An Early Christmas Present to America

December 04, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

Elizabeth Warren – meaner than ten acres of snakes and sweeter than a grandmother’s kiss.

She’s gonna have power.  Real power.

Nearly two years after Wall Street waged a successful campaign to keep consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren from running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the incoming senator will be tapped to serve on the Banking Committee, according to four sources familiar with the situation. It’s a victory for progressives who battled to win her a seat on the panel that oversees the implementation of Dodd-Frank and other banking regulations.

Hallelujah and Praise Be!

You know what BITCH stands for, don’t ya?  “Boys, I’m Taking Charge Here.”

‘Sic ‘um, Babe.

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19 Comments to “An Early Christmas Present to America”

  1. And in our “Careful what you wish for” Category, how’s about them apples obstructionist Republicans?
    More good news, today. I’m delighted to see her there.

  2. Woo hoo!!!!! Now we are GITTIN’ somewhere with Liz on the job. Thank you, Santa!!!

  3. TexasEllen says:

    Banksters are fixin’ to get acquainted with a little karma. Love it.

  4. Lorraine in Spring says:

    I found Senator Elect Warren’s response to the Banking Committee appointment:

    Upside down and insideout
    I’m about to show all you folks
    What’s it’s all about
    Now it’s time to get on the mic
    And make this party hype
    I’m talking it back to the oldschool
    ‘Cause I’m an old fool who’s so cool
    If you want to get down
    I’m gonna show you the way
    Whoomp there it is
    Let me hear you say
    Whoomp there it is

  5. Elizabeth Warren is just the kind of intelligent, honest and forthright person (few and far between in Congress) we need on that committee and I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up being elected President someday. Give ‘em hell!

  6. shortpeople says:

    Well, they do say karma’s a female dog, just like payback.

  7. Another Ellen in Texas says:

    Fantastic news! Thanks

  8. Now there’s a campaign donation I don’t regret. I don’t believe anybody will call her a DINO.

  9. gabberflasted says:

    Folks, we are getting there. More women in positions of importance. The wheels of justice grind slowly but, they grind exceedingly fine.

  10. Bud Malone says:

    That news alleviates my concern that HR might slough her off to the Finance Committee. Good reporting, Juanita. Now let’s collectively hope C-span gives us a whole bunch of TV coverage.

  11. An e-mail today indicates they still owe few folks from the Warren campaign. Send some money if you can. I am. Every little bit helps.

  12. gidget commando says:

    I am so danged proud that she’s about to be MY senator that I could just burst! (But I won’t. Don’t wanna miss out on the fun of her whuppin’ a few Good Old Important Boys on the Hill.)

  13. Well…..if that’s not the star on the Christmas/pagan/Viking/Druid tree……….

  14. And I’ll bet she wasn’t even in a “binder”.

  15. Go Liz!!! Nail Wall Street to the wall.

  16. Ellen Childress says:

    Let’s get busy and find a terrific woman to run for governor of Texas ! I’d like to see Perry go limping and kiyi-ing off down the highway like a whipped dog.And he can take all of his cronies/appointees with him! We have some good people in this state, and we deserve a break from this awful man and his friends.
    And then let’s see to it that our legislature puts term limits in place so that we don’t get stuck with another idiot for umpteen years! Texas is tough but not that tough.

  17. Amen to you and all your clients, JJ!!! GO LIZ!

  18. Okie-Dokey says:

    I sent her a few contributions. Her campaign still has a few debts? My check is on the way. The PO runs great between Ft Worth and Boston.

  19. That’s my girl! (Worked for her in my home town.)
    I had to take up the yard sign but I kept the banner part and put it in my office.
    Elizabeth rocks!