And, No, As a Matter Of Fact, I DON’T Feel Bad About Making Fun of Jan Brewer

December 05, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

They found Jan Brewer.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who left her state for an undisclosed destination on Dec. 2, is visiting Arizona soldiers in Afghanistan, according to a person familiar with the governor’s schedule.

Oh great, first our soldiers have to dodge bullets, now they have to dodge mean and stoopid.

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17 Comments to “And, No, As a Matter Of Fact, I DON’T Feel Bad About Making Fun of Jan Brewer”

  1. You forgot ugly. I’m just saying.

  2. daChipster says:

    I wonder if she’ll meet with any non-citizen soldiers hoping for a path to citizenship? Any bets?

    I think this is also a great opportunity for the President to solve several problems at once: send her to negotiate with the Taliban.

  3. Kenneth Fair says:

    Then why the secrecy? Why don’t they know where she is?

    Sure, it’s a better excuse than hiking the Appalachian Trail, but I’m just sayin’.

  4. I’m sorry. You (quite correctly) thought ugly was naturally implied.

  5. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Perhaps she wanted to appreciate the benefits of a society with no gun control. Afghanistan is a wonderful example of how well people get along when everybody is heavily armed.

  6. Haven’t those soldiers suffered ENOUGH?????

  7. Holy crap! Does this mean she’s going to run for higher office – since when do guvernators go into war zones….maybe I missed the nuz that night.

  8. I hope they made her wear a burka while visiting the troops. Most of those people are too young to have to look at her up close; she’ll stunt their growth.

  9. I’m just happy she didn’t bill the state for her trip, which had nothing to do with Arizona. Oh wait…

  10. TexasEllen says:

    Oh please Lord, let Jan Brewer join the Republican hopefuls in the 2016 clown car.

  11. I hate to say this, but secrecy does make some sense when you’re a politician visiting a war zone…otherwise those who want to kill a US politician or capture one as a hostage know where you’ll be when. Secret visits to the troops have been made by members of both parties, and the concept goes back decades.

    Otherwise…such visits by governors are usually a prelude to something, a proof that they’re familiar with the military and sympathetic to it (except, in Brewer’s case, female military who want abortions) and willing to undergo hardship to make the visit, which has in the past proven useful in campaigns. Pictures of the politician grinning at troops gathered for the photo-op, especially with war materiel showing in the background, show up in campaigns. Expect such shots in her next campaign, whatever that may be.

  12. Any chance they bought her a one-way ticket?

  13. LynneN: If not- any chance We could cancel her return trip??

  14. I’m thinking it’s a whiskey-free zone, and she went there to dry out.

    I’m not sure she’ll look any better in a burka, if all you’ll see are those cold dead eyes.

  15. “Incoming!”

  16. Another Ellen in Texas says:

    Thanks for making me laugh. All of the comments are priceless

  17. I try not to comment on what a person looks like. I consider a person’s ideas, or in her case, lack thereof.