The Other Dick Armey – EDITED!

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Former (thank you, Lord) Texas Republican congresscritter Dick Armey is a big ole hunk of ego walking around on tiny little feet.  Seriously, every time I see him, I snicker.

Dick. Just Dick.

The  former  minority leader and double digit IQ carrier has said some stoopid things in his life.  Remember when he said that cars can commit mass murder?  God forgive me, I cannot chronicle his ignorance – it’s too much work for an old woman.

Well, Dick got to cahooting with the Tea Party and ended up on the payroll of Freedom Works, a group of people who don’t believe in freedom or work.

Well, after the Tea Party got walloped in the last election, there was a splitting of the sheets between Mr. Armey and the Tea Party, who, ironically is generally also known as The Dick Armey.

The jilted lover, the first Dick Armey, wrote a snitty letter to the folks at the Other Dick Armey, where they are trying to Dick it out.

November 30, 2012
To: Matt Kibbe, President, FreedomWorks Inc.
From: Honorable Richard K. Armey
Regarding: Resignation

This is to inform you that as of 5:00 P.M. ET on November 30, 2012 I resign my position of Trustee at FreedomWorks, Inc. and my positions of Chairman of FreedomWorks and FreedomWorks Foundation.

As I resign from all board positions and duties, please see below a list of dispositions on outstanding issues: I expect to be fully compensated through the expiration date (December 31, 2012) of my current consulting contract with FreedomWorks. Henceforth FreedomWorks shall be prohibited from using my name, image, or signature in any way or for any purpose without my written permission or in the event of my death, without my heirs written permission.

Effective immediately I expect that Freedom Works shall remove my name, image, and signature from all its letters, print media, postings, web sites, videos, testimonials, endorsements, fund raising materials, and social media, including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter. I expect to receive via email at [redacted] by the close of business, December 4, 2012, all user names, passwords, security questions, and security answers for all accounts, web sites and social media, including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter, created in my name.

Effective immediately FreedomWorks is prohibited from using my booklet or any updated versions of my booklet “Hitting the Ground Running” without my written permission which I innovated while still in congress and trusted to Max Pappas to update for new member orientation. I request that FreedomWorks deliver the copy of my official congressional portrait to my home in Texas.

Yes, yes, the official congressional portrait.  He only rents that out to the highest bidder.

Okay, admit it, you snickered while reading that letter.  You did.  You are enjoying this melt down of the Tea Party more than is proper. Yeah, me, too.

Added at 5:45 today

“A confidential contract obtained by The Associated Press shows that Armey agreed in September to resign from his role as chairman of Washington-based FreedomWorks in exchange for $8 million in consulting fees paid in annual $400,000 installments. Dated Sept. 24, the contract specifies that Armey would resign his position at both FreedomWorks and its sister organization, the FreedomWorks Foundation, by the end of November.”

Thanks to Ellen, Carl, and David for the heads up.

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23 Comments to “The Other Dick Armey – EDITED!”

  1. And somewhere an Angel got their wings! This story warmed my heart when I read it.
    Though I would love to know what the “differences” were to make it all the more sweet.

  2. Lorraine in Spring says:


    With this group, I just have one question: If they’re splitting sheets, who gets to keep the hoods?

  3. What I am really confused about is the I resign – but you still have to pay me through contract end, eventhough I will not be working for you for the remaining month of the contract. Or am I misunderstanding the line on expecting all compensation?

    And yes, I am delighted that FreedomWorks is getting the ugly instead of handing it out.

  4. Kay Carrasco says:

    What I’m afraid of is that they were only stunned, not done-for. There’s nothing madder – or meaner – than a badger you only bopped good, but didn’t take all the way out; they’ll be baaaaack.

    The Tea Party, in all its proliferating permutations, is far from dead. I won’t rest easy until they are truly reduced to no more than an asterisk and a footnote, a historical shame like the KKK, something our grandkids have to ask, “What the heck was *that*?”

  5. It really looks like he’s trying not only to cut all connections, but make dratted sure that everyone knows he cut connections. He’s a weasel that squirmed out of trouble before – I wonder what trouble he sees that he desperately doesn’t want to be a part of?

  6. Somebody had a headline, somewhere I read this morning that said “There was a “disagreement in principle”.

    Since neither side has any…..

    Ah well….. he will find some other quacks to work for.

  7. I missed the part where they were required to give him back his ball so he could take it home.

  8. I can hardly believe it ! Two giant Christmas gifts on one day – Elizabeth Warren and the departure of Dick Armey. ;) :) :)

  9. Xecky Gilchrist says:

    @Star – What I am really confused about is the I resign – but you still have to pay me through contract end, eventhough I will not be working for you for the remaining month of the contract.

    That’s right, it’s how things work among people who hate nothing more than entitlements.

  10. Dick Armey refers to hisownself as “Honorable” in the “From” line. It seems to me this is a major offense against some law because there is no way on God’s green earth Armey is honorable.

  11. Aggieland liz says:

    He resigned from his position as trustee and chairman; he expects to be paid for the consulting contract which runs through 12/31

  12. Ralph Wiggam says:

    The tea bag party is not shrinking the size of government, they are shrinking their role in the government. And I couldn’t be happier!

  13. Yeah, I noticed that bit too…I forbid, I forbid, I forbid…but pay me anyway. What a Dick!

  14. The Tea Party is dispersing. Guests finally realized nobody was serving them tea, and way too many had been drinking the Kool-Aid.

  15. daChipster says:

    oooooooh! Lorraine FTW!

  16. Marge Wood says:


  17. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Do not conduct the funeral yet. I saw a quote from Grover Norquist which suggested that he is dropping the pretence that the Tea Party is a grass roots organization. He said that “Tea Party 2″ will be much more active.

  18. @Don A: Does that mean they will be nominating even crazier people?

  19. daChipster says:

    Tea Party II: The Wrath of Cons!

  20. So Ted Cruz gets to take his place “unofficially”???? OMG. We’ve got us a whole peck of crazy here in Texas.

  21. Tea Partiers: He didn’t prohibit graven images. Have at it!

  22. Why do I keep seeing this image of third graders on a playground kicking and pulling hair?

  23. I’m with erikaF on this – I’m thinkin about mid February there is some really nasty sh*t gonna surface about Freedomworks and Dick’s Armey that is gonna smell to high heaven, and the chief Dick want’s to be as far a way as possible….