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November 29, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

You know, some days the only reason I get out of bed is to see what damfool thing Louie Gohmert is going to say today.

He never lets me down.


He is an unending spigot of bullcorn and cornpone.

How about this one.  Louie went on the battery operated radio and got to yapping about how the Obama administration is gonna make us all Muslim terrorists.  I do believe that The Onion transcribed it and issued it as their regular satire.

I think it almost makes a prima facie case when you look at the decisions made by this administration over the last couple of years, or actually all four years. You look at the decisions it made especially in the last two years in going through the revolutions in Northern Africa and across the Middle East and to the Far East, and the only way you can explain the horrendous decisions that were so completely wrongheaded would be if this administration had a bunch of Muslim Brotherhood members giving them advice.

Hey, Louie, at least it’s the Brotherhood.  Think of the crap coming down if it was the Sisterhood.

Thanks to Kathleen for the heads up.

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17 Comments to “The Daily Louie”

  1. Marge Wood says:

    You think that’s bad, one of my little old Tea Party lady friends actually believes there is a death panel. Bless her heart. Maybe we should get her and Louie together.

  2. Well, at least you folks over in my beloved
    Texas have somethign to look forward to. If Huff Post is correct, Governor Goodhair (oh, how I miss Molly) is going to try to give you another four years of his stellar leadership. Now that should set them to dancing in the streets.

  3. Ok, ya’ll, maybe I’m just ignorant of Texas law, but do we not have term limits for any of these bozo’s running our state? If not, what the “Hay”??

  4. Some weekend, take a long slow drive from Longview to Tyler. When you pass through any of the small towns, slow down and look at the folks sitting on the benches in front of the local gas station. Tobacco juice drooling and yelling, “Go get’em, Louie!”
    That’s East Texas voters, folks.

  5. I’m so glad you enjoy tracking down this stuff, because I can’t bear to read about it anywhere except here at the Beauty Shop with the accompanying commentary. I know I need to know about these people, but I can’t stomach reading about them (much less listening to them) when they’re being taken seriously.

    I hope you’ll start watching Lamar Smith more. He’s my congressman as of January and I need to know what he’s up to. Damn redistricting moved me out of Lloyd Doggett’s district.

  6. KathyS, you can’t have term limits for people who can’t reliably count past 2.

  7. One, two……oops.

  8. @Nancy, Lamar Smith is a Rethuglican of the stupid kind. He’s not as tin foil as Louie but he’s a slick, creepy snake in the grass.

    @MCPO – thank you for the out-loud laugh. I have spent a fair portion of my long life in East Texas in exactly the area you are talking about plus SFA. You description is so right on. Thank you for reminding me again today why I just can’t bear to go back to East Texas.

    Did Louie get reelected? I can’t remember just now. If not, how many days do we still have to put up with his bs cornpone?

  9. Tyler tour buses are headed up the road to show the locals what a glass outhouse looks like and to try their hands at a game of chess with the Sulphur Springs geniouses.

  10. Kay Carrasco says:

    Look at it this way, fellow patrons: 3rd Time’s the Charm didn’t work out too well last time Gov. Goodhair tried it. Maybe he’ll step on his dingle just as bad *this* time, too!

  11. FLASH!
    Rep. L.G. was seen stting on a comode, pants around ankles, reading a newspaper on the Gilmer courthouse square.
    Mirrors on their new public toilets were installed backwards.
    Backerds in East texas.

  12. West Texas Oldster says:

    Louie Gohmert is living proof that any dipstick can be elected to Congress if they run unopposed in Texas.

  13. Roger Simpson says:

    That Louie fella is a real mess isn’t he? And to think I thought I was the only one who truly appreciate his pearls of wisdom. He never ceases to amaze…

  14. I hear that on Dec. 21 (the day according to the Mayan that the planets will align & the earth’s gravity will reverse) Louie is going to stay indoors so that he doesn’t float into space. Come on Louie, guts it.

  15. Louie Gohmert said “prima facie?” Wow.

  16. Like most bloviating authoritarian dimwits, “prima facie” means a whole lot more to Louie than it does to those of us who have some understanding of the legal meaning of the term. One thing I noticed a while back is that conspiracy theorist wackaloons are incapable of any commentary that does not contain at least one (preferably two or three) legal-sounding phrases. They think it conveys gravitas and makes them seem edumacated.

  17. And now we’ll have it in stereo:
    The Ted (Cruz) & Louie Show!
    “Brought to you by the good folks at FoilBeanies ‘R Us and One World Order, Inc.”