction is growing around these parts – Ashley is highly educated, very politically active, progressive, owns property in both Kentucky and Tennessee and I believe she could win in either state. Stay tuned to Ditch Mitch in 2014~we would like to get rid of Lamar Alexander in 2014 as well – nothing rhymes with Lamar, any help with slogans would be appreciated.

  6. Marge Wood says:

    It’s a star!
    From afar.
    Nope, it’s Lamar.

    And the thing about McConnell reminds me of Christmas gift list negotiations which are very wearing.

  7. Aggieland liz says:

    Retahr Lamar?

  8. fenway fran says:

    Jon Stewart did an admirable job with this one last night. I had read about it but didn’t hear about McCaskill’s reaction. About fell off the couch last night!

  9. So the video is basically two minutes of McConnell pleasuring himself?

  10. Pretty much LynnN, but the high point is McCaskill’s reaction to this. Whiplash, I darn near got whiplash from laughing so hard! Sides, the only pleasure McConnell ever gets is from putting the screws to others.

  11. Mitch never thought he’d have to worry about that Yertle comparison thing, what with wearing that pointy hood when burning croses and all…. dang Camera’s…..
    “Back to the Bar, Lamar?” “Sticky as Tar Lamar” “Sub-Par Lamar” just a few Pre- coffee Thoughts….

  12. Love the separated at birth pictures. The one on the left got the good looks and doesn’t need glasses.

    “Let’s go far,
    Ditch Lamar!”

  13. Ah, Evil Cousin Mitch is at it again. Good thing my grandmother was a good looking woman, or my children and I might look like that. We lucked out – we don’t live in Kentucky (or Alabama) and we don’t look like Grandpa McConnell.