Thanks, Bill, For Clearing That Up

November 29, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

The first shot has been fired in the war on Christmas.  Bill O’Reilly became Bill O’Really? yesterday by proclaiming that Christianity is not a religion – it is a philosophy.


And that facistatheist is one word.


“It is a fact that Christianity is not a religion, it is a philosophy,” the Fox News host declared confidently. “If the government was saying that the Methodist religion deserves a special place in the public square, I would be on your side.”

Silverman said he would be just as upset if a public figure promoted atheism.

“Jesus Christ,” O’Reilly said, then apologized. He added that Christmas trees had nothing to do with Christianity and were a secular symbol.

Isn’t there something about taking the Lord’s name in vain in the Bible book?

And then there’s the judge not stuff.

O’Reilly said Silverman’s views were “insane” and that he should get his “merry band of fascists” together to “re-vote” on Christmas being a federal holiday. After Silverman objected to being called a fascist, O’Reilly again reiterated the point by saying he was a fascist because he wanted to banish Christmas.

And if Christianity is a philosophy, not a religion, then we can tax it.  Right?

I’m cool with that.

Thanks to Brian for the heads up.

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19 Comments to “Thanks, Bill, For Clearing That Up”

  1. Well what can one expect from the guy who said “Tides go in, tides go out, who can explain it”. Wow, not much else to say except Wow again.

  2. Kate oDubhagain says:

    Wonder what the nuns who taught him in school are saying?

  3. The dear ladies of the convent, having passed on to their reward, are going 2400rpm.

  4. Today is my birthday. Had some minor back surgery yesterday.
    Am OK but sore.
    It was totally mean for Bill O to say something stupid and outrageous like that to make me laugh and hurt my stitches.

    And then I read about ole’ Lou’s thought on POTUS Obama and the state of the world.
    I am thankful on this day that romney lost and the grown up Democrats will be in charge of the world.

  5. Happy Birthday, Diane! Glad you were born! May your back heal up quickly.

  6. A “philosophy” that believes in a supernatural being who is the supernatural creator and overseer of humans and the universe? You know, philosophies like Judaism and Islam.

  7. Philosophy has questions that cannot be answered.
    Religion has answers that cannot be questioned.

  8. O’Reilly went to Marist College. Yup. Its not only Christian, it is Catholic. Anyone care to interview the faculty at this alma mater about O’Reilly’s insistence on philosophy vs religion? Boy! Would you get an earful! Of course, good old BOR can’t hear anything the faculty says. He has this strange kind of deafness. Two perfectly good hearing ears but somehow they just tune out anything he disagrees with. What a maroon, as that great philospher of the ages, Bugs Bunny, would say!

  9. How does he define a denomination?

  10. He also went to a Catholic high school.
    I have to tell you.
    I grew up on Long island, NY the same as bill O.
    He attended a very good all guys Catholic high school, I graduated from the equivalent all girls high school.
    The fact that he denied Christianity as a religion really made me laugh(and hurt).
    What was he thinking? Is senility setting in?
    Can you imagine what his viewers must be saying and thinking?

  11. Bill did get one thing right: Christmas trees have nothing to do with Christianity. Ditto wreaths, candles, yule logs, gifts, feasting, half the music, and a lot of other holiday stuff. Other than that, he’s in woo-woo land as usual.

  12. Sam in Kyle says:

    It it’s not a religion, why don’t they pay taxes? I’d think Bill would now be yelling and screaming for all these “philosophers” to pay taxes on their property and income.

  13. John Peter Henson says:

    Christmas trees(pine trees) are a symbol of rebirth in older religions.

  14. I might also point out that when I went to a UT basketball game the hand gesture they use for “hook’em horns” is the same one my grandmothers used to ward off the evil eye.
    When I saw 10,000 people making this symbol all I could think of is I wish my grandmother could have lived to see this.

  15. Cole FTW!

  16. Sam in Kyle says:

    Churches own 300-500 bln in untaxed church property in the US (2nd Baptist downtown property is 40 million). Churches avoid about 71 bln in taxes. TBN has over 1 bln including 55 homes and two jets (plus a 100,000 dollar RV for Jan Crouch’s dogs). Churches average 71% of their income on operating expenses – the Red Cross about 9%. Time for this philosophy to start doing their fair share.

  17. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Cole, Nice shot, right on target.

    Now I’m wondering if all you Christians are atheists? If Bill’s Christianity has no deity, he qualifies as an atheist. And that’s pretty embarrassing to the rest of us.

  18. Aggieland liz says:

    Ralph dahlink Billy Boy bein confused about what HE believes in doesn’t have one durn thing to do with me and what I believe in, I assure you! He pretty much qualifies as a third class moron, typical rethuglican material!

  19. Thea is right – Christmas trees are a great idea stolen from the pagans. As to who are actual Christians, Mormons, Catholics and Quakers, among many others have been have been shunned by other so-called Xians for centuries. My question is this: why are the ecomonic entities set up by followers of a book written over hundreds of years by (face it) Semitic men, interpreted however it will best suit the patriarchy, allowed to escape paying taxes?