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Jim DeMint-ed is leaving the senate to become leader of the Heritage Foundation.   And all this time you thought that being a ultra conservation wacko Republican senator was rock bottom.  Silly you.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) will appoint DeMint’s successor, who will serve until a 2014 special election. That means two Senate races in the Palmetto State that year. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) — targeted by many of the conservatives who love DeMint — is up for reelection.

Okay, so here’s the deal.  With two Senate seats up in South Carolina in 2014, start figuring out a way we can deliver some good sense to South Carolina.  Hell, send it UPS if ya have to.

By the way, the President of the Heritage Foundation makes over one million dollars a year so I don’t think we can count on DeMinted wanting the rich to pay their fair share.

Thanks to TexasEllen and David for the heads up.

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14 Comments to “Buh-Bye”

  1. DeMint said in a statement. “My constituents know that being a Senator was never going to be my career.”

    Maybe he meant not his calling

  2. Lorraine in Spring says:

    Well, at least he’ll finally be off the taxpayer’s teat. Can we have his pension benefit back since he won’t need it now?

  3. W C Peterson says:

    There should be a law against a Congressperson getting a public pension for serving just a couple of terms. Us worker bees have to work our whole lives to get a tiny little pension, and Congresspeople need to be in office at least 30 years to qualify for a federal pension. If they don’t last that long, no sweat because they’ve already made all the contacts they need to become millionaires via normal graft and corruption.

  4. I heard on one of the morning news shows this morning that 48% of South Carolinians approve of the job Obama is doing. Was only half listening, so maybe they said South Dakota, but either way, maybe the country is starting to get what a joke the Repugs are and that Obama has done a great job with very little help.

  5. Aggieland liz says:

    They dont need any pension at all. And they don’t need health care provided for them the way they do now: let’s give them a voucher. And if we enacted term limits, this would not be a problem. Four words in favor of term limits: Strom Thurmond. Trent Lott. Anyone else?

    And yes Yes YES Marge, I am SO for term limits in Texas!!

  6. Wow! So he finally figured out after the debacle of his party on Nov. 7th that he would never have a chance in Hades of running for President so he figured that he would be president of something and glommed onto Heritage. Does he think it could be any more obvious? Hey, we’re the antelopes with the night vision goggles. We can see the lion/DeMint in the tall grass after the sun goes down!

  7. Kay Carrasco says:

    Way to parlay what should’ve been no more than his 15 minutes of infamy into a cushy platform for even more of the same. What a shame – no, what an *obsenity* – to treat the United States Senate as a mere stepping stone to a (literally) BULLY pulpit from which to spread more, and more vicious, hate. Y’know, it almost makes me have a whiff of respect for George W, that he at least had the grace to slink off into obscurity after he’d done his damage…..

  8. daChipster says:

    We don’t need to do anything about South Carolina. They’ll keep sending guys like this to the Senate until global warming really kicks in and then bloop! Good bye South Carolina, Hello Atlanta Beach!

  9. gabberflasted says:

    Perhaps Virginia Fox will re-locate to S. Carolina.
    We can’t spread the nuts too thinly.

  10. I’m hoping he’ll flame out, like Dick Armey.

  11. Corinne Sabo says:

    Want to bet as to whether Haley appoints herself?

  12. Marge Wood says:

    I gotta git off this here computer machine. It’s gonna give me nightmares.

  13. now that the senate has been “deminted” what do you suppose the chances of Gov. Appalachan Trail’s filling the position?

  14. left out the “are” sorry